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  1. That’s not entirely true.

    Judaism started out as the identification of a tribe, if you will. Abraham’s nomadic tribe is where it’s traced back to, basically.

    Since then Judaism evolved a lot over time, and ‘Judaism’ as the term means now is actually fairly recent (long after Exodus in the Bible)

    Jews from Europe to Africa to Arabia to India and to China are still Jews; it’s a nation which it is possible to convert to (though Judaism has never [on a large scale] sought to convert others).
    The combining culture is in the religion, and there were Arabic Jews (Mizrahi) who, in the 20s were called ‘Palestinian Jews’ in Palestine [at this time there were Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews]. What I’m trying to say is that Judaism is being increasingly seen as it once was, a nation regardless of ethnicity (there are conversion rules in the Old Testament, so people can convert to it).

    Also, “Palestine” means Philistine, a Greek people. Even though now both Palestine and Israel are Semitic lands, not Greek (the name stuck after the Romans left).

    However, one main point where you’re wrong is the ‘few real Jewish genes’. 1. there are no ‘real’ Jewish genes, 2. there’s more of these ancient genes than you may realise, why the (Arabic) ‘hooked’ noses and dark hair on European Jews if they’re entirely European?

  2. >>Real genetical Jews are Palestinians, even thought they are converted top islam.

    so this top islam stuff?

    Is it pretty cool?

    Never heard of top islams.

  3. There is a right-hand-drive Subaru Forester on one of the pictures. I have recognized that there’s quite a lot rhd cars in the country. What’s the reason of it?

  4. The picture with female cops is from St.Petersburg, not from Moscow – arka glavnogo shtaba pered dvorzovoj plozchadju.

  5. Whats going on in Moscow? I don’t understand why people would be standing by a statue of a creature that looks like them. Not only one person but several. I don’t understand!

  6. Second photo is from Kiev. Eight photo is Saint-Petersburg.

    The name of photographer is “Rulon Oboev”. It sounds like a real russian name but means “roll of wallpapers”.

    • “Rulon Oboev” does NOT sound like a real Russian name – it actually comes back to a a joke about a series of fake “Chechenian” names invented in the late 90s when with the Chechnia wars and terrorist attacks a lot of Chechenian names were mentioned in the mass media. The other names from this series include “Ushat Pomoev” and “Buket Levkoev”.

  7. the comments are good too – I’m learning stuff about russia I would never know otherwise outside of knowing someome personally or going there


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