Real Russian Winter

Russian Winter 1

You think that you have seen a lot of snow in winter? How about this “lotsa snow” – during Russian winter?

Russian Winter 2

Russian Winter 3

Russian Winter 4

Russian Winter 5

Russian Winter 6

Russian Winter 7

Russian Winter 8

And then in spring when it starts melting… Cars drive around the streets like the boats thru small rivers.

Russian Winter 9

Russian Winter 10

Russian Winter 11

Russian Winter 12

submitted by Nester, photos by Vio

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  1. This must be somewhere in tundra. When I visited Norilsk in february, I saw similar conditions. But definintly lots of fun in the snow 🙂

    • Hah, you forgot to change the posting name!

      Yes, it’s lots of fun in the snow ’til your clothes get wet and you die of heat loss just metres away from the fireplace.

      • Good thing about winter in tundra, is that your clothes never gets wet outside because it’s just too darn cold!! Brrrrr..

    • i lived there before now i live in spain and i still can not belive that i lived there before. my name is alexey maklakov and i am 17 years old. it is cold there but not this year

  2. Here is a typical scene from Norilsk in the winter. Take notice of the clothes warn by the people.

    PS: Much of the snow on this picuture was cleared away because this is the center of town, nothing compared to the amount of snow on the outskirts.

    • If it’s Norilsk, then I am shure lage amounts of Nickel and other natural resources would have something to do with it.

  3. unclean; i work in unclear environment; the whole town is very unclean & its rapidly spreading to rural communities; the snow that is; a lot of snow; falls on our heads and for a while nobody even cares about cleaning it; and it evolves into this massive pile of snow that becomes an obstickle in our lives & then we have to clean it, unless ofcoure we are willing to adapt and allow the snow to stay & really, live by its rules;after all we all know that the snow will melt and will go away by itself, but if not taken care off, the damage it leaves is devastating, and it will come back;

  4. What happened when the snowgirl fell out with the snowboy ?
    She gave him the cold shoulder !
    What do snowmen wear on their heads ?
    Ice caps !
    What do snowmen eat for lunch ?
    Icebergers !
    Where do snowmen go to dance ?
    Snowballs !
    How do snowmen travel around ?
    By iceicle !
    What sort of ball doesn’t bounce ?
    A snowball !
    How do you know when there is a snowman in your bed ?
    You wake up wet !
    What do you get if cross a snowman and a shark ?
    Frost bite !
    How do you call an Eskimo cow ?
    An Eskimoo !

  5. its really irrelevant but this is the coolest bike ive seen ever:

    • Speaking of motorcycles and snow, some of the early Ural motorcycles imported to USA had inadequate cooling for the local climate. They overheated in the summer and all year long in some hot regions, like Arizona. It’s easy to see why the Ural designers might have skimped on cooling abilities with all that snow.

  6. What a dampener on productivity all that snow must be for susceptible countries; the wasted public servant hours and equipment.

  7. Nice place!

    This is Kirovsk (famoust as ski and snowboarding “resort”) close to Murmansk, close to Norwway border. Las cristmas in best and most expansive local bar screwdriver (50g vodka+ 100g oranfe juce) was 0.65 USD (18 rub.)!

  8. Nice place!

    This is Kirovsk (famous as ski and snowboarding “resort”) close to Murmansk, close to Norway border .
    Also Mikhail Khodorkovsky was received a 9-year sentence for “privatization” of local ore-dressing and processing enterprise.
    Last Christmas in best and most expansive local bar screwdriver (50g vodka+ 100g orange juice) was 0.65 USD (18 rub.)!

  9. There were pictures circulating from this past winter in upstate new york that the snow had accumalted so much that the walls of snow on the side of the roads were twice as high as these pictures. I believe it was on RT. 10 near Buffalo.

    And on a side note, The SPam word for these pictures in Russia showed kgb. Just thought that was ironic… Carry on.

  10. Actually, I have seen that much snow on the ground at one time, but yes, it is an anomaly. Snow stops being cool and starts being the bane of your existence when there’s that much if it on the ground.

  11. We have snow like that in my part of Canada in bad years, and it’s not even particularly far north.

    My anti-spam word was “soviet.” Really!

  12. You will ever try to drive in this snow. My gosh, try to avoid driving like this.

    Last week, I saw a video about snow driving and I was really scared to even think of it.

    Check those videos

    Enjoy yourself.


  13. Strange… if it weren’t for the Russian signs, I’d swear this looked like Northeast China (Manchuria). The building in the very first pic looks almost exactly like the place where I stayed in Jan-Feb 2007. Never saw this much snow though!

  14. Да, блин. Снега, конечно, не мало- не много наволило, видали и по-круче. И кто сказал, что это только в Тундре? Ты еще у нас не был, чувак. И это далеко не Тундра…. 🙂

  15. It’s Russia – Kamchatka peninsula.. I live there.. It’s my area of residing. Eah, I LIVE THERE)))))) It’s coll, and this true))It’s my street on fotos)) and sorry for my English))))))
    We have a lot of snow in winter.. And we have an opportunity to ski and snowboards in summer)) for exsample on a volcano!!!

  16. O.M.G. that is A lot of snow And I was thinking we had snow in missouri. not in the least.I dont like snow if I have to get out But I think it is PRETTY lol 1/3/2010

  17. How does people around this area move? with this great snow. it real is amazing. I will like to spend one winter season in Russia.

  18. Snow? In Russia? I never would have guessed!! Alert the media! This is Amazing! Why isn’t CNN reporting this? This is some real interesting stuff right here!!

  19. Russia has a long winter. That is why Russian has dishes for winter season. I have read in one the book from my friend that they have a winter drink that is fermented—the name of the winter drink is Kvass. Kvass is a fermented drink and it is the major ingredient in making cold soups like Ukroshka which is very popular to the Russian. And the most common hot soup where they mix Kvass is the Schi, which is made of cabbage and chicken broth with the based of Kvass. Imagine, you are sipping your soup in the winter and still you can taste the Kvass which is equal to beer to us. I do ask to myself, what will be the aftermath taste of this soup.

  20. I never would have guessed!! Alert the media! This is Amazing! Why isn’t CNN reporting this? This is some real interesting stuff right here!!


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