Christianity vs Paganism in Russian

paganism vs christianity in Russia 1

These days there is kind of raise of old Slavic pagan traditions in Russia. The followers of paganism build copies of old pagan monuments of wood and stone and then gather for some rituals. According to their point of view they try to reconstruct the true religion of Russian people that was destroyed by early Russian Christian church 1000 years ago when it came to Russia and violently converted local pagan population to Christianity.
But it seems there are fundamental Christians even nowadays in Russia who don’t like the raise of pagan traditions and try to follow their earlier inquisitor predecessors destroying the pagan places. On these pictures one can see one of such modern Russian ritual place before and after the Christian followers visit.

paganism vs christianity in Russia 2

paganism vs christianity in Russia 3

paganism vs christianity in Russia 4

This is the “after” picture below. All the idols are cut with a saw and Christian icons are brought to “consecrate” the “unholy” place.

paganism vs christianity in Russia 5

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  1. 🙁

    that is so sad. being pagan myself this kind of thing tends to bother me.

    when you stop to realize that all violent acts are born of fear (fear the “other” people might be right, or might “win) then you realize that committing such intolerant acts signifies a lack of faith in your OWN religion. In doing so you also make your faith look bad.

    human nature i suppose. the irony is that as long as any god exists, there will be warfare, hatred, prejudice and killing. Good Game.

      • I’n from Russia, i know about i say – it’s just sculpture out of wood – in Russia pagans almost no remain…

        • It is silly to think that this is a real slave idols.
          It is a decoration. No more.
          * * *
          And christians were right when they do that 😀

        • i am pagan -__-

          i posted such in my earlier response. yes, there is a good sized gathering in my area, but compared to christians and athiests in this country, pagans are still a small minority.

        • You are an idiot. Pure denial, just like the issue with gays. If it is just a sculpture, then why do you cowardly christians feel the need to cut it down!?

  2. i thought only the innuit tribes of siberia had the old pagan beliefs. I guess there were also the horse tribes of the steppes as well, they had some killer beliefs… that usually involved killing. It’s sad really they give all the same answers as the christian religion when you pray to them.

  3. Well then, I think that the pagans should burn a church or two in return, for a good measure.

    Damned christian fundamentalists.

    • I agree:) Better yet how about we just burn every filthy, degenerate church to the ground. Not for pay backs but just because it’s the right thing to do.

  4. Paganizm is bad, they didnt invent anything good, cursing, killing, destroying peoples lives, that`s all they do! When christians(if they were christians) destroyed those idols, they didnt destroy people! They destroyed the idols!

    • oh really? what about Holy inquisiton and crusades in the name of Christ?
      Have you ever read Bible? what about cursing, killing, sexual perversion in there?

    • You realy need to look up history, the Christians killed more people in the name of there “God” than anyone in history, they had some of the most hanis torcher in history. they made people convert or die, killed burned and mutilated those that would not. tha only thing “Christians” invented was fear, and propaganda. So as I see it, its the Christians that are the bad guys. “Live my way or die”, that seems way more evil too me!!!

      • You are talking about religious people so called christians. Real christianity based on loving people not killing. I guess you never met real christians in your life. 🙁

        • Charlemagne,Olav Tryggvason,Tocamada? whose Christains? the greatest mass murderers of history, in the name of your god? are those the “real christains your talking about?

            • mother Teresa was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction. And she was a friend to the worst of the rich, taking misappropriated money from the atrocious Duvalier family in Haiti (whose rule she praised in return) and from Charles Keating of the Lincoln Savings and Loan. Where did that money, and all the other donations, go? The primitive hospice in Calcutta was as run down when she died as it always had been.
              As for “jesus”. Well theres no proof of him out side of the bible, and if you ask me, he does not exist, so you argument does not hold water to be turned into “whine”!!!

              • you dont get the point, when I mentioned about mother Teresa I meant the good things she did and her motives, I dont know what and who’s money she used, she was motivated by God`s love. I would be happy to see you doing the same thing, but you dont know what it is

                • her motivation was the great God of money, as for his love, hes just as corrupt as her.
                  ordering the deaths of hundreds of people, turning people to slaves, “Follow me or die”. demanding money as tribute, A god of love would not be so conceited.

                • forget about mother Teresa, there are plenty of true christians around that looks like you never met in your life, besides, nobody is perfect….

                  • I did spend about 5ish or so years as a Chistian, had been to lots of churches all over, so its not like I dont know what I am talking about

                    • Some people spend entire life in church and never meat God.
                      One church didnt let a homeless guy in, he turned around and God talked to him: Dont worry, they wouldn’t let me in for last 15 years 🙂

    • What Pagans do you know that specifically did ANYTHING bad? Most of the wars in ancient times that involved the Pagans were because the Christians were trying to force their beliefs on them and basically forcing them into war. I am a very proud Pagan woman and I don’t curse, kill, or destroy anyone’s life. I think you may need to get your facts even remotely straight before bashing Paganism. Looking at your past comments, I think you are a very confused individual. For one, Christianity is “professing Christianity and it’s teachings”, that is all. That is what these violent individuals were doing, trying to spread their religion to the Pagans, and also to ANY other religion that doesn’t see things exactly how they do. Maybe one day you won’t be completely closed minded to the truth.

    • Ok, let’s see: A Judaistic death-worshiping sect comes to a multi-religious Rome and destroys every other religion, then continues to spread and kill through the whole world. And, as for your “argument” for destroying idols, I guess you wouldn’t mind if I blew up a cathedral?

    • “Paganizm is bad, they didnt invent anything good, ”

      Pagans invented democracy and philosophy! That speaks for itself. What did Christianity ever invent that was so great???

      • Democracy is such a failed system that even Socrates abandoned it. He was against democracy for it allows idiots and the unworthy to vote.

        As for your argument sake, Christianity brought great literature to Europe and advanced the literature we already had from pagan times. Both eastern and western Rome did better and was stronger under Christianity.

  5. That looked like a nice place to sit and think about Russian history. Very sad to see it cut down, if so called radical christians were involved….shame on them.
    I’t should be called a hate crime and russian people should be very upset that is was distroyed by outside christian influences.

  6. Well, this “pagan” thigs shown on photos are in the park near my house. By the way, this park is in Moscow. Well, on the photo 2 the house behind the statue actually obscuring my house.
    This things were made by some fantasy-RPG-sort of loving people, I think. Well, not the worst things to spend your time, IMHO. I have never seen any of paganists there, but some young people with wooden swords are often seen.

  7. I can sense most of the religious consent for the destruction of this vile thing are people being facetious and childish. Paganism along with it’s cohort Atheism breathed it’s last breath in Russia long ago — with good reason. I am for one glad such things are removed from where children play and pray.

    • “Atheism breathed it’s last breath in Russia long ago”.
      Sorry , I have to laugh here. In Russia most of those who present themselves as Chrisitans go to Church couple of times a year at best. I’ve never met a person who visits Church every week in my life (I’m not talking about crazy sectarians, like Jehovah’s Witnesses). Though old people are more religious.
      I’d say typical Russian is 50% atheist, 30% christian and 20% Pagan. I like it that way. I hope my children won’t be religious too.

  8. The orginal Christians taught by Jesus said you had to be born Jewish before you could become a Christian.

    It wasn’t until years after he was dead that Paul started signing up other people so they could take their money!

    That just one of the reasons Jewish people laugh at Christians behind their back.

    The same goes for Muslims (must be born Arab) and Hindus (must be born Hindu). By their own holy books you must be born to it. Everyone else is just being scammed.

      • we Pagans (Rodnoveri) are not afraid of your God or his “punishments”. Veles will take care of our souls after death. We don’t need your God or his “salvation”, and we don’t ask you to convert us. Please stop.

  9. There is one God and only one God. He is personal and knowable. He manifests Himself in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    John 3:16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    • The Christian trinity is too male dominated….the real trinity is
      Mother, Father, Child….that is much more balanced and reflects the image we are created in. (Ancient Egyptians believed this)
      By the way, the image of the Madonna & baby Jesus, are a re-styled version of the Goddess Isis & her son, Horus.

      If God really loved his only “begotten Son”, he would not want a human sacrifice to take place! What kind of sadistic parent would? Besides, we are all responsible for our own karma. No one can do it for us! It’s simple, really. As long as you harm none, do what you will!!! That’s true free will…with no dire consequences from a jealous ego-maniac who punishes you for making the wrong decisions.

      Here’s a theory I read: Jesus was the biological son of Gabriel (a high priest at the Temple) & Mary. Mary was a Virgo, not a virgin. When her pregnancy was confirmed, a marriage was arranged…she rejected the first selection…and then agreed to marry Joseph. Jesus was born & when he was 7, he went to the Temple mystery school. He later married Mary Magdalene. By the way, the bible says that Jesus had brothers & sisters, so there’s no way Mary was a virgin her whole life. Plus, I’m sure Joseph had sex with his wife!

      It’s a shame that the bible has been edited and mistranslated so much. All “heretical” gospels were banned. The Christians also burned down the library in Alexandria.

      Knowledge is power & knowledge can be empowering!

    • And “God” also said “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness” Genesis 1:26. But there is only one god, so I guess you base your life on a complete contradiction. And if according to what you believe if “God” had given his only begotten Son, that how come it states that you are all your “God’s” children?? I am Celtic Pagan and damn proud of it.

      Your faith has thrown off the balance, and stolen most of your holidays and practices straight from the Pagan followings. Pretty ironic that you have a holiday called “Easter” or Ēostre, and you just happen to always practice it when the Spring Equinox.

      Or how you practice such holidays as Christmas, another ironic thing being that Yule was practiced long before that, from Dec. 21-Jan1st hum reminds me of a song the 12 days of Christmas.

      Or the fact that in the name of your oh so “loving god” people like the Romans killed every Pagan man, woman, and child that they came across in the name of this loving god.

      And just to add was it not your messiah that said he is without sin may throw the first stone?? I find it hard to believe with all the commandments of your faith that you have not once sinned.

      I do not walk around trying to convert people, I do not destroy your “Holy” idols, I do not try to brainwash you, or come to your door and invade your home trying to sell what I believe in. So what right do you have to do so to others, what right do you feel you have to destroy another’s belief, heritage or culture??

  10. I would say that atheism is nothing else than a natural consequence of monotheism.

    Paganism should have a right to exist, and than God it does so, even within the confines of Christianity.

    Christ Himself would have loved the Pagans, that’s why He opened up His teachings for ancient Greeks and Persians.

  11. Poslcy rodzimowiercy przesylaja szczere wyrazy wspolczucia… Niech wam Bogowie sprzyjaja i pozwola postawic jeszcze okazalsze posagi na chwale rodzimej wiary…

  12. Poslcy rodzimowiercy przesylaja szczere wyrazy wspolczucia Niech wam Bogowie sprzyjaja i pozwola postawic jeszcze okazalsze posagi na chwale rodzimej wiary

  13. Poslcy rodzimowiercy przesylaja szczere wyrazy wspolczucia Niech wam Bogowie sprzyjaja i pozwola postawic jeszcze okazalsze posagi na chwale rodzimej wiary…

  14. …Poslcy rodzimowiercy przesylaja szczere wyrazy wspolczucia… Niech wam Bogowie sprzyjaja i pozwola postawic jeszcze okazalsze posagi, na chwale rodzimej wiary…

    • i have lived in South Africa for most of my life now but i am a open pagan to any one that asked me . my family does hail from Poland and my grandmother was the one that gave me all the knowledge of paganism that i have to this day .
      i know that we as pagans are more peaceful to nature and other people because we do not wish to destroy another but to let us be brothers and sisters with any one no matter what their faith is … i have been called a devil worshiper by many because i am pagan but i always just shrugged it off and asked them why do you call me that and many people would reply because we were told any other religion is evil or they did not understand what it is … then after that i would explain to them a bit about what my belief really were and they excepted it some of them even explained to others what i explained to them …

      please feel free to email me at if fellow pagans around the world would like to keep in contact

  15. I don’t understand this fanatism; Paganism isn’t even big enough to be called a religeon…
    We must also learn to accept our pasts, look at the Greeks for instance, they are christians but still celebrate some pagan festivals such as lighting the olympic torch.
    We should let the world know that our culture wasnt a result of christianization, we had an amazing culture even before christ was born according to some historians and its about time we show it.

  16. As it is, both estimates I have read say that there are about a million, about a fourth of what would be required to catch up with Zoroastrianism.

    Still, the fact that almost all of our ancestors were polytheists means that we are inheritors to genuine ancient belief system, and if you know of old gods, the new trinity seems like a recent rip-off of many older ones. If you judge a religion by age and originality, fanaticism about Christianity seems pretty puzzling as well.

  17. Not big enough? If Zoroastrian numbers drop to the current numbers of pagans, will we demote Zoroastrianism to cult? Even though they can see haloes on angels and read about the Christian trinity, and know that their old ideas inspired the new ones?

    You should not be proud of your religion for its numbers. If you judge by originality and age, fanaticism about Christianity seems pretty puzzling as well. Besides, there’s a difference between being very vocal about a belief and being a fanatic about a belief.

  18. This is a little off topic, but I recently had a soul retrieval done, and in this persons “vision” he saw me being cared for and healed by a group of men, below ground, who were also burning Orthodox Icons. It was a snake that guided me into the waters of a river and I emerged a young man.

    Is there any tradition in Early Ukrainian history of an underground pagan movement that followed Veles and burned icons?

    I’m just trying to figure out what this all means. Genetically my ancestors came from the Ukraine region, although I’m an american.

    I apologize for interrupting, but I know little of Ukrainian pagan history and just have a feeling in my gut that this vision wasn’t just allegorical.

    Slava Bogom

  19. It is located somewhere here:,+Russia+(moscow)&sll=36.038598,-115.095696&sspn=0.010098,0.017273&ie=UTF8&ll=55.633308,37.559617&spn=0.003525,0.008637&t=h&z=17&iwloc=addr

    I live nearby – on the Ostrovityanova st. 🙂

  20. There is only one reason the masses followed the teachings of Christ. Christ was teaching something completely and radically different than the Hebrew synagogues (churches) of his day. That is why now, 2000 years later, teachings of the old ways are having such a revival.

    These ancient teachings are radically and completely different from those that have been stuffed down our throats since the advent of proselytizing, or witnessing and sharing, the path of Christ.

    People are sick of being told this ‘one way’ is the only way to paradise, and they are looking to the old ways to get their souls where they should be.

  21. Here’s something for Russian pagans to do when they replace their monuments

    Drill 25mm holes in them lengthwise and place pieces of concrete reinforcing bars in them before placing them in the ground.

    Здесь что-то для русских pagans сделать когда они заменяют их памятники Просверлите отверстия 25mm в их в доль и установьте части конкретных усиливая адвокатских сословий в их перед устанавливать их в земле. I’ m используя переводчика для того чтобы преобразовать это к русскому, поэтому прощает мне если звучает смешно.

  22. I think burning down an idol of the so-called “Saints” Augustine or Chrysostom or beheading one of his statues would be in place. You know a religions false if:

    1. They kill people for knowing the world is round (wonder what other victims of the inquisitions were right about, hmmm… makes you think…)

    2. Endorse slavery (Christianity and Islam have a long history of slavery)

    3. Practice Human sacrifice (yes witch burnings count as Human sacrifice, get over it)

    4. Give yourself a false sense of entitlement to steal other peoples resources as with the Bull of Borgia stealing Native American gold.

    5. Create artificial man made divisions like Royalty and Commoner ( getting away from these fake divisions are a huge reason why people immigrate here to the US).

  23. this place is Bitsevsky park in southwestern part of Moscow. i grew up there. didn’t knew the sculptures were chop down. 🙁

    i believe that the future always belong to those who create, and the destroyers will vanish. either they are christian or pagan.

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  25. The Christians were only persecuted for 12 years, that is not much compared to the hundreds upon hundreds of years that they persecuted and murdered non-Christians. You guys think it is because of Jesus some of us do not like you, no it’s because you’re dishonest.

    To me martyrdom is akin to the idea of munchausen’s by proxy, it’s really milking a condition on yourself for attention or to feel weak… I just don’t why anybody would produce this behavior toward others. It’s like you ask for it and set up your children, countries, and people to get murdered, and not because we see you as from any God, but because you do things to bring it on yourself… It’s silly because Christian sects have killed millions more people throughout history than any other religion on earth, including groups that are against religion.

    It’s your own fault if it happens. Nobody really wants to persecute you, it’s a waste of time.

  26. The Christians were only persecuted for 12 years, that is not much compared to the hundreds upon hundreds of years that they persecuted and murdered non-Christians. You guys think it is because of Jesus some of us do not like you, no it’s because you’re dishonest.

    To me martyrdom is akin to the idea of munchausen’s by proxy, it’s really milking a condition on yourself for attention or to feel weak… I just don’t why anybody would preach that other’s should model themselves after this attitude . It’s like you ask for it and set up your children, countries, and people to get murdered… and not because we see you as chosen any God when it happens, but because you do things to bring it on yourself… It’s silly because Christian sects have killed millions more people throughout history than any other religion on earth, including groups that were irreligious and militantly against religion.

    It’s your own fault if it happens. Nobody really wants to persecute you, it’s a waste of time. GROW UP!

    I almost got arrested hundreds of times for looking dark to Christians at my school, I couldn’t even think that I was being persecuted for this… I just don’t understand this drama you guys bring on.

    • You are obviously lying, Christians were persecuted from the moment it started to spread in Rome, later in the Soviet Union, now in Israel and many other Atheist and Pagan (no difference between the two) western societies.

  27. This is so painful to see. Here, these Pagans were simply doing what felt right to them, building structures for their worship, and someone had to go and say, “Nope. They’re wrong. I’m right. I’m going to go destroy things to assert my point.”

    The most negativity I’ve seen from Pagan to Christian is some bashing, some ranting. I can’t think of a time when I’ve heard of a Pagan destroying something that belonged to a Christian on purpose, just to assert their point. I could very well have just missed it, but to me it always seems that it’s the Christians bullying the Pagans.

  28. great post thanks!, love to see more posts from you. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

  29. Soul Retrieval is very easy for the client. They lie relaxed and comfortable and I journey to the Lower World, using the sound of my rattle to help change my level of consciousness so I can journey and search for the missing soul part. Very often I am given a gift to bring back to the client along with a power animal, an ally, which assists and supports the client on their own journey through life.

  30. Religiøs intoleranse har vært starten på krigene over hele verden. Jeg sier en voldelig handling fortjener en voldelig handling. Brenn en kirke ned for hva som er gjort. Til Hel med dem hun vil gi dem av henne plate av sult. Vi alle vet at de ikke har styrke til å gjøre det til Vallhalla. Det er innlysende ved sine handlinger, mens ingen var rundt vanhelliget en hedensk nettsted

  31. More info on Slav paganism, is growing big, fast:

  32. Such intolerance against others! Christians… Long live pagan beliefs cause we will be here when monotheism is gone:)

  33. If you leave a copy of the bible out in the wind, and snow and rain it will soon decay and fade. As a Heathen my Gods ARE the wind and the snow and the rain and the Unconquerable Sun that shines on them all. I love Russian Rodnovery, myself I am a Germanic Heathen. Paganism will long outlast Christianity and other monotheistic book religions simply because the Gods of Nature are always there, and sooner or later the books will fade. And people will forget them.This incident is sad and ignorant. I hope Russia wakes up and abandons the folly of their foreign faith just as they abandoned the folly of Marx,and follow the faith that is in their blood.

  34. How can a monotheistic religion have a devil?????That’s another God!!!That’s not mono- theism!!!!
    Do gods need to be good???Or do gods just need to be powerful??? Vis -a – Vis The Jewish-Christian God IS the Devil!!! That is Inescapable,,,


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