Explosion in St. Petersburg

big blast in st. petersburg 1

It can be real breaking news – just one hour ago a big explosion happened in St. Petersburg downtown. Many local bloggers started posting photos of 16-stored house high fire. People say that the explosion was so loud that it was heard at all the parts of the Russia second most populated city. More updates would follow shortly. No comments from authorities were yet made. More photos and videos:

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Here are two videos:

and two more photos:

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and some Russian Photoshop lovers started already expressing their view on the subject, it symbolizes probably that in the lack of information any version is possible:

big blast in st. petersburg 5

big blast in st. petersburg 5

“It has gone.” This silver skyscraper building was planned to be built in historical center of the city and was not appreciated on a larger scale by local population. Also it correlates with a famous phrase by Mr. Putin at Larry King’s show when he was asked what has happened with “Kursk” submarine (sunk, 100+ dead). He answered: “It has sunk.”

big blast in st. petersburg 5

And that’s Chumazik (Choomuhzeek), Russian first Internet hero. The predecessor of Glazastik. He appears each time when Photoshopers come to play.

big blast in st. petersburg 5

“Allah Akbar” is written in Russian on this one.

most photos and videos are from spb_ru community

And this is something completely different from Russia, rare USSR photos:
Explosion in St. Petersburg

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30 thoughts on “Explosion in St. Petersburg”

  1. I just wish there could me more information released about this. Too bad CNN headline news here in the US is more concerned with Lindsay Lohan and her coke problem.

  2. How long ’til terrorists are blamed?
    How long ’til someone claims FSB did it?
    How long ’til they realise it was one hell of a gas explosion due to gross negligence?

    Well that’s the cynicism over. It actually looks awesome (in the entirely literal sense, not in the ‘I love this band, awesome!’ way). Look at the size of the mushroom cloud, and how close is it to those cooling towers? Did a power-plant just explode?

  3. Links to news stories –



  4. i bet it was cheney trying to launch another attack on the american citizens, but he couldn’t read the map correctly

  5. Ouch, hopefully no one was hurt. Also, there was another huge oil leak in in Canada just yesterday, but there was no big bang involved.

  6. “…happened in St. Petersburg downtown.”

    – There is no downtown in Saint Petersburg.
    – The explosion happened in close proximity to the city border.

  7. It’s aproximately 6 km north-east of my 12-floored house (I’m living on 12). Some minutes past 00:00 thunderlike KABOOM banged and electricity blinked (in some houses it went off). When I looked in the window I’ve stared with my jaw fallen down – horizont in direction of explosion was all yellow-reddish and sky blinked of flames, that were higher than other 12-floored houses. At first I thought t’was heat and enrgy station blow, fortunately t’was only big gas pipe.

  8. Perhaps the explosion may be causes by Peter Petrelli’s overheating due to watching so many miniskirt russian girls.

  9. Looks like it’s a viral marketing campaign for JJ Abram’s “Cloverfield”. No one else is reporting it, and the person doesn’t seem scared by it.

    If it IS in fact real, I sure as hell hope no one was hurt. That looks awfully bad.

  10. I doubt the transatlantic alliance can do much about this. . . hehe http://www.atlantic-community.org/index.php/articles/view/The_False_Choice_between_Cold_War_and_Warm_Gaslines

    Maybe its like when the Chinese shot down that satellite with pinpoint accuracy; a sort of ‘if you needed evidence that we can sabotage _________, here it is’

  11. The picture of the column of fire does remind me of images of ’86 Czernobyl..

    If those are real, I do feel sorry for the people over there.

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