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  1. very many 4 wheel drive ladas made it to Australia also, they were not so common but you can still see a few driving around there!


  2. Haa, last picture is taken in Estonia. Yes, you can still see Soviet cars, maybe every 20th is still Soviet one. But they are vanishing really quickly because of their big gas consumption and old age. But it’s quite interesting to go from Narva across the border to drive around in Russia and see how much different are their cars there. Much more Soviet cars can be seen in Russia than in Estonia.

    • That’s probably true, but they are also disappearing fast. When I visited Moscow in 2003 I could spot an old Lada almost everywhere, in 2006 however, I couldn’t see even one 2101 Lada. Quite sad, because they were quite good looking cars and were definitive of Moscow. – Now Moscow looks quite ordinary and boring 🙁

      • I remember now a TV-show that told about what happens with these old Soviet cars in Estonia when they are not in a working condition anymore. There are some couple dozen Egypt guys living in Estonia and they earn their living by searching for old Soviet Zhigulis and sending parts or better halves of these cars to Egypt. New machines are combined there from those old parts and those remastered Zhigulis are well-known and honoured there in Egypt.

    • Maybe that was the same cos it also has a cuban registration.

      There are couple rhd ladas in the UK as well I can post some pics if you wanna.

  3. Many Lada’s were sold at actual Lada dealers in the 80’s and 90’s in Canada. There was a dealer in my small town (11,000 people) and to this day there is a Leninesque guy who drives a Niva 4X4 around. They sold Skoda’s here for awhile too but I haven’t seen any for some time.


  4. I owned an 1985 Lada Signet here in Canada and that was the most durable car I’ve ever had. That thing would eat up gravel roads and mud bogs like nothing. The best $500 I’ve ever spent! 😉

  5. Got a great shot of a British Lada now working as a taxi in Gambia, west Africa. Taxi driver was full of praise – said it was easy to work on an durable. Don’t know how to submit it though

  6. Gambian Lada


  7. Lada was always present in Slovenia(ex YU),so it is not strange,that we have sites about Lada.
    and Lada thru time

  8. 1/ (kopeyka-limyzin) LADA 2101
    2/ Volga
    5 (chetvyorka) LADA 2104
    7 right – moskvich
    9 Niva – first russian jeep
    15 (Bobik) UAZ – glamur

    Sory of bad eanglish

  9. Not so interesting: the wide part of them were regularly been exported already during soviet era and so I don’t see anything related with USSR dissolution in seeing such cars worldwide. Nothing stranger than seeing a BMW outside Germany or a Fiat outside Italy.

  10. There were official (!) Lada ressellers in Brazil, and you still can find some ladas in use here. It was sold for 4 or 5 years, but not anymore. The lada niva (the “jeep”) is still a very popular (and expensive)car when you change the entire drivetrain, but the samara/laika are all trashed, there are no replacement parts and the street value tends to zero.

  11. My grandpa has a Moskvich 412 (1970’s) and it’s still working! I love that car.

    Nowadays, soviet cars are slowly disappearing from Hungary.

    P.S.: the anti-spam picture displayed “kgb” – funny 🙂

  12. Actually now they have become more expensive and less rare again and being brought out of grandparents garages. Ladas are often used by very young people for rallying and destruction derbies due to their rear wheel drive. Moskviches are being driven in a special rally league and for example sometimes ZAZ 968m has become a car to persuade ladies in central Tallinn.

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