17 thoughts on “Military plane Wreck at the Aircraft Show in Sknilov”

  1. This video shows the pilot after ejection (warning: it also shows many bodies):

  2. Both pilots survived with minor injuries from the ejection and landed just feet away from the transport aircraft.

    A military court sentenced Toponar and co-pilot Yegorov to fourteen and eight years in prison, respectively. The court found the two pilots and three other military officials guilty of failing to follow orders, negligence and violating flight rules. Two of the three officials were sentenced to up to six years in prison, and the last official received up to four years. In addition, Toponar was ordered to pay €1.18 million in compensation to the families, and Yegorov another €0.4 million.

  3. Yup, pitying them pilots seems a bit trivial here. I think I’d rather die than be in charge of death of 77 bystanders.

    • If it were in the USA, there probably would not be any charges due to the fact the engine failed and it was no fault of the pilot.

  4. The pilots are in prison now… And also got fines of 150,000EURO to pay. I think the main pilot got 8 years in prison. They were doing things they should not have been doing. Irresponsible. That graphic video is horrible. Piece of body parts all over the ground. tragic.

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