17 thoughts on “Russian Car Exhibition with HDR”

  1. Nice photos! Nice cars too.
    May mother Russia recover and be an empire again! Withot those silly juden ruining things like they did during Boris’ reign.
    Sieg Heil, Heil Russland!

    • Petem,

      Some HDR photographs, when done with restraint, can improve a photo. Sadly most of the photos in this example do not šŸ™

      • I think this HDR photograph is very tastefully well done.


        • Another example of how it can aide a photograph


  2. All these years, people tried to get 3D rendered images as close to reality as possible. Now they try to get photos of real things looking as digital as possible. The first image is a beautiful example of this. All I can say is lol.

  3. I see some UAZ-469 and GAZ-69 in there. I want to know where I can find a BA-64 or GAZ-64 chassis. Anyone have any ideas?

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