22 thoughts on “More Submitted Photos”

  1. The pics realy rock!

    “Sophisticated Moscow road junction near Horoshovskoe highway. It isn’t joke.”


  2. “The car of traffic police” – is a joke. This is some kind of “souvenirs plates” that some of Russian sometimes mounts on their cars (for example “Wedding car”). But anyway the second plate must be standard.

  3. On the “Happy New Year” photo there are illegal immigrants in the some kind of barn or basement, where people like them living in general. These are possibly Moldavian.

  4. Very well, but the first image, (the street lamp into de building), is a “galician” topic, (from Galicia, in the northwest corner in Spain). You can see it in:


  5. I’d be hard pressed to sell any of those balcony-units on pic number 1. Hard sell would be an understatement.

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