More Russian Army Ads Mistakes

russian military ads mistakes 1

We had a few days ago this strange mistake, when there was an American landscape depicted on the ad of Russian Board Guards service. Here it is again.

russian military ads mistakes 2

And this is another ad for Russian army, here you can see a battleship on it:

russian military ads mistakes 3

The interesting thing that this battleship is USS Missouri, so what do they mean with putting an US Fleet boat to Russian army service ad?

russian military ads mistakes 4

And another one. Here they congratulate on the behalf of army people with some holiday. We can see a tank here:

russian military ads mistakes 5

Actually it’s a Nazi German “Tiger” tank, the tank that fought against Red Army during WW2. Now it came with peace?

russian military ads mistakes 6

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  1. You are wrong. The glorius peace loving russian jet is of course ATTACKING the evil capitalist-imperialist american battleship. 😉

  2. this is the problem with computer-related art, now so called “clip art” is ANYTHING you can cut-and-paste, just take something off the web and use that, which means people get (perhaps) lazy, and not pay attention to what they are sampling. We’ve seen this before on this site– people use old Nazi propaganda art, re-tool it for something modern, hoping people don’t notice. But so what– all art is at least partially “stealing”– Picasso stole from his mentors and peers, and yet he is (arguabley) the greatest artist of the last 100 years.

    Of course, advertisements aren’t necessarily “art.”

  3. Will the average Russian know the difference? No. The graphic artist has a limited amount of time in which to do any project. Rather than wasting his time finding a picture of a Russian battleship, he just goes to the U.S. Navy website and finds himself a high resolution picture to use in the picture.

    I think any of us would have done the same!

  4. …or maybe the U.S. military is trying to recruit Russians since not enough Americans are not volunteering.

  5. The truth is that intellectual theft is rampant throughout the Russia, and generally over the former US.
    So why brag about it? If you like Putin, that’s fine, just don’t try to sell us the same Polonium you’re drinking as vodka.

  6. “Comment by leonardo
    2007-06-25 17:41:36
    Maybe not a mistake. May be the future.”


  7. The picture with “Tiger” is even more funny when you notice that it is addressed to “dear inhabitants of Kaliningrad”, i.e. .to people of Koenigsberg!!! :))) lol!!
    Or maybe it is more than coincidence???

  8. 2 million or more Soviets die fighting German Panzers and you modern Russkies don’t know the difference between a Tiger and a Russian T-34?
    What did they die for?
    And what—you guys don’t have good pics of your national parks? No natural beauty?
    No wonder Putin is dominating Russian politics…You guys are so ignorant in your own history that Ad-men can substitute in a NAZI Tiger tank and you say your people are so stooooooopid that they’d not know the difference….wow..

  9. Actually, this same kind of error occurred (but worse) on the American TIME magazine cover.

    The helicopter is the (former) Soviet Mi-24 Krokodil lifting away the last American presence in Iraq… I’m guessing it’s a careless clip-art error, but who knows the circumstances America will leave…

    Battleships are all generic, as are many landscapes. I forgive those errors. But I am severely shocked at the tiger tank error. I wish the images were still up and available for analysis.

    • Hah! I noticed that subconsciously when the issue was out, now you’ve got me posting…

      Time is pretty sensitive about their cover art (after the OJ fiasco). You’d have to ask the artist, but I would assume it was intentional to avoid offending any US airmen (who wouldn’t want to see ‘their’ machine pictured ‘negatively’), and to evoke Afghanistan in the mind of anyone who would recognize it.


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