42 Russian Kids Book: Tank Structure

Russian Kids Book: Tank Structure

Posted on July 16, 2007 by

Russian Tank Book 1

Someone has submitted us a scan of one page from Russian book for children about the structure of the tanks. This actual page shows the tank in “cut”, and if to look closer they show the tank driver in cut too for some weird reason…

Russian Tank Book 2

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42 responses to “Russian Kids Book: Tank Structure”

  1. berkut says:

    These books were originaly by Dorling Kindersley and the drawing was by British artist Stephen Bestley ( around 1992).

  2. Realni Chuvak Belgiiski says:

    If you cut the tank, you cut the soldiers driving it too! It seems pretty logical to me…

  3. one says:

    I had this book 10 years ago (Poland).
    It is a translation from the English version, so it’s not designed by russians.

    • Heyde says:

      I have got this book in Czech version… Very nice!
      I love german submarine, Empire state building and Queen Elisabeth as well :o)

  4. zenmetsu says:

    the soldier is seated…

    the cut region is below where his leg would be. i suspect that this is actually the seat that is cut… but those things inside do not resemble normal springs inside of seat.

    • Salocin.TEN says:

      Well, if you look carefully, the cut is actually made right through the driver’s waist, just above the belt.
      Why they would show such a picture of human cut away with intestines in a children’s book. Not sure too.

  5. Alexi says:

    you can see the soldiers spine and vertebrae too… I still think its strange to have that in a technical drawing of a tank

  6. Bob Crumb Bum says:

    I have two thoughts.
    1) Subtle anti-war statement.
    2) Sick little mind f7ck by the illustrator.
    3) George Bush has made all your cowboys gay.


  7. gorby says:

    yeaaah, I used to rent these books (there was a series by the same auther/illustrator) from the library because of these creepy pictures. This is, of course, comming from canada.

  8. humanoid says:

    Kids love highly detailed illustrations. This sort of book did not last long in my library because every kid in school would thumb through it over and over. Soon it was a dirty mess.

  9. Whatever says:

    This is in the US version of the book as well.

  10. Gully says:

    So? is that bad or something? whoever is interested in technology would be happy to get this book. i myself remember looking at any technical oriented books with any detailed pictures.

  11. sam says:

    I own this book in English, and it was definitely published in England first. Poor work, ER. :

  12. Bean-O says:

    Well I figure it does make sense.

  13. Taylor says:

    I had the English version of this book as a kid, I loved that some much.

  14. Nav says:

    Cutted driver? No way, this has to be the gunner or the tank commander. The driver is located in front below the cutted person.

  15. bennedose says:

    someone with a great sense of humour!

  16. Nico says:

    I agree with Nav, that it is not the driver but the commander / gunner who is cutted.

    But thats not the case. It is clearly meant to show as well the place where that commander / gunner uses to sit and also his position in the hull in one painting.
    So how else could he put that situation on paper?

  17. JouHou says:

    Hey, I’ve had (and may still have) this book, or in fact the Finnish-language version of it. Funny to notice things like this on the biig internet. 😀

  18. LeoXiao says:

    I used to read this book at the library whenever it was there. I found it quite interesting that they showed the guy’s intestines as well.

    This isn’t wrong for kids to see, it makes pictures in books more interesting. If I were drawing the picture I’d show the guys too.

    Oh, I just realized after like 10 years that this is a T-34. Cool.

  19. Oscar says:

    I had thos book, in portuguese. They had people on the toilet too… the pictures are VERY nice.

  20. brbrbr says:

    i read those books in about 1981, so its not british and definitely – earlier than 1992.

  21. zJoriz says:

    I have that book! Well, a dutch translation of it, that is.
    Cutouts can be very humorous: another page shows a steam tractor in detail… including details such as what kind of lunch the driver is carrying under his cap ^_^

  22. pvl says:

    i had this book too.
    the german version contained: the tank, the ship green mary, the empire state building and several more pictures.
    i loved them as children.
    the submarine was in there too.
    what else? do you remember?
    maybe this book is the reason why i’am so technicially interested at all, wow. *dream*

  23. Purba Negoro says:

    How silly and odd

  24. Zarce says:

    I own this book in Spanish

  25. Nuker says:

    I’ve got that book in swedish, there are many other interesting structures “cut”.

  26. chaos says:

    we had these books in school here in belgium too

  27. TK says:

    The whole book is like that. It’s kind of a joke, they also have people walking in on people in the bathroom in different drawings, or people in a shower, it’s just for fun.

  28. Anon says:

    I doubt the kids would even notice it since i dont remeber it when i had the book

  29. Bota says:

    In fact it is not cut but ‘exploded’ so the waist remains lower than the upper part of the body. No other way to represent this situation.

  30. Charon says:

    This book is Incredible Cross-Sections, illustrated by Stephen Biesty. It was published in 1992, and I had a copy (English) . I loved it as a kid.


  31. Rob says:

    In the US (and most likely other English speaking countries) that book is called “Incredible Cross-sections”. The whole book is illustrated images of various objects sliced apart to show their inner workings.

  32. Byron76 says:

    Strange cut, but logic!
    Greetings from Argentina

  33. Andreas says:

    I’VE READ THIS BOOK!! when i was a kid, i found this book (Swedish version) in the local library. It was one of my favorite books, because it showed how big machines like tanks, airplanes and ship worked! other then this little oddity, the book was good.

  34. petrohof says:

    that is not the driver, he is in the front lower section. probably the tank commander.

  35. Stigi says:

    I got this book too! Finnish edition, same pictures…I really enjoyed this book when I was a kid.

  36. jager says:

    i loved this book as a kid…
    every page had something fun to look for, such as someone on the bog, or in this case, someone cut in half.
    had a castle with long drops, a sub, a car factory, this tank, the mary rose, qe2, jumbo jet…and more…was awesome! now i am an engineer, with a weird interest in gore…wonder if this book had anything to do with it 😛

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