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    • Ford Crown Victoria,the top of the Ford line. Colloq. Crown Vic, or Vicky. The preferred vehicle of U.S.local police and cab companies.

        • This is its cousin the Grand Marquis:


          Here is the Crown Vic:


          Both of these are very popular with retirees.

  1. I remember seeing Moscow police in Ford Crown Victorias about half an hour after arriving in Russia.

    The tags are probably a way of showing humor about driving the American car on Moscow’s streets.

  2. Are you sure that is not just the reflection of the “New York plate” on the following vehicles hood?

    • I had a misfortune of driving a Chevrolet Kalos whilst on holiday in Spain. After hitting 60 mph I felt rather unsafe because of all the shaking and the fact that the wheel was going wild without me touching it.

      My ex boss also decided to be original and bought the new Chrysler 300c over the proposed BMW 5 series. In less then a year he had a breakdown and the servicing cost was also quite original and frankly shocking. Besides that there is also an extraordinary depreciation, high tax bills and overall quality and style can not be compared to the BMW 5 series or any other european rivals.

  3. I don’t consider the Kalos to be an American car since it is built in Korea. If your boss wanted to be different he should have bought a Bently. I am sorry to hear about that Chrysler, but there are few American cars that are intended to compete directly with a 5 series. Many people around here who buy BMWs do so for status. They rarely take them touring. On the other hand, Fords are a good value for the money that a working person can aford.

  4. Bentleys are now too common in Britain + it’s three times more expensive.

    BTW, Ford Crown Victoria costs about $30,000 am I right? + steep running expenses, not sure about depresiation in the states, and the awful looks.

    Would it be better to buy a beautiful and more economical Alfa 159 for the same money?

    Just compare this monstrosity


    to this beauty:


    • Sorry, to this beauty 🙂


  5. The Crown Vic sells for around $25K here, and yes they use a lot of fuel. I would only recommend the Crown Vic for certain uses such as cabs or police work. Would not a Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan be a practical choice for good but inexpensive transportation? I agree however that the Alpha is gorgeous. If I lived in England I would certainly consider one if the cost was $30k. Here the are more expensive than a BMW at around $55k. Alpha has never had avery good dealer network in the U.S. either. The most fun car I have owned was a 1966 Triumph Spitfire.

  6. yes the crown vic Police version sells for about $18-$22 k from the dealer.
    Granted you can use any car for police work, you have to look at all the aspects.
    The the CV eats a lot of gas, but maintenance wise it is the best all around. It doesn’t spend as much time in the shop as other cars… for example Impalas, and it is very easy to maintain and install all the police equipment.

    The model in the picture is a 1997 or older model, the ones are even better of course, they changed the looks in 1998. There were some internal changes in the models after.

    People that bad mouth the car, have obviously never driven it, for patrol use the car is great. It can take a lot of beating and if you need some power… just step on a gas and a 4.6 V8 engine will blast you all over the seat.

    Here is a 2007 model on ebay

  7. As a former LEO ,Trust me when I tell you the Ford CV police interceptor is NOT the Ideal police car for any major city! For open road patrol its a very good car.But there are many others better for tight street city patrols where your not driving 120 mph like interstate patrols.

      • From what some friends are telling me the newer Chevy Impala SS is working out well for them. Where I worked a front wheel drive car would have been a big plus in the winter. Look at it this way most midsize cars with V6 engines today have plenty of HP and speed from 0-80 mph to match or best a LTD and most are FWD the only other requirement is space for your back seat passengers,but who cares if there a bit cramped. So take your pick Impala, Charger(still on the big side) Hell even a Toyota Camry or VW passat would do for me ,But thats not how PD’s buy autos

  8. Ok, not to damage your fragile self-esteem and not to discourage your love for all things American, I am prepared to stand up and say – “russian cars are even worse then american”! Are you feeling better now 🙂

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