15 thoughts on “Russian Rich Guy’s Boat”

  1. that is the ugliest thing I have ever scene
    the man deserves to be robbed and something better done with his money

    • I surely hope the interior is decorated with more taste than the exterior!!!! The designer of that eyesore should be shot.
      It reminds me of something from an Austin Powers movie,it could be Doctor Evil’s next aquatic vehicle

  2. I think this is not boat – it is staying to “deep” in city, near Troitsky bridge.
    Restaurant-on-water, or gymnasium, or cafe usually stay there. Platforms, looks like ships.

  3. As far as design, its obviously a representation of a whale, the open mouth, fins, eyes, blow hole. And for this guy above, why cant it be a restaurant and a boat? because it looks like it floats, so it has to be a boat. But, yeah, Americans are dumb and ignorant, just like you.

  4. It’s a restaurant, I’ve seen it up close and it’s even uglier in person.

    First rule of restaurant dining: Never eat in a restaurant that floats or spins.

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