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  1. Who submitted the third picture? It looks more British (well, English) than Russian to me.

    As for the Policemen, ah, Russia’s finest.

    • The 3rd photo is English, it’s from the Pig and whistle in Newcastle: it’s taken from this presentation-
      http://homepages.nildram.co.uk/~baronuk/Sweden_vs_GB.pps#263,1,Swedish versus British Nightclubs

      • Interesting, you wrote that and an e-mail was sent to my account.

        Anyway, I’ll go through them one at a time.

        1. For a start none of these people seem to look particularly Slavic/Russian.

        2. Examples of this are the dark skinned guy in the ‘Nike 90’ shirt and the woman on the right who has bleached hair and orange skin (although I don’t know how many Russian women use fake-tan I do know the number is dangerously high here in the UK). Also, the woman in pink at the back of the photograph; sure, I’ve seen quite a few unnatractive Russian women, but that just goes beyond Russian standards, let’s face it.

        3. Take the Nike, Adidas and Umbro England Football Team shirts. From the photos I’ve seen so far of Russia these don’t exactly seem to be Russian clothing.

        4. The tall lady in orange in the left of the picture with the large hooped earring. Something seen quite a lot here, but not from what I’ve seen of photos of Russia.

        5. I’m not going to list every point, but there’s a few more.

        Please bear in mind that I’ve only seen Eastern European migrant workers and photos of Russia and so my knowledge of what looks Russian is very narrow and probably quite biased towards a certain image.
        Though note also that what I was saying is that the scene looks more like a photograph of England than a photograph of Russia, based on clothing [mainly], etc. Not that it is definitely England; it could easily be Russia.

  2. Ahhh… what a country…. pot leafs for traffic lights, schoolgirls with alcohol…. old people at raves…. and good ol russian ingenuity… I love it.


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