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    • Do you do any offroading in it? If so, I imagine your friends with their hummers and jeeps are pretty jealous of it. UAZ 469 got to be the best mass production offroader ever, only matched by Gaz 69.

    • Is this true?
      As far as i know it’s illegal to drive any foreign cars like UAZ, unless it’s really really old (vintage).

  1. In America the cops and old people are the main buyers of Crown Victorias. This leads to some funny reactions, as people sometimes mistake old people for cops.

  2. No not much but i have offroaded before. I do get alot of questions regarding the jeep but they are not jelous of it. My quote
    “An UAZ handles everything.”
    It does breakdown alot but I find ways to repair it with domestic parts. It is not my normal vehicle.

    • Did you buy it in the US or was it imported? How much did you pay for it?

      I was trying to find one in the UK but without much luck. However, I did find 1992 Lada Niva for 4,000 poud($7,500), but I thought it was a riduculus amount of money to pay for such an old vechile.

  3. I bought it in Hungary for about $500. Sipping to US was around $1500. Have you tried here before? http://www.tanksforsale.co.uk/ They sould have UAZ or GAZ

    • Thanks Pavel, I have looked at this site before, but prices are generally too high. I was looking for something like you payed for it. However, I do check it once in a while because stock is sometimes updated. Anyway, thanks!

  4. Chances are that it was stolen and resold on the black market. It’s common for theives to steal cars in the ‘states and then hock them in South America, Russia, Middle East, and other second-third world places with corrupt governship.

    Recently in the Iraq war, soldiers were sifting throught the ruins of a car bomb and found the vehicle identification number (vin number) tags. Investigators traced those car(s) to vehicles reported stolen several months ago in the USA. It turns out that Al-Qaeda and it’s affiliates are also involved in the car theft export buisness for use as bombs or possibly re-sale to raise funds.

  5. Big deal, we have a NYPD Dodge Diplomat here in Ireland with Irish plates on it, same with a LAPD ’72 Dodge Monaco.

  6. They are spacious, decent performance (for a 10 yr old 2ton car) and they will last very long. But he should have get the newer version, looks a lot better.

  7. It does not scare me at all.
    I had a UAZ but I want another do you live in Russia.I am in America and I am Cuban.

    • Coño!!!! te escapaste de la isla para venir a EE.UU. a comprarte una mierda de esas??? Lo que tu eres es sadomasoquista !.

  8. This is a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, it is not a civilian car and its a bargain if you can get one.

    This is the 92-97 model.

    For about $2K at auction, this machine is a lot of bang for the buck. It is an extremely reliable machine. For another 2K, you can have it shipped to Kaliningrad….you can use the “moving/expat” exception….no tariffs…and just drive it to mainland Russia.

    This beauty carries an overhauled V8 with intercooler. Its tuned to put out 250hp at 87 octane with ethanol. Then engine if from the ford SHO line, which features a Yamaha engine….yes..YAMAHA…as in japanese…For those that don’t know, you have to use special hoses for ethylated gasoline because it will eat through.

    Now, in russia, the weakest gas is 92-93 and you dont have ethanol added…The car is probably never going to break down because it doesn’t have ethanol eating away at the parts.

    The body is mounted on the frame, so this is basically a car on a truck frame. Additionally, it carries truck transmission and suspension. Average life on the transmission is 500,000 miles. NOTE: Regular ford transmissions have an average lifespan of around 100,000 miles. Cops get rid of these cars at about 100-150,000 miles, way below their rated lifespans…America is a truly wasteful country… In comparison, a Camry transmission fails around 200-200,000 miles.

    Again, this thing is made for ram things. The body is separated from the frame so if you get into an accident, just replace the fender, no need to even straighten the body. I remember that those subcompact police cars are garbage, like the Citroen…you crash that and you’ve basically jammed the transmission-engine linkage and you have actually, have the car stretched and straightened.

    The engine compartment is spacious. Many of the parts, like alternator and starter are generationless…meaning…ford hasn’t swapped these parts for over 20 years. You can pop in a volvo alternator and it would be an exact fit….

    It will do 210 km/h and 0-160 km/h in about 8 seconds.
    Spacious back seat.
    Instrument cluster is digital, yes DIGITAL, as in you can select if you want mp/h or km/h….digital automatic climate control, power seats, power windows, heated seats, air conditioning, cruise control, SRS air bags, heated mirrors, power mirrors…oh, yeah…and the transmission is a 5 speed…automatic….

    For $4000, this thing is a bargain and hilariously….has all the amenities you would find on a $24,000 european sedan circa 2004 !!!. But it even has more than that….and for only $4000…

    The Ford can go faster than 210 km/h, but it has a resonance problem….and is electronically limited to that speed.

    The Chevrolet Caprice on the other hand….faster….electronically limited to 265 km/h…

    In russia…for $3-4000….its either this or getting your nuts crushed in a Ford Ka…or a Citroen…

    • Oh, yeah, electronics are all Toshiba, including all the stuff under the hood….and It has bench seats, like the ones on SUVs versus bucket seats found on most sedans..

      • Police cars are used hard and that is why they are dumped with what some people consider low miles.

        They spend lots of time sitting around idling and driving at low speeds followed by sudden acceleration and stop and go. This takes a heavy toll on the components.

        The interior is very utilitarian. A/C and AM/FM radio are the only ‘luxuries’ you will find. Its all business. And it gets worn out from someone sitting in it all the time with the belt rubbing on the seat. The back seats have seen every kind of bodily fluid there is, many times.

        We buy these cars for $30k or so. There is a reason they sell for like $4k only 4 years or so later….

    • unless somebody swapped in a SHO V8 this car doesn’t have it. Crown Vics have the 4.6 V8 mod motor (older models are usually 302s). And the SHO motor isn’t intercooled as it never had forced induction unless added by somebody after market. I have own 4 SHOs, three V6’s and one V8…. I have also owned a crown vic of this vintage (former cop car as well). So yeah…

  9. Maybe an eccentric person imported it for the hell of it?

    My dream car is a volga, shipped all the way to me in new zealand.


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