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  1. Well at least 4 (maybe 5) people out of 12 in the pictures are not chechens.
    An arab commander as usual for higher supervision.

  2. I wonder how many of them are dead now, thanks to the FSB and various other groups operating in Chechyna. The only good mohammedian is a dead one.

  3. What else is new? This is not aboput succession from Russia. It’s all about a spreading cancer. Islam! Killing for the cause of Allah seems to be the name of their game. A good Muslim terrorist is a dead Muslim terrorist!

  4. Looks like a target rich enviroment! Hope the FSB kills every last one of them! And Boris, What Kill Them said is not extreme what these subhuman scum in the pictures teach, preach and practice in the name of there religion is extreme. Convert or be killed that is there two options for any other religion.

  5. He doesn’t look chinese… maybe japanese, from any of those japanese south islands. Anyway, no sense at all. And one of them looks like Che Guevara! Once again, no sense at all

  6. 3rd picture, second from left. I can swear it’s that scottish actor, what’s his name, that doesn’t say s, but says sh… After looking up i can say that it is Sean Connery! But i remembered it actually in a huge trip out.
    The che guevara must also love hashish. He looks like he brought a lot of it. Maybe from Afghanistan even? Tak ohujitelno bit agentam…. Kakoi priz ja poluchiu?

        • Tim and Ryan you are talking a load of vile nonsense. The Chechens are not fighting for “Islam” you ignorant people, they are fighting for indepndence from a brutal and vicious tyrannical occupation.
          The Chechens have been viciously suppressed by Russia for centuries, Joseph Stalin deported the entire Chechen people to a concentration camp in the 50’s. It was genocide. The Russian army has been comitting atrocities in Chechnya the real criminals are Putin and his army. They have raped and murdered innocent civilians. And tortured many prisoners to death in concentration camps all over Chechnya. The FSB are murdering scum.
          Long live Chechnya-i hope you achieve youre dream of independence.

    • So let me get this right, you are proposing independence of Chechnya form Russia. One question – why?

      Vast majority of ethnic Chechens clearly declared their willingness to be part of Russia buy voting for the pro – Putin candidate. So why on earth should Russian ever forget and leave the vast majority of russian chechens in the hands of extremist bandits? What sort of monster are you?

      Chechens are Russian, and they always will be. The same as ethnic Jews and Georgians who have russian passports are also russian.

      Secondly, you say fascism. Isn’t your idea of proposing to create an state purely on the basis of the race and religion is more reminiscent of Nazi Germany?

      To you, I can tell that Russia is a multicultural society with number of different races, cultures and religions which are thriving despite attacks from people like you. Russian doesn’t represent one race or one religion, no matter how much you would want this to happen, my little skinhead. I can also tell you that despite all its ill doings, Russia will not forget and will never give up on the majority of Chechens who want grow their kids in peace and stability. You Nazi plan will never work!

      We are with you in your long fight against Extremism and Banditism. Russian will never forget other russinas despite their Ethnicity or culture.

      You my Friend, should finish School and really grow up.

      • Thats a little different than I see it. Russian really is an ethnic race. When they do a census on a country (chechnya for example) less than 5% are ethnic russian, and over 85% are ethnic chechens, what makes you think this country should belong to Russia?

        Whats reminiscint of a facist state is how they came into chechnya and gave them Russian passports therefore declaring that they belong to that state.

        Whats to stop Russia from coming into similar states and annexing them as part of Russia, like after WWII. If we gave up just about every other southern caucus, why fight for this small and insignificant piece of land?

        They arent Russian. Russian represents a totally different culture and way of life, and Islam is not part of it.

        • Using your logic, I can say that you should let palestinians into Jerusalem and let them do as they please, I mean, Isreal is a multicultural country, right? Just give them Isreali passports and everything will be ok.

  7. He is not a chinese or japanese. This guy is most probably kirgyz or yugur.
    Arabs were present in operations during ‘civil’ war in Tadjikistan.
    They created camps to train ‘freedom fighters’ there.
    They also helped to organize Islamic movement of Turkestan.
    Later on, Tadjick and Uzbek governments were engaged in war with
    those jhehadists, and as soon as situation became critical for those
    peaceful muslims US government start to scream about ‘human rights’.
    Surprisingly 🙂 , later next year, US Army had to deal with the those ‘humans’ from Al Qaeda Central
    Asian Camps in Afghanistan and killed most of them like cattle in a concentration camp near Mazar-I-Sharif.
    Yet some of them still can be found in Chechnya or every time when peaceful democratic opposition trying
    to kill somebody in Uzbekistan or Kirgizya

    • Except Che was a true freedom fighter who fought for Cuba and its people. He protected them from a brutal dictatorship of Batista and his bloodthirsty imperialist masters who to this day wish to dominate the world with most brutal and bloodiest of tactics. For this he was savagely murdered by the most brutal and dangerous organization wich to this day torches innocent people who are opposed to their evil deeds in their secret prisons throughout europe. This tyrannick organization is of course CIA!

      The guys in the pictures above are something completely different. They kill innocent women and children not because they are fighting for freedom, but because of their twisted understanding of Coran. Nothing more and nothing less!

      So please don’t compare a man like Che Guevara with children killing fanatics in future! Thank you.

        • True independance and sovereignty of Cuba. Freedom from despotic tyrannic dectator Fulgencio Batista. Freedom from being a part of corrupt American empire. Freedom from being used by the puppet government as cannon meat. Freedom from having the mafia government use and abuse all its national treasures and resources in order for them to fill their fat bellies while 90% of population are starving. Freedom form having to stand by and watch while the state was robed and pillaged by tyrannic american regime. Freedom, from having to grow their children under constant fear of death or prosecution. And finally freedom of not having to be part of, or base for, other bloody attacks on other sovereign states……….I can go on and on, just tell me.

              • Regarding the race issue, I think race has nothing to do with being russian. For example, why should’n black people who were born in Russia call hemselves Russian?

                But I was really more interested in hearing your opinion with regards to Che.

                • Che was a ruthless murderer in my opinion, but he was sticking up for his people, which I respect a lot. So in the eyes of who he was defending, he was a hero, in the eyes of those he was fighting, he was a terrorist.

                  One mans terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

                  I have the same respect for Chechecns because they stick up for their people, if they were Russian, it’d be different, they would just be outlaws who should be killed or locked up. Some poeple believe chechnya belongs to Russia, like I said, Ukraine and Belarus belong more to Russia then chechnya, someone needs to get their priorites straight.

                  If there was ever a race war between blacks and whites, what side do you think a black Russian would take? What about black americans? Blacks here tell me they don’t want to fight a white mans war when I ask them about Iraq or the American military.

  8. I don’t know how many of them a Chechens actually maybe one or two, but they have sign in Russian. Looks funny 🙂 The international language for terrorists 🙂

  9. Che Guevera was a murdering psychopath that killed thousands, executed all who disagreed with him and didn’t give one tiny thought to freedom. He would never have been able to kill in a normal society so he pushed an ideology that excused wanton murder. hmm like stalin. I understand the complex feelings involved with Chechena the US has already done our own version of it and killed half of our menfolk to prove the strength of federalism. Our common enemy is fanatical islam..possibly all muslims but it would be a shame to have to murder 1/6th of the worlds population.

    • “Che Guevera was a murdering psychopath that killed thousands, executed all who disagreed with him and didn’t give one tiny thought to freedom” – In every war there are victims. Unlike the CIA he didn’t kill thousands of his own people in the Twin Towers. Unlke your sick governmen he didn’t invade and kill thousands of innocent women and children for oil. Unlike your sick government, he didn’t torture his opponents in secret CIA prisons. Unlike your sick government, he didn’t have puppet governments which sovereignty was forcefully taken away.

      In his war for freedom, the victims were evil former oppressors, gangsters, who sucked all the life out of long suffering cuban people. In fact it was his kindness and trust in people which got the better of him.

      Viva Che Guevara!! your heroic deeds will never be forgotten.

  10. funny, when will chechen islamaniacs wake up and join the 21st century? i guess they would rather suck wahhabi scum cock.

  11. if the soviet union still alive they ware no islamist extremist PLS BRING THE SOVIET UNION BACK SO THE POWER THE PRIDE WILL HAVE AGAIN

  12. They look like some real nice, and peace loving type guys?

    I think one of them became a bloody pulp, cadaver, meat torso missing a few appendages from a truck explosion planted by the KSB if I’m not mistaken?

  13. Uniforms of most of this men seems to have NATO camouflage pattern. Also, 3rd picture, 4th guy from left had american army hat. And where did they get those uniforms? So, these are “good” terrorists, unlike those who dare to even think wrong against USA, right?

  14. Why do they always have to hold up one finger like that? Its silly. Besides these pictures have something homo-erotic about them dont u think?

  15. One of these people are not Chinese and not Japanese, it is the Buryat and his birth name Alexander Tikhomirov, later he took the name Said Buryat. An Islamic preacher and one of the ideologists of the North of the armed underground! Killed!


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