16 thoughts on “The Horse Monument in Voronezh”

    • This instructional video will explain everything about zoophilia!
      Watch carefully, cake is involved.


    • I bet you really like the bottom part of this last photograph.


  1. The rail in the horse’ mouth appeared after the victory of soccer team CSKA Moscow (known as “horses”) over the Locomotiv Moscow (a team of Russian Railways) 2-1 on July 22 2007.

  2. It’s testicles still aren’t as big as the Wall St. Bull in New York… it was quite funny to see the tourist families licking the bulls testicles… (I’m not joking…)

    Bull Location: 40°42’19.92″N, 74° 0’48.54″W

    There’s some good pictures in Google Earth.

  3. I see these fine beast has been circumcised, like any good Jewish equestrian. May the Horse be with you, Luke Steinwalker.

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  5. I’m a cowboy, on a STEEL HORSE I RIDE,
    Wanted, WANTEEEDDD, Dead or aliiiiive!

    Come on! No one’s mentioned this yet? It’s a Bon Jovi classic!

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