A Wall Inside a Tree

wall inside the tree 1

This old tree has a wall inside.

The tree is really old, around 200 years old. It started to grow in German city Koenigsberg, inside a brick fence. German owners of the house let it go and it was growing like that leaving the fence inside of its roots and .. .

wall inside the tree 2

On this old photo 80 years or so ago, this tree can be seen marked with the arrow.

wall inside the tree 3

Later during WW2 there were severe battles in this city, and after the war it’s got under the Russian powers and was renamed to Kaliningrad.
The fence and the house were totally destroyed.

wall inside the tree 4

But the part of this fence can still be found inside the tree.

18 thoughts on “A Wall Inside a Tree”

  1. Initially I was surprised that a sallow can live that long until I found that in Pärnu (Estonia) there is one more than 300 years old. However, fixing trees, especially oaks, with concrete is a common practice.

  2. Interesting. Part of my family is from Koenigsberg, so I find this intriguing. That tree has lived on through how many wars and seen how many regime changes?

  3. a question then: should kaliningrad be renamed Koenigsberg and given back to germanIAns, since the war is over?

  4. Interesting how a tree can hold history in it roots . No one could predict how this tree becomes famous. Congratulations to have observed this , great and interesting story !
    Grtz, Jan


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