47 thoughts on “ATM with Pirated Windows”

  1. Ha-ha. That ATM belongs to 2nd Russian hugest bank – VTB (Vneshtorgbank). Maybe you heard it had placed shares on LSE and RTS not long ago within the IPO. It’s interesting how investors and stock bosses would react on this.

    • Lol (omg!) In Russia, windows activates you! If seriously, you could easily spot same messages on any advert screen in the London underground… or an error message instead. Anyways, it doesn’t mean it’s pirated

  2. Were is Texas1 these days? It funny how I’m actually starting to miss him.

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      • Yes, how many aliases does he have now? I’ve lost count. There is AdolhPutin, Bullwinckle, redwhite@blue, finnish nazi online, moscowmadman etc, etc…

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        • Hmm…well he is preferable to the College Republicans and Wiki-Weenies that somehow appear when a flame war against Russia errupts.

    • Lol! yes, he is on the rampage stabbing everyone with his American flag sining The Star-Spangled Banner.

  3. What people have to understand is that in Russia, they have professionals. But professional means something different. It means you get the job done, and sometimes that means doing it wrong but getting it done anyways.

  4. Well, here in Switzerland, we have a lot of Linux based ATMs, so yes, I guess they do exist.

    (You can see that when they reboot.)

    • I guess no… A Raiffeisenbank ATM was known to used NT4, Postfinance ATM (of Siemens Nixdorf) uses Windows 2000 and I myself saw at an Kantonalbank ATM booting into Windows 98…

      I saw Linux only at the touch-sensitives ticket automats of the SBB (> kernel panic).

  5. As I service many of atms in sydney australia, the o/s used are the following

    Windows XP
    Windows Vista

    Made By Dieblod, NCR, Triton, Hyosung

  6. I think this joke has nothing to do with Russia at all because windows was developed in US, so Americans, laugh at yourselves 🙂

  7. I set up ATMs for a living. This happens often. It’s not piracy at all. The Windows is licensed to be used on the ATM but needs to be activated within 30 days. A simple phone call. It’s not piracy.

  8. Looks very similar to the ATM I used a few times near the subway station I alight.

    I am really scared now.

    I hope they have good SSL and those security things.

  9. activated EVERY 30 days ?
    not exist such a 2k/XP version.
    and reactivate every 30 days[imagine number of ATM’s and related costs]-to expensive even for biggiest banks.
    so i gues its really counterfait.

  10. Its not pirated, its just not activated….haven’t they heard of norton ghost in russia?….n00bs….

    Also, an ATM should use linux…..

  11. I’m glad to have visited your blog and good to know you! I find it interesting and informative.use Linux or at least an activation crack for winXP.

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