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    • It is really a shame that such a big and organised country like USSR was torn apart by Masonry. Of course they felt obliged to dismantle it since it was they (Masons) who brought communism to life. After the french revolution the next experiment was communism. And of course since Masons are essentially satanists the communism was trying to build a society without God. Because it didn’t work the way they planned and the country was essentially hijacked from their control by Stalin (this is why Lenin didn’t want Stalin to overtake power) they have been planning to end communism for decades and eventually succedeed. Now they will try to take control of the world by other modern means: building a ultra-technological society based on dictatorship(see Bush’s latest actions, if it doesn’t work now they will put the mechanism in place some time later anyway). The result will be only one: NEW WORLD ORDER, takeover of the world, coming of antichrist and then the much awaited END- Apocalypse.

      • You are dumb as they come. USSR was formed from blood of oppressed people and as such had nothing to do with masons. In case you didnt know western world supported White Army in fight against bolsheviks and their Red Army for years. Gorbachev was the traitor and saboteur that tear down what generations were building and sold USSR and 290 000 000 people for his own western sponsored Green Cross foundation and Gorbachev foundation.

  1. you can really see that the people had an other mentality…better than now.Only thing that didn’t change is that people read VERY VERY much books (as you can see on pic 30). I’ve heard that George Bush read just one book in his whole life…thats pathetic espacially for a president (ESPACIALLY for US)….G.Bush is for USA the same as Jeltsin was for Russia.

      • Really? I thought the average american didn’t know what Spain was!

        I am American!
        There are some smart ones here;
        I read Tolstoy and Dostoevsky so you need give me some credit at least… Perhaps the president isn’t the smartest, and sure it was the people who voted for him. But there are some civilized!

        As for an actual comment. These pictures are amazing!
        Look at those children paying attention! That doesn’t happen in America!

        • When Russia was hidden from the whole world by a large Iron Curtain, misconseptions exited on both sides. The Russians thought that people would do anything for money in America, and the Americans thought that the Russians were slaves married to fat ugly babushkas. : )

          • Hello Natasha i thing that Russians are great!! i was in Rusia in 1990 in Artek it was a lot of years ago now i am 31 years old. I learned a lot in Artek about cultures Please contact me i want to know if i can contac some persons that i knew in Artek

            • Mate, if u know Russian (or ask someone to help) you may want to join russian socail site ‘odnoklassniki.ru’, it’s very popular, you add artek 1990 to the list of places you’ve been at and you may want to find some of your mates.


        • Well, you can’t really generalize 300 million people. 🙂
          The photos are amazing… I was too young to remember -but brings back memories from the ’80s about the life behind the Iron Curtain.

        • Look at those children paying attention! That doesn’t happen in America!

          It’s amazing what a sending a few million off to the gulag does for classroom discipline.

        • Please refrain from commenting on Bush’s intelligence until, like George Bush, you hold a degree from Yale and Masters from Harvard.

          • I do have a graduate degree from Yale, and an MBA from Harvard. In my opinion, GW Bush is the worst President the USA has ever had, with dayligt coming in far behind.

      • An average American somehow manages to understand the real world, even if by senses rather than intellect, to keep improving his/her life, always looking forward, and with each generation living more fulfilling and longer lives. An average Russian has at best only academic pretense of intellectually understanding the world and has absolutely no sense of it, lives measable short lives and always looks backwards.

        For example, an average Russia, probably even above average one, compares Russian presidents with American one, without comprehending that an American president hardly runs the country, the country runs itself through individual daily initiative of the people. Bush can be an total fool, and it would hardly matter.

    • You can really see what the beautiful, if false, picture of former Soviet Union remains in all that old propaganda files. Especially, the picture of communist slogan in VERY, VERY lame ukrainian spelling reminds me of the old times when dirty soviet soldiers occupied half of the Europe. Never again!
      Thank God, the russian tribe went under spell of KGB trained little fella “putin”, leading them again to the cold war, they already lost twice.

      • Russia’s petrorouble would be far better spent on education and health. Nevertheless, the can, and are, developing truly competitive military technology that can neutralise present US weapons systems. Hence the degree of apprehension in Washington and London these days.

    • This is very true. I’ve been over in Leningrad for about 6 months now and I am still shocked by how many people I see reading on the metro and out in the parks. You don’t really see that in America, which is kind of sad really.

  2. I have always wanted to see pictures of the USSR circa 1970’s. I had much unsuccess with google searches. Until now you can find them on this website. Great job!

  3. really great photo. may be all of these are propagandize, but in fact nobody can tell us the whole feeling of people who lived in soviet union.

  4. Nice pictures, especially the girl with the basket of peaches…

    One other question – I noticed in one class picture that there was a black girl present. I was told that in the USSR, African persons were almost unheard of. I wonder if that is true?

    • There were very few but some did come on exchange programs and such. There was an institute of Patrice Lumumba in Moscow which had a lot of foreign students. Also there were a couple of renowned so-called “pioneer camps” like “Artek” where kids from friendly African countries could have come on vacation.

    • Perhaps it was a girl from Africa, who came for a visit . We did not have black people in schools, but Colleges, yes. We liked them, especially because we thought they were unfairly treated in the USA ; ) It was true for the 60-s. In reality though the Blacks did not ask for any special treatment…

    • This photo was apparently taken in international camp Artek, so that could be a girl from some African country friendly to USSR at that time.

    • There were some black kids, who usually were children of african students studying in USSR. There was one boy in my school, and he actually was very popular because he was the only black boy for the whole neighborhood.

    • in 10 years of living in russia as a child, i had seen one black person, some ambassador. the first place i lived in america? south bronx in new york city, as black as it gets.

  5. Amazing photos. For me show that despite the system people wanted to build up their personal lives the best possible way. That happens everywhere.

    • Ummm……Except that those pictures were released BY the system.

      That’s why everyone was so happy in every picture. That’s why it’s always sunny. That’s why even in the soviet union ANYONE could do the same things as in the west (ie go water-skiing, buy western-style clothes, etc). Except that nobody did.

      • And you know that because you lived there !? You know there are people in this site who actually ware alive in that time.And yes you could do all the things that “westerns” did.The only difference is that everybody could afford it and people had more free time…

        Your american propaganda must really be very good.You have a completely distorted view about what the soviet union really was.People warn`t starving and there ware no homeless….

        • I would not say you’re right. The system was corrupt, and borrowed on my generation’s future. And we are paying the bills now. The Soviet system was plain dumb sometimes, and very oppressive most of the times. One thing’s for sure: everybody got the minimum to live by, and the education was excellent.

        • ok smartiepants, and what has really changed? the huge aspects of daily life that western people take for granted are still not available to an average russian. and that’s the truth. Moreover, certain aspects of daily life that a soviet person took for granted are not anymore available to an average russian. In effect, the poor average russian is deprived not only of the much-praised western lifestyle, what with the three cars, house, mortgage, credit card, 9to5, unemployment, obesity and depression, but also of the much-bashed soviet lifestyle, what with the steady pay, no inflation, no market crises, and some savings security, not to mention an employment guarantee and a pension. Oh wait, the new russian gets the best of both worlds – he or she surely get depression.

        • I was born in 1977 spending my childhood living in USSR. For me it was great times and these pictures making me crying. I was not ‘blatnoy’ neither my parents, but they worked hard and were trying to give me good education. I had everything I nedeed and wanted and never seriously thinking about to move to another country even after collapse. I visit different western countries 10-15 times anually. I see living there from the good sides but nevertheless I’m counting the days to my return home. And I can’t recall any “huge aspect of daily life of westen people” that i neeeded.

          Sometimes I meet people like you, Nikita, and it is so common for these people trying to explain the reasons and advantages of their immigration. Looks like they live trying to find reasons to convince themselves in necessity of such act. And these reasons becomes wishful thinking for them which has nothing to do with reality.

  6. Looking at old pictures like these always makes we wonder what became of these people?
    Are they still the same happy smiling people we see here? Did the children become what they wanted to become?

    • david, as nikita points out above, these were pictures set up, shot, and released BY THE GOVT! these were for the most part not real people, or rather, people pretending to be other – happy – people. no, factory workers did not chart out mechanical engineering equations in chalk on the factory floors, etc. these people were told where to show up and when, then were told what to do. i even knew people who did this for a living. they would ‘accidentally’ bump into foreigners and tourists in red square and tell them how wonderful life was in the soviet union.

    • I’m this person. Stil happy and stil smiling…It’s not so bad to live in Russia as you probably read in American newspapers…

  7. Among the best content anybody can find on the Internet.

    I wish the world one day sees again such wonderful nation as the Soviet Union.

    • I hope USSR gets restored eventually in some form but under much smarter leadership instead of idiot Gorbachev. People voted to preserve USSR in referendum in 1991. but traitor Gorbachev ignored it.He is the true reason why Soviet people suffered collapse of USSR.

  8. Amazing photos, makes me wish I lived in Russia actually. Perhaps I will have to visit. Not all Americans are illiterate and uncultured, just the majority. I am American, but the America I grew up pledging allegiance to is not the America I live in now.

  9. I’m also an American who considers himself decently educated, however I unfortunately have to agree with the others on this.
    I may only be 23 years old, but I have lived and worked in many cities throughout the country and I am perpetually amazed at the unprecedented level of ignorance I observe. A simple way to measure this deterioration of intellect is to review the many nationwide basic knowledge polls conducted each year.
    Even more telling, as you infer in your posting, is to consider how many of these people voted for that lowbrow in the whitehouse and to what extent said witless cretin is able to actually deceive such a large group for such a long period of time. Only now, seven years later are some of them starting to become weary of that charlatan and his sidekick cheney.

    • I have been living in US and unfortunately it is not the same country anymore. High tech is hoke full of Indians and Chinese. This has absolutely nothing to do with race – those countries provide better education. I am yet to find a decent school for my children in US. Apparently, learning names of states is more important that science, even in private schools. Yes, a lot of images are propaganda. But free good education, including universities was available in USSR. Still is available in Russia. Riches country in the world does not want or is unable to provide education and even basic free medical services to its citizens. Sorry, but this is ridiculous. Don’t be surprised that so much is getting outsources to India and China. Now US even is about to ground space shuttles. This is sooooo far from nation that could fly to the Moon. Now everyone is cares about how to get bigger SUV, bigger house, bigger TV and bigger portion in the restaurant.

      Perhaps US does need Soviet Union to keep in shape.

      • “free good education” – I am willing to agree to you if you will add “technical” to the “education”, well, possibly that would cover wider range of “practical” and “nature” sciences like medicine etc. because anything that was not “technical” in a wider sense, like economics, sociology, history etc, was extremely stuffed with marxist-leninist dogma and propaganda and could hardly be considered “normal” education. sooner that was an indoctrination. and there were also what would now be called “pesudoscience” fields like the infamous Scientific Communism. If you did not pass the final State Exam in Scientific Communism, you could not graduate ANY university. You could be a rocket science genius, but if you failed at Sc.Com. – you were out!

        • If you were a rocket science (or other science genious)you could easy pass Sc. Communism exam, it was simple. That was the rule of the game and we were playing on their field. We always playing on somebodies field.

          • beautifully said! you words are for ages, my friend. i’m sorry, but i’m going to quote you from now on, when a conversation about things like this comes up.


  10. Thank you for posting these magnificent photographs of the people who saved the world from Hitler and Nazism; I cannot view such images without tears welling into my eyes.

    Note not only the contentedly studious children — something now unknown in the U.S. (save in the wealthiest private schools) — but the proud faces and body-language of the workers, a commonplace here too in the long-ago days of strong unions, but now gone forever, replaced for all eternity by the dull eyes, sullen faces and oppression-slumped shoulders of the ever-more-exploited wage slaves of the Global Sweatshop Economy.

    Thus was the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest and most ruinous defeat of humanitarian values ever — not that the USSR was the humanitarian utopia it claimed to be (it surely wasn’t) — but as long as the USSR existed, the United States was forced to keep the tyrannosaur of capitalism securely caged, lest it savage the entire planet and all the world’s peoples embrace Communism in desperation.

    And now that the USSR is dead — now that there is no alternative to capitalism, and the tyrannosaur itself has again been freed to run amok — we see the results everywhere: mass media that lies and distracts rather than informs and focuses; public schools that deliberately degrade our children into illiterate dunces; access to higher education determined by money instead of intelligence; healthcare based on privilege of wealth rather than on human birthright; the impoverished elderly and disabled slain by the euthanasia-by-neglect implicit in the Bush Regime’s DemoPublican Medicare Prescription Drug Lord benefit; the growing legions of homeless children, women and men; the obscene and genocidal class-and-race warfare methodically waged against the residents of New Orleans; the carnage in Iraq; the final destruction of the remaining vestiges of American liberty; and over it all the imposition of Abrahamic theocracy — Christian in the West, Islamic in the East — to guarantee “God’s divine plan” safeguards the ruling class and subjugates all the rest of us until humanity itself perishes.

    Study these pictures closely; cherish them as sacred ikons of a blessed time now eternally lost, a time when humanity could still reasonably hope to achieve the economic democracy without which liberty is meaningless. If you lived then, as I did, be thankful you were so blessed, and now raise your voice in lamentation, that the late-born might at least hear — before the advancing tyrannosaur silences all protest forever — the final expression of the heartfelt passion evoked by the infinite promise that once was.

  11. I’m a New Zealander and these pictures look like propoganda. I’d be very surprised if more than 10% of the soviet union lived like this.

    • ok, then how do you think the last 90% lived? maybe they were drinking vodka with bears, playing balalaika all day long and praying on the Lenin photos? of course photos are better than a real life in USSR was, but they truly describe the lifestyle of soviet people!

  12. I remember those cards with numbers kids raise in class!

    That thing was flawed. As not everyone was raising them at the same time, but maybe over a period of 1-2 seconds, it was quite easy to see what others were raising, see what the most common number was, and then raise the number yourself and still not be the last one.

  13. HAHA – My anti-spam word is “KBG” woot!

    These pictures are propoganda. They go up there with Bush saying that Iraq has weapons of mass destrution, or tobacco companies saying they didn’t know cigarettes were bad for you. When can we see the suffering of the millions of people who died when Stalin tried to ‘modernize’ Russia?

    Don’t let the pictures think for you people. Think for yourself.

    • Some of the pictures are staged. But majority is normal photos accurately reflecting reality. I was born in 1967 and lived my life there. I have plenty of photos like that in my family album.

  14. I find these photos to be an interesting looking glass into a country that always seemed to be somewhat mysterious. It would be nice if there were some text to place these photos into some context.

    • It looks like a huge excavator to me. With rotating blades. Used in open mines/quarries. Possibly one of those called “walking” or “step-taking” (shagajuschij) excavators.

  15. Excellent pictures!! Thanks for sharing. I had a penfriend in the USSR back in the 80’s and even used to call her everynow and then.
    What is it like over there nowadays though? Some day I wouldn’t mind visiting Russia.

  16. Yes, Bush did not single handedely ruin the U.S., he is a mere sock puppet for the neo-conservative oligarths who are plundering the country.

  17. Some of those pictures are propaganda, it’s true, but that’s part of life in any country. Just like some of the pictures of Americans doing “proud” work during the depression was propaganda.

    This was life behind the iron curtain in all of the eastern european countries back then, it no longer exits there just as life here has changed since then.

    Education in the US is terrible, regardless of your “honors” programs. I know, I was in them too. They are repetative, unintuitive, and useless.

    One man cannot ruin an entire country, unless the rest of us allow it.

    The USSR looks so great in these pictures? Do you have photos of the worst parts of your life? I doubt it. Photos by their very nature create a sense of nostalgia because we take them of moments that we want to remember and cherish.

    These pictures are great! But stop overthinking them people!

  18. Кто тебя тянет в США? Скорее наоборот, нам и так мексов диких хватает, не знаем куда их девать. Понаехали тут.

  19. LOL
    people going sobby over some ancient Sovjet propaganda!
    Drones. If 30 year old propaganda works on you, it’s easy to imagine why you believe everything told in the media now =D

  20. all that is in those pictures is so obviously propaganda. the commies stuck to common themes… schoolchildren in showcase classrooms, workers at work in showcase factories, citizens at rallys in support of the workers paradise, and happy couples at home reading. how many folks in the pictures were free thinkers or renegades? how many of them had any control over their destiny? if those kinds of images bring tears to your eyes, then the party line photographers did their job. russians didnt buy into it unless they had guns to their heads.

  21. I was a child back then, in kindergarden and then 1st and 2nd grade before moving to the US. I remember my childhood fondly, with mostly pleasant memories. Now I’m here working on my phd, so that’s where I ended up.

  22. Very cool pics…but obviously propganda that only a liberal would fall for. My wife and father (recent Rus immigrants) laughed at them….Russia was nothing like the pics…..at all

  23. Thank for posting these propaganda photos. I haven’t seen them in years. They phoniness made me laugh back then and it makes me laugh now. Those poor people! They were just cattle.

    • Yes, somewhat like the cattle in Hollywood movies and Network TV series in which all the judges are African American, not to mention the police chiefs etc. The American dream is still a nightmare for those of us in the free world who live outside the US (ie continental Europe, Great Britain, Australasia and Canada).

    • Sandra,

      Do you know that America claimed that the first satellite launch by the Soviets, the Sputnik, was communist propaganda?

      Also, do you know that America once regarded Osama bin Laden as a freedom fighter, because he was fighting the Soviets, till he decided to destroy the WTC?

      Who is more phoney?

      Think …

  24. Awsome pics! these are the Russian People, not Propaganda, and it shows that they are normal human beings. However they have suffered greatly at the hands of a government that betrayed them. Sad tale. A Beautiful people.

  25. These pictures are all illustrations of our unprecendented history. Of course, I wouldn’t deny that a lot of stuff in the communistic policy was wrong. However, a huge number of people lived in USSR and they enjoyed living in the world’s most powerful country.
    I don’t know much about this time ’cause I was born in the year 1991 when the USSR broke up. Anyway, I am proud that my country had such a period in its history. And Russia will always be the world’s greatest country,whatsoever.

  26. These look a lot like pictures from America just substituting the Russian language, slightly different clothing styles, different designs for the model rockets, and different flags.

    It’s also important to know the Soviet government told its citizens they had a democracy and had mock elections. Which begs the question how do we know we have a democracy?! How do we know we’re not being lied to? Because we can choose more than one candidate? Iran allows multiple candidates, but we don’t call them a democracy.

    Our system is rigged. Candidates are narrowed down to candidates acceptable to the establishment. In most presidential elections the two candidates are nearly identical in policy positions, but very different in rhetoric. With electronic voting it’s even easier for them to rig elections.

    Free speech? The Soviet Union had free speech in their Constitution. But it was interpreted so narrowly only pro-government people had free speech. While in practice we mostly have free speech if we get loud enough and start catching the nation’s attention the government will plant evidence and have you arrested, or investigate your personal life and ruin your reputation. They used COINTELPRO to do this. This is not a theory. This is FACT. A brave group of people broke the law and stole FBI records to prove this in the early ’70s. I have no doubt they are still doing that.

    In both the Soviet Union and the United States democracy and free speech have been farces. We were just more clever at making our country appear democratic and free.

  27. Recently, one of my friends expressed doubt that leftist Democratic ideologues actually hate our government. I advised him to watch the movies of Michael Moore and read the political writings of Noam Chomsky. It is also worth paying attention to writer Art Spiegelman, who claims that our government poses more of a threat to us than Al Qaeda. Then there is liberal journalist Maureen Dowd, who accuses President Bush of leading an American jihad; Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, who compares Bush to Goering; and popular TV host Rosie O’Donnell, who accuses the U.S. government of orchestrating the September 11th attack. And this is not a complete list of the Democratic slanders against the US.

    It is curious that these people claim to be concerned not exclusively with the U.S. interests but rather with the well-being of the whole world. Yet they are not at all infuriated by the atrocities of real terrorists and dictators. For instance, there was no outcry of indignation over Saddam Hussein’s massacre of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq , including the outright butchery of grinding people alive. They do not ask for a boycott of fundamentalist countries where political opponents are imprisoned, killed, and tortured, and where there is not even an inkling of freedom of speech, press or religion. They do not write any articles protesting the Muslim-Fascist barbarians who cut off peoples’ heads and play soccer with them, videotape themselves as they behead a journalist, ruthlessly murder children in Beslan, blow up schools, subways, airplanes, residential buildings and offices.

    The leftist ideologues find it much easier to criticize the US, where freedom of speech reigns supreme and makes this criticism absolutely safe. Moreover, they become heroes of the leftist Democratic masses, who do not want to be reminded of the fact that Iranian fanatics are building nuclear weapons, nor that Al Qaeda calls for the mass murder of Americans, nor of the Palestinians dancing in joy on September 11th , 2001, nor of the millions of Muslim fundamentalists who hate us for our lifestyle, and other disturbing problems.

    A left-liberal finds it inconvenient to perceive the real dangers. He would rather believe that the U.S. government is to blame for all problems. Such a vision of the world is much more comfortable. Instead of being opposed to Muslim-Fascist assassins, they are opposed to respectable American politicians, whom they can safely lambaste and accuse of anything they wish. In fact, they believe that all problems will magically disappear as soon as these politicians are voted out of office. Then everything will be dandy, and no wars are necessary!

    One gets the impression that among the leftist ideologues there is something like a contest going on – who can insult the U.S. most harshly. The leader in this respect is indisputably Naomi Wolf, a famous feminist and ex-consultant to Bill Clinton. On the 24th of April of this year, the British newspaper “The Guardian” published her article entitled “Fascist America, in 10 easy steps”. ( http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,,2064157,00.html)

    In this article, Wolf asserts that the American government intends to turn the country into a Fascist dictatorship. Wolf writes about regimes that evoke the readers’ hatred – Hitler’s, Mussolini’s, Stalin’s and others, and tries in very possible way to equate them to the United States of today. Wolf accuses the U.S. government of becoming excessively powerful, of persecuting dissenters, of controlling the press, and of random arrests, of persecuting citizen groups, of monitoring citizens, of creating paramilitary groups for terrorizing citizens, of creating a gulag, and of conjuring up the image of an enemy to justify these actions ? piling on the crimes for good measure.

    This article is written about a country where recently the political power has changed in both the Senate and the House of Representatives? A country where liberals not only criticize the government regularly but engage in outright slander of the government with impunity.

    Wolf does not bother to gives any real evidence in support of her shocking assertions. Instead, she throws a multitude of accusations around, hoping something might stick. For instance, she states that the U.S. engages in “arbitrary detention and release” of citizens and does not cite any statistics. Instead she gives as an example only one individual – a Muslim U.S. Army chaplain named James Yee. He was suspected of being negligent in dealing with secret documents, arrested, and was then released. This example actually goes against her point, because the detention was not “arbitrary” but related to specific charges, and he was released after the charges were dropped, as Wolf herself relates.

    Naomi Wolf’s other accusations are no less illogical, and utterly counterfeit. For example, she compares Guantanamo with the Gulags, and terrorists with Holocaust victims.

    Wolf should know better. In the Gulags millions of innocent people died , whereas in Guantanamo Prison, terrorists who fought against us are living in quite satisfactory conditions. After asserting that we must help the detained terrorists, Wolf recalls the words of the anti-Fascist pastor Martin Niem?r: “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak… Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.” Thus Wolf has equated Muslim-Fascists with Jews who suffered in the Holocaust, and the American army with the Gestapo. Mrs. Wolf needs to wake up to reality – it is not like we came for the Muslim terrorists, but the Muslim terrorists who started killing us.

    Of course, any unbiased American can quickly discern the sham nature of Naomi Wolf’s accusations. Sadly, not all Americans are unbiased. Furthermore, her article is read not only in the U.S. but also in Europe , in Russia , and in other countries. Most importantly, there are too many people in the U.S. and in Europe who obstinately refuse to acknowledge that the U.S. did not conjure up the image of an enemy in order to usurp power, but has met with an actual enemy that must be fought if our country is to survive.

    Starting in 1972, Muslim fundamentalists carried out numerous attacks on the US, including September 11th , 2007 . Besides attacking the U.S. , they have also attacked Israel, Russia, the UK, France, Spain, Holland, and other countries. Many Americans, Israelis, Russians, and Europeans have died not because of an “image of the enemy” but because of a real and determined enemy.

    The leftist liberals who believe that the U.S. is the enemy and seek to tear down America’s ability and will to fight Islamic fundamentalists are endangering our country’s future and that of our allies around the world.

  28. I think Western propaganda machine is the best in the world! It makes folks from the Western countries completely immune to any kind of outside information even if it obviously goes or even screams against whatever the propaganda machine brainwashed them with. Wish the Soviets were half as good.

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  30. Jews brought USSR down, because of total control over world through spremacy of USA(which is in their control). But Russia is back you lousy sons of Abraham. Russia is gonna take USA down to 50 states, or even more.

  31. Nice pictures. It is a time of my childhood. I showed them to my mother who is 60 year old and she enjoyed the pictures as well saying: “This is exactly our life in USSR as it was”. Then I translated some of the comments for her (of those who don’t believe that the photos are real). At first she was laughing, then became quite angry and said: “Well, with Americans everything is clear, they are assured that they are gods and live in paradise, while Soviet Union has always been a subject of their hatred. But how could Russians write something of this sort? Where did they live? Maybe in some alternative reality?”

  32. Hi,I am Umar Daud from Pakistan and too much sad at the fall of the once has been great power”The USSR”.The hypocratic,corrupt and unjustified America played havoc with the Communist regime at the expense of we”Pakistanis together with Afghanis”.One day this communist regime will get back its power and integrity and then we will show America what she played the game in the dismemberment of the soviet Republic.I am looking forward to the integration of Asian nations into one orchestrated Russian Block to show our power of integration and unison to the rest of the world.
    Umar Daud

  33. Sorry SashaVolkov, I meant to reply to Genes post below. But I managed to click your post by accident, and my internet is SO slow that I’m NOT going through the rigmarole of doing it again! :-)…So Gene, I liked your post. Very informative. However, could possibly be summed up with the words <> Oh, dear. What a weird and wonderful bunch that rag attracts! 😉 Oh, BTW, if any kind Russians out there would like a chat (really, just a chat) as I wouldn’t mind some practice at learning Russian from a Russian, instead of a book. Just reply to this comment and we can swap e-mail addresses.

  34. These pictures are wonderful. I am American, I was born in the mid-80s. I grew up in a world without the USSR, but I have been fascinated with the Soviet Union. I have spoken to a few Russians that immigrated, and not a one of them ever really had a bad thing to say about the Soviet era. They said some things are better now, and some are worse.

    I have a love of history, and these pictures capture moments from that history. They are a priceless reminder, and feel as you will about the politics of that long ago day, these were real people. Maybe they agreed with the Marxist system, or perhaps they hated it. Who knows? Either way, they lived and someone thought enough of them to take their picture…

    To steal a line from the former Soviet Anthem to go with these images: Long May Our Crimson Flag Inspire, Shining In Glory For All Man To See.

  35. Great photos as an example of soviet 1970’s propaganda. Flowers and smiling faces everywhere, at work and at play. Everyone is well dressed and in ‘modern’ if conservative fashion for the 70’s.

  36. The pics are beautiful. The comments leave me a little awe-struck that people feel free to make up history to suit their prejudices. How about from now on, everyone who blames Jews/Masons/Communists/Muslims/leprachauns for the USSR has to cite at least one academic source and not just the voices in their heads?

  37. These photos are great!

    I’m actually particularly interested because I have set up a website called ‘bloc life’. It’s basically an online archive of everday memories and experiences of living under Communism – for better, for worse.

    If you would like to share any thoughts and/or photos, please visit http://www.bloc-life.com and contribute towards this important archive of lived history.


    – Comrade E

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  39. This post contains mostly official photos. The Official Soviet style was a bit different from the official style in the Western countries. That’s why many people here don’t distinguish the content from smth courios maybe even Soviet propaganda. But in fact only few cards contain some doses of propaganda here. Others are just good examples of that Soviet official style. (And, i think, the change of style in the Eastern Europe was one of the reasons, why so many people prefer to have positive memories of the USSR, neglecting many faults of the life there.)

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  42. Hi, sorry fo asking this question here, but I am not ableto find a contact form or something so I assumed I could I leave my enquiry here. I run a blogengine blog but I am getting bigger amounts of spam. I see u use wordpress, is it effortless to control spam with wordpress or doesn’t it make any difference? I hope you will respond to my comment or maybe send me an email with your answer if you don’t want to approve the comment. Best regards

  43. I probably wouldn’t have wanted to live in the Soviet Union, but these photos are a great reminder the Soviets were. They didn’t want war or world domination, they just wanted to live in peace, like the rest of us.

  44. Sure, there is some propaganda in the photos, but then how many Californians lived like the Brady Bunch?

    At the end of the day, however, post Stalin Soviet citizens could very well have been content with their lives and photos from the era are going to show that honest contentment.

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