Traffic Jam In Vladivostok

Colossal traffic jam in Vladivostok city 1

This is probably the biggest traffic jam of right handed cars going on the right lane. This is Vladivostok, Far-East of Russia, 4000 miles away from Moscow and just a few miles to Japan, so majority of used cars are the imported Japan cars with right placement of the steering wheel, even authorities and police use these cars, but the roads are like in all rest of Russia are right sided so it’s just a mess.

Colossal traffic jam in Vladivostok city 2

Colossal traffic jam in Vladivostok city 3

Colossal traffic jam in Vladivostok city 4

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    • Dude, don’t underestimate our Vladivostok traffic jams, they are THE BEST (as if they’re something to be proud about!)

      Imagine this: there is only 1 (one) decent beach close to the city and there are only 2 roads leading to it, both are only about 20 km’s, and both have only 2 lanes (one in each direction), but they can theoretically hold 4 lines of traffic if you count the unpaved sidewalk kind of thing.

      There are usually no more than 20 days per summer suitable for going to the beach, so whenever the sun comes out the whole city goes to the beach. Well, not everybody, but heaps of people, at least 10% at least try to get there – and that makes 60.000 people.

      And the funniest thing is that there is a police post there that checks lots of cars coming through. Oh and they are usually fixing the road on the sunny days leaving only a single lane for both directions. Oh and usually somebody keeps the aircon running while the car is basically standing still for hours – the coolant just boils over and then it takes them a half hour to pour some water in.

  1. Look at the bright side. Its a good opportunity to make a conversation with some cute Russian girls. (last 2 pics)

  2. We’re all looking at the cars, but look at the beach in the background.

    I’ve seen photos along those lines from other countries, but here in Britain the beach is packed when you have 2 men with their dogs instead of one.

    A lot of nice cars there, are they going somewhere particularly expensive or pricier than usual that’s usually populated in Summer by the richer Russians?

      • The Nissan seems rather nice and I would say the Toyota, but they’re renowned for their value for money and low maintenance costs.

        Sure, it’s not Bentley and Roll Royce, but some of them still look rather nice

        Though I suppose the cost of Nissans and Toyotas, etc. would be reduced due to the (apparent) habit of importing from Japan, which is nearby.

        And yes, I did see the not so nice cars, but still, there are exceptions everywhere. Then again, maybe I’m just used to seeing the low end Fords, [old] Škodas and [older] Citroëns.

        • Maybe you should go to Moscow to see some real nice cars. Mind you, you are from england right? So go to London, some nice cars there to 🙂

          • Yeah, I see them quite regularly. Though I see more lower-end cars.

            I saw an old calender once, it was from Russia of the top-tier cars. All different makes and designs, lovely calender, seemed very Russian-business to me for what was in it.

            • Yeah, when I was in Moscow in 2006 I must’ve seen about six Maybaches, ten Phantoms and about 30 ferraris in one day. From all the big cities, Moscow must have the biggest amount of luxury cars in the world.

              But I realy dont understand why. Isn’t Putin supposed to be at war with all the oligarchs? From what I can see their numbers are increasing everyday.

              • From what I’ve heard he’s at war with the Oligarchs that aren’t “his”; and doesn’t really spare a thought either way for anyone else.

                Though, I’m not definite source on matters such as that, which is why I come to sites like this.

                • Yes, I do agree with you. For example, there is no doubt that Khodorovsky who is now in prison has commited crimes. In fact he was a typical mafia boss. But I have no doubt, that if he didn’t challenge putin politically, he would still be living his life of freedom and and excess. So to people in doubt whether his arrest was politically motivated, I can tell you – it was. At the same time, I can tell that he is in prison for his PROVEN crimes.

                  • Yup, the ones that they can try for crimes they do try.
                    The ones they can’t try they kill… allegedly*.

                    *Ah, proper British political satire libel loophole. Stick allegedly after anything and they can’t take you to court.

                    (Well, before I start anything I haven’t made my mind up about who’s trying to kill who. I just wanted to prod people’s sensibilities a little.
                    Oh, a terrible pun on the issue. A Private Member’s Bill is something in the British Parliament where a Member of Parliament is chosen by lot to put forward an issue that they wish to be addressed. Like in the US if you talk all the time you void the time-limit. It’s called ‘killing [the private member’s bill]; so in Britain if they don’t like the proposal they kill the Private Member’s Bill, in Russia if they don’t like the proposal they kill the Private Member.]

                    • LOL 🙂

                      Just wondering why you seem so interested in Russia? Have you got roots there, do you travel there frequently, or do you do business in Russia?

                      I personally became interested in russia when I found out my grandmother was russian/polish, you?

                    • Just curious. We’re talking about a part of the World with a very rich culture stretching back many years, both extremes of our current political systems (by current I mean where the government basically controls, there’s no hippy-countries, let’s face it) and for around 40 years it was the mysterious enemy who were going to blow us all sky high with their missiles.

                      I have a sort of distant family connection with Russia, but very distant, great or great-great-grandparents being born in the Russian Empire sort of thing, but nothing recent and nothing I can link to.
                      Though I do admit that that has had a minor effect on my thirst for knowledge on Eastern Europe since birth, but nothing that would be a major contributor (or maybe it is, maybe it’s the foundations… hm, I’ll have to think a little more about that one.)

                    • You are right there, it is a very fascinating country in all aspects. Did you ever go? If not, you deffinetely should. You wont regret it. Especially because there is so much misinformation in the western media. You can never believe what you hear unless unless you see it for yourself, – that’s my motto!

                    • I can’t stand the media, they all give different stories on everything, to me that means they’re all wrong in one way or another.

                      No, I haven’t been, but I really want to.

    • Those cars are just average cars you see here in Australia, Nothing to special about them.
      I would expect Russias far east to be deserted with barley any people or traffic.
      Roads look like this all over the world when somthing happens

  3. If theres one accident on Canadas highway the scence is not so different. If its a long weekend the scene is the exact same. Nothing remarkable here. Except for the right hand drive

  4. It was the first really sunny and hot day of this summer in Vladivotok. Before there was a month of no-stopping rains and cloudy weather. All people moved to the “Shamora” beach nearby the Vladivostok so we’ve made this jam 🙂

  5. When I was in Kazakhstan last summer, we saw several cars with the steering wheel on the opposite side. I also saw a couple like that in Moscow.

    So weird.

  6. Thats just crazy, I guess the fun is in the challenge of getting to the beach. Well the term Crazy Russians is not out of place here. 🙂

  7. Putin (Stalin) only jailed Chodorkovski so that Patrushev and the FSB (i.e. the Russian organized crime, the real one) could steal his companies and savings.

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