30 thoughts on “Lexus Smashed with Tractor on Purpose”

  1. When a new car is damaged during transportation, it is sometimes destroyed like this. Lexus can not sell a repaired car as “new” and they do not like to sell repaired car with 0 km displayed.
    It not the slightest bit peculiar to Russia. Photos just for evidence.

      • exactly: my brother in law bought rav2 and its transmission broke down the second day he bought it, so the dealership took apart another rav2 that already had something missing and installed its transmission;

  2. I saw this on TV some time ago. This is most probably some stolen cars from Europe being destroyed.

    This is big business in Russia. Cars get stolen mainly from Germany. They are then transported via Poland and Ukraine were about 20% of the car’s value are given to the boarder controle. The cars are then kept in places outside Moscow, and are soled for 40% of thier real value to dealers or straight to customers wishing to buy a brand new car for half its real value. It’s been estimated that as much as 60% of the luxury cars on moscow roads have in fact been purchased illegally.

    For example, you can now buy new GL for about 45k in moscow, however, its market value is about 100k +.

    • Alex, look closely on the truck door. A24 is a russian company. They provide towing services among other things. http://a24.ru/

  3. It seems this is actually happening in Switzerland as one of the loaders has “JONACOR” logo which is recycling company located in Zurich.

  4. You can tell it’s a brand new car. The car still has the white plastic cover on the hood. That is how they come into the dealership to avoid getting chiped and sun burned.

  5. Becuse its easier and more convenient to take bribes, both for the law enforcement and law breakers. In a weird way, corruption gives people more freedom from all they buracratic procedures that tend to oppress western societies. This is incedentally one of the reason why I think russia is more free then majority of western countries right now, despite all the rollbacks in democracy under Putin. But that of course, is a totally different subject.

  6. Ten new Toyota vehicles with a value of over 165,000 euros were destroyed by the Federal Customs Service. The reason for the destruction was lodged in the Central Excise office of company Toyota Motor, which indicated a significant mechanical damage the vehicles caused by car accidents, in which they were transported. By the standards of vehicles not subject to rehabilitation, and the producer felt economically viable state regime destruction. The destruction, the regime under which foreign goods are destroyed under Customs control without paying customs duties and taxes and applying any prohibitions and restrictions economic established in accordance with Russian legislation on regulation. Destruction of goods made by the person concerned for its own account and does not involve any cost to the State. In this situation, Ltd., Toyota Motor “is the official dealer of Toyota in Russia. The main task of the Customs in the application of this regime is the complete destruction of unserviceable vehicle while it was not economical to recover.

  7. I know one incident when an expensive car parked near fire hydrant in Moscow was almost wrecked, because was situated between a fire-engine and a house in flame. The fire-hoses took its path through broken door panes of the miserable car and it was astonishing show.

  8. I am almost 100% sure that this car came from our company, we export lexus/Toyota to Russia since the 90´s and it is right what it says that if the vehicle is called “a total loss” then they smash it totally, these are damages that yo are not abel to repair without quality gooing down.

  9. it hurts my eyes to see this pictures….. I drive a Lexus RX 300….

    Even there is a good reason they are doing this….it is a shame…..:(

  10. I don’t care about any regulations that the Lexus Manufacturer institutes. I will still export new Lexus cars to Russia. It is a very lucrative business to do so. Russian market for American imported Lexus vehicles is huge and needs to be exploited for the good of our economy.

  11. Can you all see the really cool stunt pulled by some of the guys involved in this.

    It is obvious that some one has relplaced the factory fit mag-weels by som phony immitation “mag wheels” that look like tha are made of spraypainted cardboard.

    I dont really mind them tricking Toyota/the russian law, at least some part worth preserving was stolen and got to be used…

    • those are actually plastic snap-on covers that are placed over the aluminum wheels to protect them during shipping to dealerships. when we took delivery of our new car, we watched them remove these covers from the car during the PDI.

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