What Can Be Done With an Old Bus

LIAZ Russian bus 1

This is an example of an old Soviet-Russian bus LIAZ that still can be often meet in Russian cities on public transportation routes, like on the pic above.

LIAZ Russian bus 2

LIAZ Russian bus 3

It usually has maybe already old-fashioned “back from sixties” interior, but still it’s OK for short trips.

But when the city bus companies cancel it on route it goes to the private hands of crafty Russian people, look what they can do with an old city bus for their everyday needs:

LIAZ Russian bus 4

They can make a big pick-up style car, still having the face of a bus.

LIAZ Russian bus 5

Put some wood in it….

LIAZ Russian bus 6

…and carry it away!

31 thoughts on “What Can Be Done With an Old Bus”

  1. These buses are still in use, even in Moscow, believe it or not..

    Its so nice to see your governmet treasuring our past in such as way.. [COUGH]..

      • That’s a good point. I mentioned this issue on the forum before. Luzkov is not modernising moscow, he is destroying our cultural heritage. Instead of restoring a beautiful Czarist building, they prefer to knock it down and build an ugly modern office building on its place. This is how all of moscow will look in about a decade:



        I find it really sad.

        • If they want to build structures like those, they should be built away from the older part of town. Where there is vacant property, a good architect can design a buiding that blends in with the existing architecture. That should be a requirement of city building codes.

          • Building codes? – there are no such things in Moscow. Bribes used to be our Building codes. Now, when the wife of the mayor ownes the biggest construction company in moscow, there is even no need for them. So There, unless we get rid of Luzkov, Moscow is destined to look like Ney York 🙁

  2. Haven’t seen such machines for the past several years… I believe it could work for some remote routes but not in big cities.

  3. !!! Liaz is from Czech Republic and not Russian. !!!

    These people have a tradition in building trucks, busses and cars, so please pay respect.

  4. Hello, Here in Argentina the public transport works almost the same. We have old russian TROLE-BUS (My english is not very good) like the one behind the bus in the first picture… They have even cyrillic (i guess) inscriptions in some parts,
    Suerte rusitos.

  5. Here in Argentina we have the same kind of vehicles made from old buses. Some bus lines even transformed old buses to tow trucks to tow the other buses when they die alongside the road. Too bad I couldn’t find any pictures of them.

  6. Don’t laugh – the first pic on this page is a bus I took in Beijing in 2000, except it has the extension on extra wheels in the rear. Every 2-3 lights, the engine would die and the driver would be cranking it 10-20 seconds. That was the “1 yuan” bus which is what all the locals took. The “3 yuan” bus was modern, air-conditioned and very clean inside – only Chinese yuppies could afford it. I was ‘protected’ from the former but I’m so glad I took a ride on it.

    Aside story, was on the bus with a family member. At one point, a pregnant woman got onboard but because the bus was very full, she was standing. I whispered to him that I was going to let her sit down but he say, “see that guy standing there?” I nodded. “he’ll sit down when you get up”. So I set for the rest of the trip. He was right, of course. Would the same thing happen in Russia?


  7. !!! Liaz is from Czech Republic and not Russian. !!!

    The Czech LIAZ (now defunct) and the Russian LiAZ are entirely unrelated.


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