23 thoughts on “Kiev Flooded”

              • My opinion is yes! He did exactly the same with Bullwinkle.
                I wonder if there is anyway of stopping people using multiple and someone else’s screen names. I just think it sort of spoils all the fun, and gives people with more time on their hands an unfair advantage over others. But apart from blocking them, i doubt it.

                • I find some small satisfaction in catching these guys in the act. Our friend is similar to many who used to run around Al-Jazeera’s english language website putting an arrogant and vicious spin on Bush administration talking points. Sound familiar?

  1. Jew hating mongrels and peace disturbing assaisns of christian faiths worldwide.Unite against all this proletariat scum that settled in our nests. Those same nests will bear children for you in any way possible. Just keep on thinking everything is quite fine, because killing the white man is the last of our concerns. Some other form of creature by the name of HAassidic judaism took over all of us and made us kill the white man. Not eeveryone, just the stongest northern slavic groups. So who wants to unite in such a revolution against hassid oppression? Ahh? Kto ne snami, budet viset na stenah kremlia.

    • When did Hasidic Jews kill the “white man”? They revived judaism in eastern Europe and protected Jews from constant attacks by Kossacks. What is your problem?

      BTW: Support Jews against Zionism and American imperialism!



  2. Did the chickens make it out alive? Please, someone tell me the chickens got out alive!

    Heh, floods… we get them here too, and then we get ‘water shortages’. Beautiful Britain.


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