Volga Landrover

Experimental modification of Volga - Gaz-24-95 landrover 1

In USSR Gaz-24 (Volga) was a dream of every soviet citizen. This luxurious automobile was being produced in Gorkovsky car factory for the middle and upper classes in 70-s and 80-s. Also it was widely used as a taxi cab.

But almost nobody knows, that in 1973-74 was developed the experimental modification of Volga – Gaz-24-95, which had all-wheel drive and other elements, turned it into the real and unique landrover with good cross-country capacity. It is known, that there were produced only 5 copies and one of them was the property of Leonid Illich Brezhnev (old soviet leader).

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Experimental modification of Volga - Gaz-24-95 landrover 2

Experimental modification of Volga - Gaz-24-95 landrover 3

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    • Only if you were a soviet leader like Leonid Illich Brezhnev, then you could make up your own set of rules that no one else could live by.

      Also you could have a car; but to my best understanding, it was still property of the state.

    • It was quite legal to have a car. Indeed it was a bit discouraged by high prices, regular gasoline shortages (as well as continuous lack of replacement parts) and poor service. OTOH, there were no traffic jams 🙂

  1. Ah.My Uncle in Bulgaria(former soviet satelite state) had a volga like in the fist picture.It is still on his parking lot.

  2. my i love that volga i have had a m24 & i had m21 i am hopeing to get m24 next year over here in england theres not a lot of them i had 3 volgas so far but i want to put a fiat dino engine in one now as its a small engine it would make the volga what it should be by & please keep sending photos of cars i love cars & volgas regards Dr v

  3. Yes, you are quite right. My father got Volga in 1972 and it of course was his property, but the state had right to nationalize it in some extreme cases, for example because of war or smth. It was very interesting, because some people tried to convince my father to sell the car . However they were saying that sooner or later the car could be nationalised and we all know what Volga was at those times and how it was difficult to buy such car.:)

  4. there were long queues. the number of cars produced by factories was less than of those who could afford to buy a car. my granddad’s family (who was a track-driver) had enough money at their bank account to buy three Volgas, but they couldn’t because his turn to buy didn’t come. as for GAZ-24, it was a good car with only one disadvantage – voracity. but it was not a problem, because petrol was really cheap. there was also a shortage of spare parts. it made those who owned cars be careful drivers and nurse their cars.

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