20 thoughts on “Russian Culture Lesson”

      • I agree with you man, russian education is great!! You give couple of hundred bucks, any you pass all your exams. How good is that? 🙂

        BTW, It’s especially true of Ukraine and you know it!

  1. Looks like the guy is not a professor, he is some sort of a janitor that walked in. There’s no way students in Russia could talk to a professor “na ti”.
    And to non-Russian speakers – hard to translate, he’s not saying anything that makes much sense. And seems that he was a bit tipsy already as he’d showed up.
    Absolutely hilarious though.

    • Well, I remember our old professor in the middle of 1990s (He was also an author of textbooks for high schools). He was often tipsy (even when taking exams) and looked untidy but it was not funny – he was so stunned by the collapse of the USSR and degradation of science in Russia that he lost any interest in teaching. Soon he passed away.

  2. In the USA it’s the students who behave like this – teachers valiantly keep trying for reasons unclear to me.


  3. It was rather interesting to watch, and listen to the dialogue (with out being able understand most of it), with the music of American hip-hop of Tec9ne and ICP playing on my WMP in the back ground.

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