Monuments of Russian Aviation

monuments of russian aviation 1

In our recent publications we told about graveyards of abandoned Soviet military aircraft.

But it is necessary to notice, that not all of the old vehicles have shared such fate. Some of them are still used as monuments of Russian aircraft, and one can discover them in different parts of Russia.

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Pedal Automobiles. The Dream of Every Soviet Child

soviet pedal automobiles for children 1

In Soviet Era there were automobiles for each class of people. We already told about Zaporozhets (for the middle class), Volga (for the upper class) and even Invalidka for disabled people, who were not able to drive ordinary cars.

The point is that the Soviet children also had their own pedal vehicles for kids, mostly produced at the real car factories. For example, AZLK factory, which produced Moskvich, had it’s own section of pedal Mosckvich models.

See the photos below.

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