Russian Cathedral for All Religions

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 1

This is yet another try to unify the people of different religions under one roof. Now in Russia, in Kazan city, the capital of Republic of Tatarstan, member of Russian Federation. It was build by a Russian architect and healer who according to his words once had a dream of Christ telling him to build this one.
It unifies 16 different religions: different branches of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and some more.

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 2

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 3

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 4

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 5

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 6

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 7

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 8

Russian Cathedral for All Religions 9

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    • You mean judaism. 109 expulsions all for the same reasons. The populations saw and tired of constant judaic perfidy. If Islam was and is the problem why did NONE of the Iranian jews go to israel even when offered free housing, medical, education and jobs? As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said so well”For the Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth”.

      • There are an estimated 900 million Muslims, how many of these can reasonably be considered terrorists? Lets say, for arguments sake, that 100,000 are terrorists. . . hell, let’s say 1 million are terrorists, that makes a ratio of less than one percent are terrorists– and that’s being generous. I doubt that there are 1 million Islamic terrorists, but if there are, then Bush/Cheney have their work cut out for them, as their intent seems to be to wipe them all out one by one. Good luck. (And yet it’s the “liberals” who are considered unreasonable for thinking we should find a way to live together.)

  1. the only good thing is that this pro-muslim project is very close to the forest area , which makes it vulnerable to my regular as i call it torpedo attack; worry not chaps i will take it down;

  2. A structure can not unify religions.
    Anyway, I do not know of one Orthodox Priest who would ever darken the door of this place. Who would ever preach here?

  3. It wont be long untill the muslams move in and try to push everyone else out just like they have done to the holy land.

    • that woudl actually be kinda funny to watch; i wonder what excuse will they make … ; i guess that depends on whose initiative this is;

      • Talk about projection! Sarah, you need to lie down awhile and then look around and see who is pushing who out of their towns and homes. You really don’t believe what you posted do you?

  4. Its not THAT hideous. I can understand the concept of try to “unify” Christianity, Islam, and Judism. But Bhuddism and Hinduism, dont see where that fits in.

  5. what is this russian obsession with uniting people? remember the song about uniting the proletarians?

    FYI people don’t want to be united. especially not under russian rule.

    • I agree with Pacific NW. The religions are hugely overrated. They cause a lot of deaths, but don’t bring any real benefit.

      • 2 longrun
        I agree about religions, but how about real christians for example? You never met them? Sad but doesnt mean they dont exist. Have you not seen people being healed, broken mariages reunited, drug users that stoped using drugs without any medical help and all just by faith???
        I see it every single day in my life!!!

  6. “had a dream of Christ telling him to build this one.”

    “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”

    So i’d say:

    “had a dream of SATAN telling him to build this one.”

  7. go to a muslim country and tell them about your life back home. please. do it. we will never hear from you again.

  8. It used to be that most humans worshiped many gods at once: wind god, rain god, sun god, forest god, fertility god, sea god, etc. Then the idea of monotheism came along, and we began to worship one god, but of course we all came up with our own version of this one god (Yahweh, Allah, Aten, Jehovah, etc.) All major religions (except Hinduism, which recognizes several gods, but they are often treated like saints are in Roman Catholicism) now follow one god, but they all disagree on WHICH one god is the right one.

    Someday they will figure it out, just like we realized that the idea of a “rain god” separate from the “sky god” was silly and childish; it IS all the same god

    Anyone who claims to know what god wants, is like an insect claiming it knows what a computer is, or like a mathematician claiming to know how large infinity is.

  9. This reminds me of the Vernisazh (sp?) market that I went to in Moscow.

    Anyway, Russian churches look like candyland to me.

  10. I rather like it.It still looks very Russian.In fact I like most architecture which is not flats, condos or office blocks (and billboards). I think all the comments about Islam is true. It’s an abhorrent sect founded on the greed and lust of an illiterate desert Arab. I think it should be prohibited in the non-Islamic world ie the Americas, Europe, India, China, Japan, Australia and most of Asia. It’s utterly evil and the people who practice it seem to have ugliness and evilness imprinted on their faces. Just watch the people in Pakistan around the Red Mosque.

  11. I really like the idea of a building that symbolizes the unity of religions since each religion claims to bring peace. I am Muslim and I would defintely go into this church of all religion to pray. And if I can meet people from other beliefs, then this will be even better. The church is not one of many just promised steps to reconcile but it is real and I hope that it is working. Maybe one day, there are only such churches and mosques which unite people and which do not divide people so that they kill each other. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go to reach this aim as you can read here in the comments of this web site.

  12. 1. a church/temple is just a building
    2. the symbols behind *this* building is unity no matter the (lack of) religion
    3. people accusing Muslims of being radicals and terrorists, get your head out of the sand and look outside the biased media, news, and use your common sense. If there was one religion that spread hate towards others it would have diluted itself until now; it wouldn’t have had reached such a big number of adepts as Muslims.
    4. suomiprkl: there are no different gods in each religion; there are many faces of the same god; all religions that spread moral driven ideas *are* faces of the same god
    5. Lir: your words prove that you are lesser Christian than anybody else you attacked. *Tolerance* is one of the key treats of a person that is true in his belief. You ask proof, but Arwa Cherif was never provocative while you were.

    To conclude, all religions are faces of the same god, considering them different is a mistake and you make a huge mistake if you don’t tolerate other people’s religions.

    Look back to the middle ages and ask yourselves if you think that the Inquisition was ok.

  13. As an American atheist (unfortunately a small minority there) I’d prescribe this to all the dangerous religious extremists of the world:

  14. I think this building is a nutty idea, but from an idealistic person with a good heart. As a Muslim I like observing the religious festivals of my friends (mainly Hindu and Christian) and would love to be invited to Jewish ones as well. For those of you living in the West (regardless of religion), I suggest inviting someone from another religion (friend/colleague/neighbor) to your house for dinner/lunch the next time you celebrate a religious holiday. It serves as a good cultural exchange. Americans (particularly moderate Christians) do a really good job with this concept, which is something Muslims and all Europeans could learn. Remember, a couple of generations ago Catholics were despised in Ireland as the whole island was subjugated by the British. American cities had signs reading “Irish need not apply”. Progress may be slow, but history has shown it is not impossible.


    MARINA (WEB artist,Russian)

  16. I was studying something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your linear perspective on it is diametrically contradicted to what I read before. I am still mulling over the diverse points of view, but I’m leaning to a great extent toward yours. And regardless, that’s what is so super about advanced democracy and the marketplace of thoughts online.

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