The Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II)

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 1

In winter of 1942 Russian 2-nd striking army of Volkhovsky front had tried to break the blockade of Leningrad (St. Petersburg), but it got into the strong German encirclement near the settlement called Myasnoy Bor (Pine Forest “Meaty”) located in Novgorod region. Over a half of the year Russian soldiers, without any ammunition, medical or food supplies, had been trying to break through the ring. The commander of the army general Vlasov had give up. This battle carried away more than tens of thousands of lives. Later people called this place “the Valley of Death”.

Below one can find the historical photos, made by German photographers. The part of them are propagandistic.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 2

Volkhovsky forest, 1942. This child has not yet realized, that the soldier gave him the slice of bread.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 3

The end of the baseline.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 4

German Infantry and the tank during Volkhovskaya battle.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 5

Russian refugees convey their property through the marsh near the “Erika” glade.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 6

Russian machine-guns with cable drums.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 7

The way near Chudovo settlement.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 8

Column of Russian prisoners of war in the Valley of Death.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 9

Blown-up Russian train.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 10

Sign reads: “Caution! This area is overlooked by the enemy!”

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 11

German soldiers sharing their combat ration with Russain people.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 12

German heavy tank №4 on his way to the battle.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 13

Soviet woman tells about the sufferings, poverty and starvation.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 14

People had to chew the wood putty because of starvation.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 15

The group of starving Russian children.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 16

This child survived.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 17

And these were found alone in the woods.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 18

Wounded prisoners (the trees on the background are picked by starving people).

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 19

Forsaken child.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 20

Wounded Russian soldiers in the encirclement.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 21

Two suffering women.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 22

Russian women getting out from the marsh on the railroad.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 23

Wounded Russian soldier is trying to find his way out.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 24

The road in Volkhov region.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 25

Broken soviet weapons.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 26

German tank obstacles in the way of Russian soldiers.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 27

Russian prisoners of war.

Battle in Volkhovsky Forest (World War II) 28

One more Russian prisoner.

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  1. Hitler, not Germans, Stalin was the same thing, most german soldiers were very kind and give food to many russian citizens during the war.

    • wooow sarah….that’s like the first comment that i read from you that isn’t about how much you would like to get some cock…..

      i’m proud of you;)

    • all people are different and you can’t blame millions for the acts of one single person….
      there were also many germans that enjoyed killing Russians

    • Russia attacked Poland after a pre-arranged agreement with Hitler. Russia conquered Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia as well as the south and east parts of the future Soviet Union. WTF are you talking about.

      • Agreed! We should forgive, especially “simple soldiers”. But we shoud NEVER forget – when we forget, we start to make same mistakes as in the past!!

    • Vot Sarotchka, Stalin was Georgian, Beria was a Jew, Malenkov was russian and the people who pulled the triggers were Soviet citizens. Russians were equally good as Germans. The leader’s nationality is irrelevant if he can have the people committ his attrocities.

    • Me, as being a german, can just show a facepalm to ya.

      Say whatever you like to, but the suffer, sorrow, and all kinds like these were experienced due to war on both sides.

      Hitler forced german soldiers to fight against those, who aren’t equal in race with aryans.. Shortly Hitler gave orders to attack here and there. The result of all that is what we all know nowadys.

      Soldiers are humans, everyone is a human. No matter what, if german, russian or somebody else. So sharing is a basic need to survive in groups, even you’ll help your dearest (wounded) enemy to survive.

      I could tell many things more, but leave this short comment. Think about it and be an asshat yourself (ss gibba).

    • It was not Russia attacking the West, except when Russia invaded the Polish-Lithuanian state in 1654, except when they were occupying Poland in the 18th century, except when Russia invaded Germany and the Austrian Empire in 1914 (exactly like that, look it up if you don’t believe me), except when the Soviet Union invaded Poland in 1919, except when Russia invaded Poland in 1939, except when the Soviet Union invaded Finnland in 1939, except when the Soviet Union occupied the Baltic states and Moldavia in 1940, except when the Soviet Union crushed the uprisings in Berlin in 1953, in Hungary in 1956 and in Czechoslowakia in 1968. Russians, please, stop playing victim, because you certainly aren’t.

  2. i’ve had enough of blind liberalism: germans had never even acknowledged their guilt of ww2, the death 32 million soviets, bla bla bla; they are openly denying the very attempt to exterminate other races, saying hitler did it, and everyone buys it; why are there so many germans in western hemisphere? cause thousands of them got amnesty from US and Canadian governments in exchange for rocket science, info on soviets and ofcourse those jewish bonds in swiss banks; so when did i have enought? when discovery channel , and ive mentioned it, openly interview former SS officers, who were making antislavic comments; I ASK ALL OF YOU SLAVS WHO READ THIS: WHY DO YOU FORGIVE GERMANS: WHY CANT YOU ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THEY ARE NOT BETTER THAN YOU; i used to admire them, but i asked myself why, and it was because i was scared that if i didn’t germans would find me rather subhuman, until i classified them as ones; so join the club; maybe we could actually avenge our killed relatives(seriously , we meet every wednesday); don’t wait, kill your enemy;

  3. Picture Nr.11 they are latvian soldiers most likely from 15th Division as we can see from the helmet on the top of the shelter.

  4. where does the army come from? civilians; in nazi germany case all civilians voluntered to kill civilians of other contries; this makes every german a nazi, and that makes every german to this day responsible for ww2 crimes;

    • They didn’t volunteer, there was compulsory military service at the time in Germany, just like in all countries at that moment. So apart from the SS, it’s a far stretch to say that all Germans were volunteers and all Germans living more than 60 years after the war are still nazi’s. On the other hand, I know some volunteers who were guilty of deporting whole nations, mass executions, organising and guarding concentration camps. These voltuneers served in the NKVD. So to what conclusions will this lead you?

      • Even the SS drafted by far most of their troops, i.e. they weren’t volunteers. My uncle, e.g. was to join them (begin drafted); only when they found out he wasn’t “aryan” enough to meet their standards, they let him go. BTW, the reason was him having a slavonic grandma 🙂

  5. It is crazy to think a former SS man would smuggle incriminating WW2 photos of himself into his new host country. It would be like tattooing a giant set of SS runes on your face. Even SS men who didn’t commit crimes got rid of their uniforms and other items as soon as they could.

    • “…incriminating WW2 photos…”

      Exactly. Just like you will not find any Russian photos picturing gang rape and murder of German women in Eastern Prussia in 1945.

      And that is the reason why we basically do not have any imagery from Soviet concentration camps.

      No proof – no crime. Just “enemy propaganda”. As simple as that.

      • Which “Soviet concentration camps”? Seriously, quiet your worthless trolling. Only thing coming close to concentration camps was GULAG system under Stalin. But it was not even remotely comparable to German “prison camps”.

        PS. Didn’t the Western Allies kill like 10 times more civilians then the Soviets? Through their bombing campaigns, that is.

  6. Americans would also fight against other races or religions like germans did years ago. It’s just a matter of what politics tell them. But today there isn’t just one radio station that gives you informations, not only newspapers controlled by the state, today you can look at the internet or one of 100 TV channels to know that the people in other parts of the world are mostly just like you.

  7. My country win in First World War, win in World War II and can win Third World War. I know of which i say – look at the photos, russian people can do all for the victory.
    I do for my coutry all, if war begining again!

    • Well, Russia definitely lost in World War I, or what else would you call a completely defeated army, a country inb total chaos, the Ukraine, South Russia, Belarussia, the Baltic States and Northwestern Russia occupied by Germany, a Czech army controlling the trans Siberian rail road, Poland, Finnland and the Baltic States – all part of the Russian empire before – gaining independence. You surely have a strange definition of victory.

  8. the last picture says: inprisioned soviet soldiers were thankful for the good caring they received.

    hitler was an austrian, but if you study the whole subject you need to agree that he was just a tool used by other superiors. this topic is rather complex and most of the people can’t talk about it because they are ignorant and not interested in history. if you want to know what really happened, study both sides. it’s necessary that this doesn’t happen again.

  9. hmm these photos are familiar
    oh yes they must’ve been on CNN except in color and from 2007 and with americans instead of germans and in desert instead of forest

  10. The front line German troops in the early part of the war would treat Russian prisoners ok. When they sent them back to rear areas they were subjected to a Bush-like apparatus where there is no return. Many good people died. Eastern Front was worst tragedy in human history.

  11. The last photo is chilling. The SS guy with a mosquito net, gloves and sub-machine gun is ready to kill them after the propaganda show Bush-style.

    • You are dead! If you never met him that`s your problem, you can say I`m dead too, but I`m alive, you just never met me. Dont be a child!!!

    • u wanna runnaway from reality. its not the solution ! our brain capability is limited with endless..thoughtless…whole galaxy…and solar system..

  12. i killed about 17 germans back in 1942; beat them to death with my rusty boots; then in 1945 purchased 3 fraulen for a price of 1, but i killed 2 of them as i could not understand what they were saying: “tempo, tempo” and i thpought it was “faster, faster” , but it ment wrong hole, so .. eh .. they couldnt survive my rusty cock;

  13. Glad to hear I’m a crazy animals. Being German, I don’t have any culture. I wear a SA uniform every day, all I eat is cabbage and in my spare time I shoot foreigners at sight, because it’s such great fun. We are all so sick of it.

  14. not as a german, I am appalled at the hateful comments presented here. one might have thought that our generations might have learned a thing or two from the mistakes of prior ones. alas, this does not seem to be the case.

    it doesn’t matter whether or not the soldiers fed the starving civilian populus. war causes (and caused) misery for pretty much anyone involved. I can understand and sympathize with those who cannot forgive for past mistakes, I myself find it hard to come to terms with what previous generations have done, but to advocate that a wrong should be followed by another wrong, to justify hate with hate and wrath with wrath, seems to miss the point entirely. those who do are prone to repeat themselves.

  15. I think that has to do with the wehrmacht being unequipped. I have heard stories of them being completely surprised by how harsh the russian winter was.

  16. No, the jews must be exterminated for their world financial conspiracy, for robbing Russia Europe and others countries!

  17. wow i didnt know this kind of racism was still ongoing in todays society… hitler and stalin are dead than how can people blame them for the racism…
    history shows the devastion of racism why must we continue it in a time where we believed we have grown as a society..
    if you truely believe some of the horrible comments your making then you need to look at yourself and try and figure out why you have so much built up anger over the past…

    you cant change the past but you can make the future better…
    please try…

  18. Guys, guys, take it easy, will you. You all too tense.
    I wish I could get all of you together at some nice restaurant, order some drinks and good food.
    No one can change the past. Every body should think about the future.
    It seems that both sides of this discussion group have a lack of historical information about WWII. Before judging the other side, get as much reading as you could about Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.
    Let me throw a piece of wood in the fire of your discussion.
    Who do you think was a creator of first concentration camp?
    What is the common word in abbreviation of German Nazi party and Soviet Communist party? Hint ( NSGWP and RSDWP )
    What is the word Comintern means to you? And finally, who is the worst, Hitler or Stalin?
    For those of you who do not have much time for research, but still like to find the truth,
    Get this books in your local library :”The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich- History of Nazi Germany” by William L.Shirer; “A Concise History of the Russian Revolution” by Richard Pipes; “ The Fall of Berlin 1945 ” by Antony Beevor ; “Icebreaker: Who Started the Second World War?” by Viktor Suvorov,
    The last book Russian speaking and reading comrades could find and read on Viktor Suvorov’s internet site.
    Well, good luck. Hope you all could look on the History of WWII from different perspective after reading these books or at least one book.

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  20. I don’t think even youtube attracts so many out-and-out raving lunatics. Is it the image of Russia, or am I also expected to find as many deranged loonies in a forum in the pathetic tourist propaganda website?

  21. “…being an SS would imply…”


    This is Waffen SS, not Allgemaine SS.

    Which basically means, that it is soldier of elite troops and not one of the guys in the black Hugo Boss uniforms, who were killing people in concentration camps.

    Russian equivalent would be The Guard (gvardiya) – elite units.

    USA equivalent possibly could be – Rangers.

    Of course that is very approximate. The point is – being Waffen SS means being front line soldier.

    • Not entirely correct, SS units were also fighting partisans, and these would probably be wearing civilian clothes. And who says these SS soldiers were the ones killing these people. On the other hand, even Wehrmacht soldiers have been reported committing war crimes. Being a member of the Wehrmacht or SS is no guarantee of being a war criminal, just as it is no guarantee that they were not committing atrocities.

  22. I’m grateful to the Soviets, and will always remain so. The Soviet Red Army were the first military force to defeat the Japanese Army, and the first military force to stop the German Wehrmacht. While one European military force after another surrendered, while England struggled to survive, while America waffled and observed, it was the Red Army and the Soviet people who fought hardest and suffered most. If not for the Soviet Union and the Red Army’s part in history, the world would be a much worse place right now.

    • If not for the Soviet Union, there wouldn’t have been a World War II in the first place. Thanks to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, the Germans could invade Poland without problems. They were ven joined by the Soviet Union, which invaded Poland a few days later, after which they just divided the country – and after which they started to exchange prisoners to send to their respective camps.

      While Western Europe was fighting the Germans, the Soviet Union was providing Germany with oil and grain. German soldiers literally marched through France with Soviet petrol in their tanks and with Russian bread in their stomachs. So yes, thanks, Stalin, for helping to invade Western Europe.

      The Soviet Union stood aside for almost two years (september 1939 to june 1941) before they undertook action against Germany – only because they were invaded by the Germans. So here is how much Stalin cared for liberating Europe from nazi occupation. If not for the German invasion of the Soviet Union, Stalin didn’t give a damn about how the world under nazi tyrrany looked like – unlike the French and British, who were prepared to go to war against Germany over the invasion of Poland. So don’t depict the Red Army as liberators, just because they won their own war against Germany.

      If you really think they were liberators, ask the deported people from Poland and the Baltic States, ask the victims shot in Katyn, ask the hundreds of thousands of raped Polish women, ask the nations of Central Europe how happy they were for living under Soviet occupation for more than 40 years.

    • If not for the Soviet Union, there wouldn’t have been a World War II. Thnaks to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, Germany was able to invade Poland, helped by the Soviet Union a few days later to divide Poland between them and the nazi’s. After that they started to exchange prisoners to send them to their respective concentration camps.

      While Germany was invading Western Europe, the Soviet Union was sending oil and grain to support Germany. German troops litteraly marched through France with Soviet petrol in their tanks and Soviet bread in their stomachs. While France and Britain were fighting Germany, the Soviet Union stood by for almost two years (september 1393 – june 1941). While France and Britain risked war to help Poland when it was invaded by Germany, the USSR couldn’t care less about occupied Europe.

      The USSR only “liberated” Europe because they won the war Germany started against them. And how they liberated: ask the deported Poles, Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians, ask the Poles killed in Katyn, ask the hundreds of thousands of Polish women raped by their “liberators”, ask how happy the Central-European nations were to live more than 40 years under Soviet occupation.

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  25. so much hate between you people, it’s not difficult to see why such horrors, lack of compassion and mercy can be possible between man to man, to woman, to children…..

    get rid of the hate, life is so short.

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  27. this is one big propaganda, German prisoners suffered much more than Russians . The russian people are even smiling on the pictures but its described as a big misery.

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  33. Hitler was German ethnically, Austrians are ethnic Germans.

    Stalin was indeed Georgian both nationality and ethnically, not Russian.


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