Russian Wooden Cellphone

Russian Wooden phone with a bottle opener 1

If every country had it’s own type of cellphones, Russian ones could look like this. It could be made of wood – wood is cheap and is available everywhere in Russia, it has simple functions like call and bye, it would be made in Finland cause everyone in Russia knows good phones are made in Finland (like Nokia!) and one additional option is a must – a beer bottle opener from the backside of the phone – very handy!

Russian Wooden phone with a bottle opener 2

Russian Wooden phone with a bottle opener 3

Russian Wooden phone with a bottle opener 4

Russian Wooden phone with a bottle opener 5


19 thoughts on “Russian Wooden Cellphone”

    • That mooselike figure is a reindeer, living in Lappland. Maybe that wooden phone is a souvenir from there or something…

  1. These phones are souvenirs from Finland, and they have nothing to do with Russia, and it’s not a moose, it’s a reindeer, which is the national animal of finland..this site has definitely run out of any interesting things to pose.

    • You can charge it by rubbing it with a stick or alternatively it will run on charcoal, you need a woodpecker to press the buttons

    • This is not a viabrator Texas1.

      If you are looking for one, visit this site 🙂

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