10 thoughts on “Bangladesh Air Forces go St. Petersburg”

  1. ¿do you really think there’s something worth in old helicopters to be taken back to Russia from Bangladesh?

    I think they’re pretty new instead, and are carried to an airport in order to be shipped to Bangladesh. It’s true that they look rather old fashioned, but ¿what did you expect Bangladesh army could afford?

    If this was a site of mine, I would check stuff before posting absurd things so easily… First result you’ll get if you ‘google it’: “Bangladesh Air Force to purchase 8 Mi-17 attack helicopters” (just like those ones shown in your photos).


  2. I’m amused that they already have Bangladesh Air Force painted on them, any markings and insignia are normally applied when they arrive at their destination.

  3. Nice pictures. Thanks to photograph. I am from Bangladesh. Living here 9 years. Exciting pictures. Thanks to all here.


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