38 thoughts on “Dragon Tank Truck”

  1. Anyone see the 1981 film, “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”. I think this truck was inspired from that movie.


    Very cool

    • I think I own this truck’s girlfriend! Her name is Draka, I built her on a truck pulling three trailers in the northern Nevada desert in 2000, the Chinese year of the metal dragon. She’s now living in Houston, Texas, and becoming a bit rusty, but she still lives… Man, I wish these two trucks could meet! What offspring they would have. ha ha.

      Here are some pics of her:

  2. It reminds me of the mysterious homocidal tanker truck from “Duel”, starring Dennis Weaver. It’s a good movie, if you like chase/action movies. Mr. Weaver drives what might be the ugliest rental car ever built in North America.


    And the evil psycho truck still exists! According to the website it is a 1960 Peterbilt:


  3. I know that truck! It’s supposed to be for some russian movie – saw in the news once. Can’t remember what movie but goddamned I’d want that in my backyard!

    You know … I’m moved.

    It’s so beautiful 8_).

  4. I hope it’s made from carbon fiber that looks like steel or that thing is going to get the worst fuel mileage in the world. The tank on the back is probably used as its main fuel tank.

  5. That Truck is AWESOME, and even tho’ its not like the Duel truck, I do get what humanoid says, its got the same vibes!

    And I’ve just found the driver too



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