20 thoughts on “Another Teenage Russian Fun”

    • Really D,

      You want to tell me otherwise. You want to tell me that in U.S. you will not see hundred angry mothers protesting next to the bridge stating that there should of been something in place to prevent kids 1) from walking on a support 2) from falling down. Not only that, I will gurantee you that the case will be against the city, state, road services and contractor that build the bridge. And guess what. And contractor at the end will be find liable for the accident. We need to feed those lawyers somehow so please get ur facts straight.

      • ahh but don’t forget blaming suggestive media for making them walk on the bridge, video games for telling them nothing will happen if they fall and loud music for… something eh it’s the medias job to think up scape goats not mine

  1. It is the parents fault for not telling their kids to walk along the bridge normally. It is noone elses fault, stop trying to blame other people for your kids mistakes. Be a parent and stop looking for excuses.

  2. Why is no one pushing them in? I wanna see a BIG splash and some bodies floating head down in the water!

    Damn, I wish I was there….

    “Never fear, Boris is here!!!!!”

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