24 thoughts on “Russian Pilot in Afghanistan”

    • Burkas came with the Taliban. These photos were taken during the Soviet occupation.

      When the Soviets left in 1988, they left a power vacuum in Afghanistan. The freedom fighters who “drove out” the Soviets were known as the Mujahadeen. (They were funded and trained by the USA; did you know that Osama bin Laden fought with the Mujahadeen?) These tribal warlords set to fighting, and sent the country into a brutal civil war. The Taliban was a student movement that arose in an effort to bring the rule of law back to their country.

      And we all know how well that turned out.

  1. I am absolutely embarrassed by our president. I keep thinking he will be out of office before long. The problem is that his replacement probably wont be much better. The requirements of being a politician in the US are:

    1) have money
    2) know someone

    It would be nearly impossible for a regular working class person to become president/senator/congressman. This is unfortunate because the working class are the one with sense.

    • Preach it brother. The only consolation is knowing the senseless consuming class will eat itself to death without knowing why it feels so empty and unfulfilled, despite owning a 100″ tv with 200 channels.

  2. War in Afghanistan – you say we should not have gone in? Bullying of neighbors? You mean Mexico is not bullying us with their invasion? Support for authoritarian regimes? When? If we overthrow one, we are just as guilty of aggresion or meddling in the affairs of a soverignty of a nation. There is no way to win that argument. Crack down on civil liberties? What crackdown? Oh, you mean the deporting of illegal aliens, or at least debating whether they have a right to stay here.

    • Cuba and some other central american countries could be counted as “neighbors”.
      USA supported the saddam regime in 80s with weapons and money, for one. Also, one could say that the Guantanamo bay isn’t exactly the best showcase for the country of “freedom and civil liberty”

      • And to clarify my point about Guantanamo: I don’t mean everyone of the people there should be free, but they aren’t treated as one should treat POWs and other prisoners.

  3. Interesting pictures. It seems like just yesterday to those of my generation. Afghanistan has a pitifully short life expectancy, so those kids in the pictures are probably those gray bearded mullahs now, and many of the young men may have already died of natural causes if not in fighting.

  4. Rico, there is a muslim outside your window walking his dog. Hurry, hurry, get your shotgun out before it’s too late!!

  5. Just like your not missing your former civil liberties either,,,why arent you in Iraq fighting for our “Freedom”? Or are you just the typical rightwing, gasbag, neocon, dittohead, chickenhawk?:)

    • If you are talking to me first I am not a neocon. I am not a supporter of George Bush. But I do love my country. I am a United States Air Force veteran. I worked on nuclear missile sites and as a crew chief on fighter jets. I have paid my dues. My father was an Army Korean War veteran, my oldest son was in the US Army and my step son is active duty US Navy. What have you or your family done?

      • What in the world are you talking about? There is no huge difference between the America of the 20th century and the America of the 21st. America has been the way it is now for a long time, and I see absolutely no problem with it. I am Russian, but I have lived all my life in the US and I love it (with the exception of some politically correct, anti-free speech liberals). Personally, I dislike George W. Bush, but I believe he is a better option than both Gore and Kerry. Also, I believe that the majority of American society is slowly procrastinating and that Americans mostly deserve its current variety of politicians.

  6. the talibans r agian creshed by americans . i dont know why they gave help agianst rusia and after they cresh them

  7. If the USA truly helped train the Mujahadeen, how can an average joe such as myself find the proof of this? gimmie a link. If I were to leave USA, I would not go to Canada, I would die of boredom. I would instead move to Ukraine, where the girls are hot and willin! Yee haw!

  8. I don’t know why USSR invaded Afganistan in first place, We should just leave all these Muslum countrys alone, and just let them deal with themselvs. I mean sure one islamist will shoot the other if he wears his turbin backwards but we should let them blow each other up in peace! At least our ass is covered right? 😉

  9. Power politics, oil, influence I guess?
    Why else spend billions, thousand miles from home.
    Both Russia and the USA have done the same.

    No news to it.
    Just a pain in the , ah, posterior?
    And seldom good advertising.

  10. US sells gun therefore they have to create or help war in order to sell it, its for their economy. they used to help afgan and now see what happen. guess these people never imagine it that way back then. nothing is free.

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