19 thoughts on “Homeless Children of St.Petersburg”

  1. Excellent and highly recommended movie about a 16-year old girl who becomes homeless in a not specified city in Russia is

    lilja4ever [ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0300140/ ]

    I have to warn everybody – there is not a happy ending. This is one of the most depressing movies ever. All the more, because it is based on real events, real people like the kids in the pictures.

    • Well, it’s not really Russia but some ex-soviet country but anyway I agree that it is highly recommended.

      I would like to know… where do these pics come from?

    • It’s not exactly about her becoming homeless, it’s far more than that. But I agree, it’s a very powerful film. 5 minutes into it, you know it’s not going to end well. I bawled at the end.

      And minor nitpicking, but she ends up in Sweden. It’s not clear where she starts, but we can assume it’s in Russia.

    • This movie was directed by a Swedish guy and it was filmed in Estonia. You can see several famous Estonian actors and also you can see the kids paying for cigarettes using Estonian crowns. There’s a really good and realistic story-line for this this movie and it could have happened easily in any post-Soviet or Eastern Europe country that migrated from communism to capitalism. It can happen also here, in Estonia.

      I’m a man with quite strong nerves, but this story really reached my heart and made me really sad for those girls with whom these kinds of things happen. I have seen only one more movie that has described darker sides of life as well as this movie – Requiem for a dream [ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0180093/ ]. It’s about a young and happy couple who go down really quickly because can’t hold their hands off of narcotics. I strongly suggest you to see both of these movies.

      One more word about the main actress of Lilja4ever – she’s beautiful and really interesting actress and I really liked her also in a movie called “Sisters” or “Syostry” [ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0284492/ ] by Sergei Bodrov Jr., talented guy who made several cult movies about youth and mobsters of Russia. It’s bad that he died so young.

    • Funny your mentioning Lilja 4-ever, cuz that was what I thought of momentarily when seeing the pics and the headline.

      As youve already said, a really great movie, everybody should see it.

  2. It,s such a shame to see this wasted youth. On the other hand it,s no better in Britain and a lot of other places i,d imagine. So we cant kid ourselves about that. Neglect and poverty are everywhere.

  3. It should be the law that everyone help them all! You dont need to be a parent to care. It sounds like you already do. They need alot of big brother/sister programs. Not more drugs and homeless,but Loved not abused.

  4. Nope, not that small kids, and it’s a shame. Mostly you find this in third world countries, but not all. It depends on what you care about as a citizen, that is, if you care, of course. And also it says something about what kind of leadership a country have.

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