Electronic Smoking Device

electronical bong for smoking 1

One of the hi-tech labs in Russia is going to launch a mass production of Electronic Smoking Device (ESD). It comes with software (Cyrillic screenshot below) and can be connected to USB port of any PC. It uses vacuum method and can be loaded with water for suction power.

electronical bong for smoking 2

electronical bong for smoking 3

15 thoughts on “Electronic Smoking Device”

  1. Just gimme the trees an mek we smoke it yo.
    It a mek we please so don’t provoke it yo.
    We don’t need no speed so we going to coke it yo.
    Set we mind at ease we got to take it slow.

  2. D
    >Marijuana could help Russia.
    The government understands that by means of marihuana people begin to feel more freely, and it is included not absolutely into their plans :)) . It is easier to operate drunk herd, than free Rasta-man\
    The price of 250 roubles for boxing (10 $)
    if you know good people to get not difficultly.
    quality – now not bad!

    PS when there was world parade MJ, in my city, all who has come on the action, there were militias…

    Peace Bro//

  3. Actually its around 600 for boxing, full one if u are lucky.
    Good weed is difficult to get, its way easier to get good brown, 500-600 for 1g.

  4. tobacco,cigarettes or any other similar products.They will be able to see how dangerous the health troubles caused due to smoking.

  5. This product is on the shelves now, its water vapor smoke instead of cigarette smoke…. great idea as they have similar in the USA… now they are the size and shape of a cigarette, and they taste and smoke just a the real thing, my only beef is they work 75% of the time, and the battery can go dead at any moment…if they perfected these things, I would stop smoking the real things in a minute… I have tried these before and loved them, but they don’t work like advertised….but if you wanna quit smoking, the water vapor cigarettes are your best bet, plus you can smoke them anywhere, its just water vapor, its harmless…..


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