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One Russian guy has bought old Ford. He used it for some time, everything was OK but he wondered why he could fuel it up only with 7 gallons of gas instead of 15. One day he got leak in his fuel tank and decided to take it off in order to fix the leak and when what he found inside the tank surprised him:

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Because this happened in St. Petersburg, the city that is practically located on the border with Finland – the country of European Community, it was used to smuggle cigarettes to Finland where they cost three four times more than in Russia by previous car owners, and for some reasons they didn’t unload the cargo last time. Who knows why…


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  1. Another interesting solution to a problem. Only a Russian would have the time and patience to dismantle the whole gas tank of a car just to smuggle across cigarettes which cost 3x-4x more.

  2. Finland is a tough place and a darn tooting expensive place. The Finns will blow all their saved-up money on cigarettes and booze when they hit the Swedish ferries, because it’s tax-free.

    So this does not surprise me, but some Russian is going through a lot of work, that’s for sure! Time they’ve got!


    • Yes, i live in finland, and though we earn much, finland, being such small country by its population, we have very high taxes, and so on.

      If i would live in russia (with the same salary) i would have like lotso sports cars, several houses, and so on.

    • Русский купил старый автомобиль. Бензобак не наполнился бы полностью. Он нашел что сигареты был в бензобаке. Предыдущий владелец автомобиля намеревался провозить сигареты в Финляндию, и ну.. забыл.

  3. That is just why my family and I stick to my principle…

    Always NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy second hand stuff! From anyone, whosoever. Even though he or she is your best of the best friends.

  4. Back in the 80’s in the US, people would do drug runs with expensive cars in the middle of the night with night vision goggles. Many drugs were run up and down rt95. Point was you blow by a cop at 130MPH at 3am he won’t catch you, especially with your lights off.

    Posted on a 1st generation BMW M3 board was a similar story. The guy took the gas tank out and half it was used for smuggling. The current owner did not find anything inside 😉

  5. One thing that struck me on my last visit to Finland (August 2006): in spite of the sports and fitness obsession, the weight/slimness/go-to-the-gym lifestyles, the people are still smoking. They’re drinking heavily, drinking milk, eating cheese and icecream. The men are dying early of heart attacks from the smoking, drinking and diet. I wound up chaning my mind about the health of the Finns in general – and as for the RUSSKIS!!!

    Russians LOOK as if they have had a hard life – it shows in the face. Their men drink and smoke to an extreme.

    On other hand: why should we live so long and so healthfully anyway? Isn’t this just a California-style delusion about life’s potential, when for the bulk of mankind, life and its prolongation is just a burden?

    The Finnish and ex-Soviet men DO know that life is for ending – through enjoyment!

    Mary Mekko

  6. Cigarettes in New York are over $100 per carton…. so much for freedom…. the cigarette police have almost swept the entire world…..
    I wish they would leave people we need a war soo bad in the states….

  7. In USA recently a family had owned a used van for over ten years. Window would not work so a friend took the door panel off and found 7 kilos of cannabis packed inside. Incredibly the family have driven the van across the Mexican border many times over the years and were never searched by dog patrol which would have caused a BIG problem. “Honestly officer – I have no idea where those drugs came from!”


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