24 thoughts on “UFO in Belarus”

  1. IT’S NOT FAKE! very real unprofessional shooting.One of guys is completly wasted. I dont know what it is but looks vey strange.

  2. it’s so romantic.. visotscky as a soundtrack, wasted guy acts as hi shoots films ’bout aliens every week 🙂 very cool. душевно получилось) i beleive it’s not a fake.

  3. All of you, grow up! Don’t drag me into this madhouse. In fact I have some news which should keep all of you quiet. I have a new lover and he is Texas1. So non of you have a chance with me anymore! Got it?

  4. LOL!!! I love the father’s comments!
    “Ну это НЛО… нормальное НЛО.”

    A few drunk Russians + digital zoom artifacts = fun for the whole family.

  5. Ok, really. That is a thin Jewel Case for a CD. There is a CD inside. It might be suspended off a tree, or something, but seriously, I didn’t even have to watch the whole thing to figure out what was going on.

  6. Это не первый случай проекции белой горячки на матрицу камеры.
    Пейте больше водки, господа.

  7. this is what happens with most camcorders when you have to zoom in that far. the optics cause a small pin-point of light to appear to to have a diamond shape… nothing special. move along.

  8. “Rjebata, eto ne zemnije objekty!”

    har har har wot immeno

    Batusha etot prosto artist 😀

    Ja wiszu dwa objekta, a ty? ty widesh wtoroi? – Ne ja wiszu odin.
    A shaz sliples.

    Da i wobshe:
    “Blin stativ nuszin chtob tokoju shtuku snemat”


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