Artificial Skiing in Moscow

artificial skiing resort in Moscow 1

No, they don’t have enough snow in Russia, they now make an artificial skiing resorts like this one in Moscow. This is gonna be the largest in Europe artificial skiing resort with a dome and artificial ice and snow. The length of the domed route is more than 400 meters (1200 ft) and is 60 m (180 ft) wide. More than 800 people can ski or snowboard at the same time. OK, this has a sense somewhere in Saudi Arabia, where there is no snow at all and they are dreaming of a bit of freezing wind even at winter and there is a plain desert with no hills, but what the reason for it in Moscow, where there is a snow during 7 month a year, where there is a lot of natural hills around? Who can tell the reason for this?

artificial skiing resort in Moscow 2

Snow inside and snow outside?

artificial skiing resort in Moscow 3

artificial skiing resort in Moscow 4

artificial skiing resort in Moscow 5

artificial skiing resort in Moscow 6

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  1. Is this also going to be built in Sochi for the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. BTW congratulations to Sochi for winning the bid for 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

  2. Very nice construction. I don’t understand why the admin wrote such a cynical post. Does he even know anything about Moscow? Maybe that being one of the world’s richest cities it can afford it. I will visit when this is built for sure.

  3. Somewhere in Dubai’s 130°F heat, they have a snow ski ramp like the one being built in Moscow, Russia.

  4. Somewhere in the +130°F Dubai Desert, they have snow ski ramps just like the one being built in Moscow, Russia.

  5. Largest in Europe? In Bottrop Germany there’s a indoor slope which is over 650 meters long. If they really want it to be the largest, double its size!

  6. Like always Russians want only to show themselves. It`s sad but true that most of the people will never visit this place cuz they want be able to afford it.
    PS: The building in Dubai is very similar. Russians always like to copy something from others and tell all around that was their idea. 😉

  7. construction can be found here…

  8. and on yahoo maps..

    amazing at speed moscow grows

  9. same site previously seen on

    amazing at speed of construction o_O

  10. i just dont understand who owns this site. are you russian? have you ever lived in moscow?

    maxD – if you so smart why dont you go to Iraq and get yourself killed there ?

      • 🙂 he can be jewish Boris can’t he? he also can be jewish boris living in england right? 🙂 i mean all those assumptions aren’t contradictory.

      • Yep. I was exaggerating a bit, but the way the new russians act/behave and the reactions on it from the ‘established societies’ [Europe i.e.] is very similar to how the response was towards pre-WWII americans in Europe – uncivilized, money-driven peasants with no civilization in their system. Money buys everything and money makes the world go round. That was and is the basic motivation.

  11. with all due respect (none due of course given that attitude)i happen do to lots of things in my spare time. i am american and i go out and enjoy the outdoors, engage in sports, and occasionally go out to see a movie. how does being “greedy” limit imagination, perhaps i fail to understand your logic. i understand that maybe people would like to spend more time skiing and less time traveling to resort… so makes sense to put resort in city.

    as for seeing movies from blockbuster (which i do not do) it is probably because american films are pretty lame and not worth spending $8.00 to see in theatre.

  12. It’s probably built by private investors to get profit, that’s it! You want to explain to americans what the capitalism is? 🙂 No private investor would put any kopeck in infrastructure unless it pays back, but how? Only if government pays.

  13. Hey, where is the airport runway to land my jet at? What kind of cheap recreational facility is this? You don’t expect me to drive there, do you?

  14. Really is a shame the world just doesn’t get America. Don’t you know that you are just all Americans and just dont know it yet?

  15. i can try to make a guess, there is a number of bureaucrats in russian/moscow government who whant to warm up their hands on that kinda silly big constructions. the questions why and when are kinda irrelevant to those people, they do it for their own good and as the rest of the people just look at it philosophically. people in russia can’t do much about goverment spendings and they don’t care in many cases.
    it’s always been like that in russia it’ll always be like it

  16. Showing off is a Russian genetic disorder. They always try to prove that they’re bigger, better, richer, smarter, more educated than others.

    Luck of self esteem or result of getting deluted by Mongols, Tatars, Turks?

    • forum ate rest of my post…

      i was saying, russia beat the US in space race, all except for putting man on moon.. and now all of the russian achievements (first satellite, first man in space, in orbit… first space station… etc) are quickly overlooked and forgotten.. because americans have same “disorder”.. the same intrinsic tendancy to brag and boast of their achievements..

      i respect both sides, and always have. in the end it is not about the governments.. it is about the people. without the people, the government can achieve nothing. russia has always fascinated me because they have such a small population, such a huge nation… and yet despite doing things so different from the us (from a technical standpoint) they still manage to remain our equals.

      • I guess i’d agree on that one. unfortunatelly politics sometimes become so complicated so it’s no longer about people but about certain individuals and this is where it comes to “who shows off bigger” 🙂

        • kinda like Putin pulling out of the CFE treaty this week 🙂 i think that is a huge part of his popularity; the fact that he seems to be the only one who is willing to stand up against Bush 😀

          as for your comment about the arms race… it works both ways. some argue that wars are big business, and that they benefit the rich minority who have stakes in certain organizations, *cough halliburton cough*… but the cost on human lives cannot justify such things. in arms races though, such as the cold war, there was not so much a human cost as much as there was technological advancement. almost all aspects of modern life can be attributed to war… microwaves, aircraft, hell even M&Ms…

          i am not very fond of such tactics though… i think that bringing another nation into an arms race for the sole purpose of exhausting their resources is a foolish thing to do. there is always the off chance that the competitor will stumble across some technological miracle that causes them to win. even if this does not happen, you have to deal with the eventual defeat of your adversary… and the regional destabilization; both economically and militarily, their market collapses and the weapons possessed become less secure *available to terrorists, black market, etc*

          i remember the cold war… the fears… and i feared that after the union collapsed in ’91 that all hell would break loose and their would be a nuclear weapons crisis anyways. part of my respect towards russia is the fact that this nuclear nightmare never transpired. having an economy completely turn around in under 10 years is another small miracle. russia’s economy may be struggling still, but it is experiencing steady growth.

          now the matter of this indoor ski resort. lavish? yes. funded by the government? probably not. this is probably being funded by private interests. if they want to blow their money, then they are free to do so. if this IS being sponsored by the government, i would be a bit disappointed as there are other matters (infrastructure, crime, etc) that need much more urgent attention.

          • Putin can afford to Buck Fush. He knows that time is on his side. When President Cheney (King Richard of Halliburton) and the rest of jackals pick the Federal Reserve clean, Russia will one of the world’s largest economies. The U.S. will be a declining third world country with a nuclear arsenal.

            • lol

              Putin has less than a half a year left before he leaves office. time you say?

              the US is heading towards a rather nasty market downslide. reverting to 3rd world nation? hardly. needless to say, things are going to get pretty ugly and i think that it will serve to act as a wakeup call to those who do not think such things can happen in the US.

              the sad part is, the rich will not suffer from the event, even if it is their own doing.

              as far as king richard and uncle dubya are concerned… they will not bankrupt the US and pick the reserve clean. i am not sure that they can be completely blamed for the current market situation and any possible downfall, but there is already talk and rumor of possible criminal charges being brought up. the abuse of power that the government has been enjoying will hopefully come with a cost that is steep enough to deter future repeat attempts.

              • Time may be short, but Putin has the luxury of high approval at home and a growing economy. Plus his successor will probably be cast from the same mould. Contrast that to the Cheney/Bush bunker mentality, proping up the war and the economy until the 08 elections. If more citizens of the U.S. realized the extent of the damage caused to the republic, there would be more than just talk of criminal charges.
                I hope you are right about the economy, but I am not as optimistic. Time will tell.

                • well, many americans realize the extent of the threat… but what can we do.

                  we can vote, but even then it is Monkey.A or Monkey.B for office. the candidates are all fairly corrupt and have their own agendas.

                  the problem is that big business has infiltrated the government to the extent that civil liberties are being eroded at a rather alarming pace. the same can be seen in other nations, outside of the U.S.

                  either way… only 1.5 more years of this madman and we will see what the future has in store. 🙂

            • Russia to become one of the world’s largest economies? that’s very very unlikely.. poor management is the biggest issue in russia.. they were never significant economy and i don’t belive they ever will be.. oil will be all pumped out soon, natural gas is good resource but it’s not enough and pressue on the borders from neighbours especially from china along with dieing population will devide russia on two or more pieces. that’s my dire prediction 🙂

              • uhm….at what point China is putting pressure on Russia.???

                Don’t get it…i know one thing…Russia&China are putting pressure on USA…

              • How did you arrive at these assertions?
                …”poor management”
                …”oil pumped out soon”
                …”natural gas not enough”
                …”pressure on borders”
                …”dieing population will divide country”…
                Books, journals, other?

  17. i have seen Niva on streets and trails here in arizona. for vehicle designed for cold, seems to hold up well in heat. pity none for sale here. i could surely use a 4WD vehicle for camping that does not consume 2 dinosaur carcasses per kilometer >.>

    try taking ford focus and driving in deep snow, in mud, or off road, then come back and post your findings.

  18. as for reliability of russian goods.. i seem to recall soyuz being only way to/from ISS for many months while U.S. tried to figure out how not to barbecue the next batch of astronauts. look at the number of manned soyuz launches compared to shuttle… then look at the number of accidents…


    russians not better or worse than americans. in many ways they are same. they tend do me more ingenious and resourceful than the usual lot over here… and just because their solutions may be more simple than ours (pencil vs. spacepen… soyuz vs. shuttle…) does not mean that they are inferior.

    it is good that we do not trumpet that we are the smartest… because we are not. the average american cannot locate iraq or australia on a map of the world. granted it all varies by region, but if you take a random sample from california, you will see what i am talking about.

    i routinely deal with people from california on the job. when it comes to providing login assistance (username/pass) you can always tell a californian when they do not understand the concept of “uppercase and lowercase” letters… hell they do not understand “capital” letters either. you have to speak to them as if they were 3 year olds and say “big letter, little letter”

    such things i see/hear daily, and it does little to make me proud of my fellow citizens and definitely erodes upon my confidence in this once great nation.

    • i guess USSR space program is much more successfull than NASA space shuttle programm which clearly can be considered as a failure.
      but i can’t think of any russian produced goods for consumers that could be considered fairly competetive.

      as of education system in russia, do you really think that average russian can locate iraq on the map? 🙂 to praise reds they really did a good job on education in russia since 1917 but that does not mean all russian are much more educated than other nations in western world. Very often education is quite limited in technical fiedls and no knowledge in any other aspects of life. Why do you think russians more and more often go to study in western universities? in now days even technical education in russia is suffering of lack of innovation in many fields. and if academic science such as math and physics are may be still in good shape but things like medical science, computer science , engineerings any kinds all suck. and it’s alway been like that. in ussr times when it comes to consumer goods or services russians always reffered to western products as a superior in quality and design, may be not always deserved though.

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  20. Americans are the best in the world!!!….at telling lies….brainwashing their own people and manipulating and intimidate Western Europe…

    Can somebody (American please)….tell me the reason why USA attacked Iraq…the one they told you…and the one you think that is the reason…

    pizdets polne….:)

    • I tell you why they attacked Iraq (in my opinion)…USA is LOSING money…

      ( proof: )

      check out… public debt/current account balance..:0

      scroll down to economy…

      Usa is losing its superpower status….and they don’t like it…so they go stealing from other countries the same way they gained their superpower status…when they killed all the native americans…and stole their resources…

    • Cheney/Bush has fed us quite a number “reasons” for attacking Iraq. Each “reason” has been a bigger whopper that the one told before so I will not repeat any of them (If you really want to know, read back issues of The Weekly Standard).
      My opinion? OIL.

    • be careful to make distinction between “Americans” and “American Government”. The government is good at lying.

      most of america does not support the war in iraq. it was a tactical blunder, and only serves to shame our nation. Bush originally justified attacking Afghanistan based upon the 11-Sept attacks. Since we were already in the region, Bush decided to somehow link Saddam to Bin Laden and justify an invasion. The main point that Bush gave was that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and posed a threat to the U.S. Even with recent memory of the 11-Sept attacks still in the minds of the people, and with the belief in these weapons.. still the majority opposed entering the war.

      the weapons of mass destruction were never found. Bush later admitted that the information given to the public regarding this matter was not reliable. Either way… even if every single american citizen opposed the war to start with, the GOVERNMENT makes the decisions. Do not blame the people for the acts of the few.

      some call the U.S. a democracy. Truth be told, we can elect our leaders, but we have little control over the candidates from which we must elect our leader. There is too much corruption, too much money, too much influence from the big businesses that propel our government into places that are out of reach to the public.

      and yet… we try to push democracy onto other nations.

      if there was a simple way to fix all of these problems, trust me… the average joe would be all for it.

      • I think people don’t make distinction between Russian people and Russian government neither….many still blame the russians fot the acts of USSR.

        Yeah that’s pretty much the answer about the Iraq war..
        I’m just amazed that almost the whole world don’t do a thing about it…imagine that Russia would attack Iraq…just imagine.
        Imagine how much pressure the world (USA) would be pressing on Russia…U.N never gave their aproval for the attack.

        And when France refused to help in the attack..USA boycotted Frensh wine.

        So the USA are dragging other countries (USA controls NATO pretty much) in their problems….then they go saying Russian army is weak look at Chechnya.While the whole of NATO can’t handle Iraq…with russian weapon arsenal from the 50′ 60′ and 70’….

        • Republicans want you to think you are a conspiricy nut whenever they get caught in their own web. Ronald Reagan’s responsibility in the Iran-contra scandal puts him in the same league as Nixon and Bush II; criminals. You would never know it today though. He is considered a hero to the Republican base. Same spin on Bush administration failures/crimes. You are not a conspiricy nut. What you are talking about is the daily news. Too many people are not paying attention however, but when the anethesia wears off, we are going to have a hell of a headache.

  21. hello , will be short (as i am) , pizdets , id like to confess: mom – our cat died the past fall because i have molested him.

  22. Dear English Russia

    I have an incurable disease. Should I sign an organ donor card and kill rich
    Republicans who blocked my health care while I was alive with my transplants?

    Signed, Concerned


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