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  1. Quite amazing, but I dont really belive they did it this way, running around that building. Ive seen a simmilar thing in Poland when the students from Polands lit different words animated like on a LED screen, only they used a computer which controlled the lights in the rooms.
    If those Russian students managed to turn the lights on and of in different rooms on different floors so simultanelously, that would be really something:)

  2. Polish students from Wroclaw had that done in may: http://miasta.gazeta.pl/wroclaw/1,37663,4221060.html

    sorry Russia this time

  3. Hello Russian friends,

    I have not seen running light in buildings before, but when I practiced on Alfa Laval in Tumba Sweden December 1985 – May 1986 they used to lit up certain rooms with red light/orange during night saying “GOD JUL” which means happy christmas in Swedish. I asked my supervisor about it and he answered they have done that fore years during the christmas eve. But maybe this is practiced by others even longer probably.

    Oh, I found the building on Google picture while writing this, but the picture shows the short side of the building, but the christmas greeting was on the long side, on the left side seen in the picture of this link: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/87/Alfa-Laval%2C_Tumba_2006.jpg

    Cheers Michael 🙂

  4. Awesome dude, but maybe they made it in photoshop, and just made some shots running. Or maybe it’s real and they have nothing better to do.

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