White Wall of Moscow

white walls of Moscow 1

Centuries ago Moscow was white. There were magnificent white walls around the city with white towers in the corners. Nowadays the Moscow Kremlin is Red and the remains of the white city is buried under the ground. Sometimes during the excavations or construction works in Moscow downtown the remains of these white walls can be found. Like this time, while building a multi-stored underground parking in Moscow downtime they use the old remains of something that could be of great interest for archeology as a good basis for the modern steel structures.

white walls of Moscow 2

white walls of Moscow 3

white walls of Moscow 4

white walls of Moscow 5

7 thoughts on “White Wall of Moscow”

  1. Нда, жалко конечно… но, сдается мне, это только остатки той стены – фундамент… Что же? Раскопать его, и сделать музей из груды камня? пусть уж Москва растети и развивается…

  2. Too bad there is not at least a portion of it still standing. Perhaps a portion of it could be recreated some day.

  3. It is a testament to the stability of the old wall, that it is being used in the foundation for a new building. When the new building falls down years and years from now, the old wall will still be there.

  4. It is really a shame that they don’t preserve this remains of the ancient walls. Is there no monuments conservation is Russia?


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