13 thoughts on “Another Motor Festival in Moscow”

  1. The first car kinda reminds me of Lennon’s Rolls Royce. Second, I didn’t know that Smart Cars are being marketed in Russia.

    • Oh come now, this is street art. The artists are paid to decorate a vehicle to the patrons taste. One of the best designs is the SmartCar with the frog and airbrush. It probably belongs to an artist. The Volga is nice too.

  2. The 4th bottom one looks great
    They may be some good painting, but why would you want some of these on your cars?
    The 2 smarts look s*#@!

  3. Love the first SUV, C-smart cars, one with the cat, and the Nissan 350Z, the rest are just ugly. Skilled work, but most waste of time and money.

  4. obiusly the sparkling blue mersadies is the most detiald paintjob not the best but most efort, i like the older style on the first car but just a matter of opinion

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