High-Heels Run Contest in St. Petersburg

Pin-Up Run Contest in St. Petersburg 1

As far as we know, St. Petersburg is the city of fires, soapy and underwater fountains, floods, built up-side-down houses, bar code buildings, drawbridges, tornadoes and explosions.

And now it became the city of the probably most dangerous and highly risky sporting event for women – the sprint in high-heels, which should be no less than 9 centimeters. The winner was awarded with the prize of 50 000 rubles, the others – with injuries, grazes and bruises.

Pin-Up Run Contest in St. Petersburg 2

Pin-Up Run Contest in St. Petersburg 3

Pin-Up Run Contest in St. Petersburg 4

Pin-Up Run Contest in St. Petersburg 5

Pin-Up Run Contest in St. Petersburg 6

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47 thoughts on “High-Heels Run Contest in St. Petersburg”

  1. It’s not new – seen it before in Amsterdam, is happening over there for several years already. The russian girls do look better, though. Of course.

  2. We are all glad that you admit. Otherwise, the rest of the world would have thought that Russian girls all look like hairy, deformed beasts.

  3. It sure is nice to see girls smiling.

    The women in America never smile. They always have a permanent scowl on their face. All American Women are feminists … that’s why.

    Can you send me a Russian women? American Women Suck.

  4. Russian girls rock. I know cause I have one myself 😛

    Besides I think this contest took place of the Grand Hotel Europe no? I believe it’s the building on the left side.. Nice hotel!

  5. god gave is the most powerfl men…the most beautiful women…and the best vodka….what do you want more?


  6. Why is it stuff like this isn’t publicized? So often fun things happen in Petersburg and we don’t hear about them until after they happen.

    P.S. American women really don’t suck… that’s part of the problem.

  7. Russian people in general eat a more modest diet. Mostly vegetables and some meat or fish. We on the otherhand live off of McDonalds or Pizza Hut…and thus are fat and unhealthy. Morale of the story…we are our own worst enemy when it comes to our health.

    God Bless the Russian women 😉

  8. what is with it with Russia / soviet union and teh Colour red
    Everything is red over there? why

    This race also looks like fun.
    Also is the top temperature in Peters somthing like 12 Degreess Celcius. Because the clothes there wearing doent support that at all!!!

  9. I’ve been to 31 countries and to me, beautiful women exist everywhere, same with fat vs skinny women – no place is immune or totally blessed.

    Thank god that they are everywhere.

    Except Wisconsin, of course.


  10. To all of you who think that Russia is the only place that can produce beautiful women. I feel sorry for you for many reasons. You are obviously not smart enough to realize that this is only a select few of the women who live there. Or could it be that you are man enough to move from the wonderful USA to the only place in the world you think has beautiful women. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that you are so arrogant that American women would not stoop so low as to give you the time of day. Maybe it may be that you are so shallow to realize that there is beauty any where and every where.

    I am a very smart, well proportioned woman, who can walk easily in any shoe. I am smart enough to realize the risk involved in running in them, lol. I am by no means a feminist. And my Master very much enjoys the smile he puts on my face. Maybe the American women you have come across are not smiling because you are not man enough to give them a reason to smile.

  11. First of all beauty, DOES NOT exist everyhere equally. The U.S. has the ugliest women in the world and they are the scum of the planet. Its a FACT Those that disagree are gay.

    Hottest women in the world are from Eastern Europe/Russia and Latin America. More hot women exist in these places compared to the U.S.

    U.S. produces mostly fat cow obsee fast food eating, elephant looking creatures that some how are called women. Also the few hot women the U.S. has which is like 5 percent have no personality or culture and dont lose weight after giving birth. U.S. women age HORRIBLY

    U.S. women are inferior an they are the scum of the planet and those that like them are gay.

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  13. I have initiated many such contests on my own, where I have had girls in heels and short skirts running , or fleeing depending on your perspective..


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