Russia’s and World’s Strongest Girl

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Meet Varvara Akulova, the world’s strongest girl. Now she is 13, but most of the photos featured in this post depict her at the age of six. She already was a champion at the age of four and expressed unbelievable strength. She comes from a very poor family from Ukraine, they were always short on food and basic things – but nevertheless she started doing sports at the very early age and at the age of four she could lift 220 lbs weights! It was so fantastic that The Discovery channel has made a documentary about her – “The Worlds Strongest Girl”. Since then each year her personal weight grew by 2 lbs each year (2 kg a year) but her lifting power increased by 25 lbs (11 kg) each year.

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    • Не, отец не мальчика хотел. Он хотел реализоваца с помошью девачки ибо сам не смог – атлет-неудачка. Подобное случаеца чаще чем кажеца. Например, отец инженер или врач требует что бы его ребёнок был тоже врачём или инженером, а даже больше.

    • I don’t know if I believe this either. Most pictures show her supporting static weight, not lifting it. Still impressive though for such a small girl!

    • Difficult to believe. However, if you search her name you’ll find many links – e.g. she holds 4 Guinness records (reportedly certified). Here is a table with her results I found on the site of St.Petersburg Athletics Centre (…needs formatting – I’m lazy… not sure I correctly translated athletic terms
      In kilos
      Age Her_wieght Curtsey Press Bent?(or traction?) Total
      4 years 20 35 22,5 35 92,5
      5 years 21 37,5 22,5 45 105
      5,5 years 23 42,5 27,5 52.5 122,5
      6 years 24 50 32,5 60 142,5
      7 years 26,5 65 37,5 70 172,5
      9 years До 33 75 47,5 82,5 205
      apr 2002
      10 years 33,6 75 47,5 90 212,5
      mar 2003
      11 years 35 90 52,5 95 237,5
      jan 2004
      11 years 40 92,5 62,5 105 260
      heavy athletics
      Date Age Her_weight Dash? Push? Total
      13.03.99 7 24,5 17,5 22,5 42.5
      22.05.99 7 25 22 28,5 50,5
      30.10.99 7 26.5 22,5 30 52,5
      end 2001 9 33 27,5 37,5 65
      apr 2002 10 33,6 31 41,5 72,5
      mar 2003 11 36 35,5 42,5 78
      dec 2003 11 40 40 52,5 92,5

  1. wow. she is a truly strong slavic woman. Now she only needs to go on to the olympics to prove her true worth and to prove genetic superiority of her people! 14/88

      • She doesn’t look Roma. You can always tell a Rome by the eyes – very sexy and wild.

        Just like the girl in this picture:

        • No, even typical Jewish characteristic are quite different. In fact, because of large amounts of ethnic mixing, it is sometimes dificalt to tell modern Jews apart from ordinary caucasians. But again majority of Jews could also be identified by their eyes, which are incidentally quite different form Romani. I can instantly tell whether a person is Jewish using this method. But knowing the amount of Nazis and Racists on this site, what I am not going to do, is tell you how. Because I don’t want to be responsible for more any anti-Semitic attacks in Estonia. But maybe I have this ability because I’m part Jewish, who knows?

  2. Isn’t weight lifting at that age supposed to have negative effects on person’s height development?

    Also, Texas1 might actually be right about mutation. I mean they have found mutated mushrooms, vegetables and even some animals in and after 86, so why can’t some humans be affected in a similar way?

    • There are all kinds of new mutated species like the paper thin fish and the big earth worms. Personally, I would like to see he fight in the woman’s UFC.

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  4. As in de ex-URRS, athlets wasn’t people but machines, made with drugs! I am very apreensive about this girl’s health.

  5. It’s all simple trickery for the benefit of paying audiences. There is nothing wrong with this- it’s traditional showmanship. Sideshows like this were popular in the USA many years ago. Most of them died out in the 1980s. Nobody wants simple entertainment anymore.

  6. I think this is fake. Varvara Akulova resolved in ZERO results on How is that possible?

    I checked on the official guniness (sp) book of world records and there are no results for Varvara Akulova or strongest woman.

    Please I hope someone can prove me wrong

    • Yeah I Googled her name and turned up nothing but then looking over the links that were returned I found the real spelling of her first name “Varya” and from there turned up plenty of links, hope I helped.

    • You’ve apparently got strange Google. When I ran search for Varvara Akulova I got 363 hits. Search for Varya Akulova produces even more.

      BTW, this Guinness book site is strange – there are not so many records listed. E.g. section “Gymnastics and Weights” contains only 4 (four!) items:

      Most Vaults In One Hour
      Bench Press, Most Weights In One Hour
      Longest Aerobics Class Marathon
      Roman Rings Hanging Duration

      Search for “weight” produces one more item – “Heaviest Weight Lifted with Ear”.

      And that’s it! I got suspicious and found this:
      “…here you will find a selection of records chosen from our database of over 40,000 records…” and “…check out our new mobile phone offer […] through our new SMS service you can have Guinness World Records facts sent directly to your phone by entering a special code. […] Just write “GWR” plus your question and text it to 82275 – you’ll receive your first answer FREE! (normal charge £1; questions sent to 82275 cost normal text rate). This service is only live in the UK so far.”

      So, whoever is in UK can actually check.

  7. Something is not right with these pictures.

    In picture 3, they should not be staying on her back because of the angle, there is no grip for them to stay on.

    In picture 5, cheerleaders and all acrobats do it all the time.

    In picture 6, gripping the back of the knees does not provide the leverage needed to lift, only to support. It might cause damage to the knees.

    In picture 10, the boy in the black clothes cannot be supported this way without gripping too tightly on his waist, causing damage to his kidneys.

    In picture 11, center of gravity dictates she should be falling over backwards.

    In picture 13, there is a bar conveniently behind them at the correct height.

    • Re pic#10: the boy in black shirt and a girl on the other side obviously have hands locked behind the Varya’s back and are hanging on her shoulders this way, what’s not to understand?

  8. Assuming that these images and story are real….

    I would like to see her chromosomes genotypes and the code sequenced
    There are individuals that are born with a recessive gene that enables unusual strength from birth onward. It would seem that she’s a double recessive with these rare genes
    any brother may also exhibit abnormal strength.

    IF this is the case… welcome to evolution.

  9. So dose anyone know what the ‘Richest’ Area of Moscow is??
    I want to know can someone please tell me.

    • You got to think straight, having russian roots makes one russian. It doesn’t matter where you live. Dumb bell!

    • You got to think straight, having russian roots makes one russian. It doesn’t matter where you live. Dumb bell!

  10. нихрена себе – я ж по англицки даж не хочу писать – девочка-то вдвое меня поменьше будет – хехе а англоговорящие-то не верят – тут один человек даже подделку начал искать.. угуугушеньки – центр тяжести ему не нравится ахахаха блин ток по русски такое выразить можно )))))

  11. между нами русскими – басурмане ж туповаты не догоняют о какой стране речь идет. А россия или украина или беларусь или казахстан НЕВАЖНО – НАШИ ДАЮТ ПОРОХУ ПОНЮХАТЬ!!!!

    • I was confused by your comment, so I ran it through a translation site. This is what came out….

      “Between us Russian – infidels туповаты do not catch up about what country it is a question. And Russia or украина or Belarus or казахстан it is unimportant – we ALLOW GUNPOWDER TO SMELL!!!”

      Now I’m even more confused. Should’ve left it alone.

  12. she is so sexy i would strip her and me and take her in a privite room do so much sexing that we will have babies at a young age

  13. hahaha, ne hrena sebe devchenka! ne znayu pravda ili net, no krassivo, hochets’a verit’
    -vot ona, Peppi Dlinniy Chulok! XD
    haha, kormila mat’ chernobol’skimi yablochkami rebenochka…

  14. Young girl is being punish for bad school grade. She forced to spend 1 year performing taxi duty for villagers. She not even receive money for giving rides!!!

  15. Her name is Varya Akulova and I believe she is not from Russia but from Ukraine or Belarus.

    Here is her website –

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  17. You don’t need to be “strong” in the weightlifter sense of the word to be able to move large masses. If you have the proper training and coordination, you can use simple knowledge leverage and fulcrum points. Any one of those photos could be staged, sure, but I’ve seen quite a few relatively short girls of average build dead lift 200+ lbs over their heads with a snatch and roll. Could they bench them? Probably not.

  18. To bad that a lot of them are jewish, but as of today she’s probably stunning, she has a wonderful face and body(referring to the picture at the top) and all of her looks way more enticing now I could imagine. I’d get down with her any day to state the delicious truth as any other pretty woman who wants some(;

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  20. Creo que podria llegar a enamorarme de esta chica y a ser muy feliz con ella.Yo creo que lo bonito no es solo lo que nos da el sistema. Creo que hay mas cosas, pero las ovejas solo siguen el mandato. yo creo q


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