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    • Have you ever been somewhere to Central Russia? Fields, hills, small rivers, some forest, wooden houses – this is typical Russia.

      • What are you arguing about?! Russia is so much bigger than one type of landscape. Be it forest or fields. As a matter of fact – Russia is the vastness of space. And I think the photos reflect that very well.
        (And yes, I’ve been and lived there)

    • why would someone want to make a picture in the middle of a forest….with a view on a pair of trees??? (to sarah abramov)

  1. Nice pictures, Where are some of these taken. IM hoping to go on a world tour one day. Russia is deffinitly one of the countrys i will go to.

  2. Wow Roger!! I thought the same!!!

    Beautiful landscapes, and if you go back 54 years ago we can understand in a small scale what so many russians died fighting for. I imagined walking my butt around that land full of inmaninable ways of getting hurt or die, would I had made it alive? problably not.

  3. Some of the most beautiful land I have seen in 63 years on this planet, and some of the most talented photography of it. I hope the Russian people know what a treasure they have in such a land; and the oceans of blood lost in the Great Patriotic War are amply justified by the land that they saved.

    • of course you can ๐Ÿ™‚ but the nearest sign of civilization will be a substantial amount of kilometers away

      by the way, these landscapes are without any doubt very beautiful, I prefer the ones from Karelia (North-West of Russia), e.g. http://nikolkaya.livejournal.com/166821.html

    • I think most of the pics are from Central Russia. In Finland and Karelia the landscape has more hills and river banks are different. Really beatiful pictures still!

      • Apart from maybe Karelia and Lapland, there aren’t that many hills in Finland. It would be nice to have more of them, though, as well as those beautiful river banks. Well, at least we got plenty of lakes.

  4. And I live in the north of Siberia. There woods and bogs, the wide rivers and deep lakes. Pure air and the most beautiful sky. Russia my house….

  5. And all of this russian landscapes looks like landscapes in central Ukraine. You feel really great when u see something like this in real life.Not in photos.

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