25 thoughts on “Belarus Police Rides Tractors”

      • wtf??….Russia is true Russia….Ukraine is true Ukraine….and Belarus is (just geuss:P)..true Belarus..

        what you talking about????

      • No, Belarus is the true Russia.

        Bela (White, Pure, Clear)
        Rus (Russia)

        Saved from the mongol invasions of Russia, the land of Belarus mantained the true Russian people and culture. Then the jews came and settled until the Nazi invasion, where 1 out of every 4 people were exterminated (men, women, children, entire families). After WWII, it is now mostly ethnic belarussians that live there.

        How can any land be called the land of Rus without the pure ethnic Ruski’s? Just unite as one already….and throw in ukraine just for good measure.


        Ukranians are dark haired… slightly different than the orignal Rus.

  1. In some kind of weird, Andy Griffith with no bullets in his gun kind of way,
    police riding tractors makes there perfect sense.


  2. What’s funny?! Co w tym dziwnego? Traktor sluzy do wywozenia na parking zle zaparkowanych samochodow. Przydalby sie w zatloczonych centrach innych miast. Jest na Bialorusi tyle innych dziwnych rzeczy, nie trzeba szukac “smiesznosci” na sile.

  3. okay, compared to MOST Lithuanian roads perhaps. But I bet you can find a good patch of grass and a few hundred meters of new asphalt in almost any county in the world – save Zimbabwe, perhaps.

  4. Landscaping is very nice. Well maintained, no weeds, no worn out paths. Much cleaner that the cities I have seen Moscow and Cheboksary. Maybe I am wrong. I haven’t visited St. Petersburg or Sochi yet…

  5. Well, it looks better maintained than most public roads in Sweden. Or in most other western countries, actually. Even the tractor looks fine and well maintained, although not very modern.

    And Lyapis Trubetskoy rock, by the way.


  6. I travel regulary to Belarus and find it one of the nicest places over there. It’s trains are clean and comfortable streets well maintained and the parks are nice and well groomed. It makes for a very pleasant atmoshphere as opposed to Moscow and Kiev.

  7. Of course it is nice. The “last dictator” in europe makes sure no dirty immigrants come in. And jews stay out. That’s how it remained so nice. Sadly after him the country will have an influx of non europeans coming in looking for work. then it will all fall.

  8. Overall Belarus is very clean and all the major roads are very well maintained i was surprised when i went there. Roads better then the ones we have in Nor Cal 🙁

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