Russian Suzuki Mercedes

suzuki mercedes g 1

People in Russia like German cars, there is even a saying, something like: “One should have German car, Finnish house and Russian wife”. But German cars cost, so there are some workshops which make Mercedes SUVs from Suzuki cars. They take a Suzuki Samurai or Jimmy like on the picture below:

suzuki mercedes g 2

Add some elements and get almost full visual copy of 3 door Mercedes G-class:

suzuki mercedes g 3

15 thoughts on “Russian Suzuki Mercedes”

  1. That is exactly why I have started to use their screen name. I thought probably it would bother them away. But they seem to multiply after this:(

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  2. Countenfeit cars? What next? Russian inventiveness manages to suprise me every time… My first car was Suzuki jeep like one on the picture. But it was so old and bad, that it was more like a small tractor than a car. First time when I hear this saying:”German car, Finnish house, Russian wife” Quite true…

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  4. It’s a real Mercedes.

  5. That “modified” MB (Suzuki) is not even from russia…
    Look at the wipers,the wipers from that side is used only in left-hand side driving countries -england,australia,japan etc…


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