Strange Soviet Poster, 1933

Red Mosocw 1

During USSR times there were a lot of propagandistic posters. But some of them were quite strange and even mysterious. For example this one is about the development of Moscow city. It says: “Such appearance doesn’t fit for Red (communistic) Moscow!”

And Red Moscow should look like this…

Red Moscow 2

And what we see on the next picture is exactly the left-side road traffic.

16 thoughts on “Strange Soviet Poster, 1933”

  1. Well… I guess it would have made more sense in the day, considering that the “before” pic is what the people were used to, and the “after” pic represented a real change…

  2. I suppose being a historical preservationist loses it’s appeal when doing so can land you in a political prisoner gulag.

  3. Am I the only one to notice that the cars are driving on the opposite* side of the street?

    *unless you’re from the UK, NZ, Japan, Australia, etc.

  4. Notice how the bus (to the right) in the first picture runs over a worker, without even caring.

    Capitalism is evil.

  5. the matter is not in the way the cars driving. You’re an uneducated in history people if it’s strange for you. At the time theese posters were drawn the whole country (Soviet Union) tried to solve wide variaty of problems. The translation into english is NOT correct.

    1rst poster says: “the red Moscow mustn’t have this worthless appearence any longer”

    2nd poster says: “Let’s realize the decision of ЦК ВКП(б) (main governtmental unit) and reconstruct the red Moscow! Let’s equip it with modern services and utilities! Let’s give it an apearence worthy of socialistic city”

    I would like to give a piece of advice to the author of the post to study russian better and… author please just for one time in your life open “history” book please.

    Russkie ludi, ne pozvoliaite glumitsa nad svoim narodom, nad svoim proshlym i nad svoej kulturoj!

  6. From what I have seen in Moscow, the reality is somewhere in between. I.e. take pic 1 and place 1/3 of buildings from pic 2 into pic 1, leaving all the dirt etc intact.


  7. thnx got they didn’t do the same to Saint-Petersburg.. Moscow used to be a large village and now it’s a large industrial freak-village =)

  8. i suppose “Red Moscow” here means “beautifull Moscow”. not “communistic” as author said. (at least i hope so)
    though it’s not the thing for every foreigner to know >.>

  9. the buildings are better in another portion of moscow rather than destroying the old. i like the setting anyway, it needs a church.

    remember nowa huta in poland? that example is mostly modern architecture-they even add with a modern church in it. an alternate moscow would end up like that, anything new minus the traditional ones. even the churches would look like stalin’s towers hehehehe…….


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