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    • pain???
      how about the God Given RIGHT to defend the gift of life that He gave to you…..and ward off potential threats.
      guess the ingenuity of humanity means nothing compared to the elevation of socialism/one world gov/communism..eh comrade??

      das pravda,da??

      • haha defending the gift of life with guns. I think these weapons are awesome but you’re kind of contradicting youself there. also i think we could all stand to be a little bit more communistic a bit more equality here and there, just because most of the communist leaders have been crazy dictators its got a bit of a bad rep. i’d rather go too far left than too far right.

        • Political ideas are more like a circle than a line like you describe

          Too far right and too far left is pretty much the same thing.
          This is why communism and fascism create similar disasters even though communism is too far left and fascism too far right

          From now on please ignore your own thoughts you might learn something

          • You had a good point and you presented it well, but then you decided to be a passive-aggressive pisshole at the end. You didn’t have to do that.

    • so the defense of the life that God gave you isnt worth defending Hmmm??
      personally I’m more woried about the GRU/PUTIN being an world aggressor….
      so being armed might be better then trod under foot by communists/socialists/God haters

      das pravda???

      • your weird comments about world socialism aside (really– WHAT are you talking about?)

        “god given right to defend the gift of life”?

        by TAKING someone elses life? so. . . laws against murder are now contrary to god’s laws? what about “thou shalt not kill”?

        • “… what about “thou shalt not kill”?”

          The sixth commandment says, “You shall not murder.” There is a big difference between killing and murder.

          As far as killing, yes there are times when we need to kill to protect our families, neighbors or ourselves. This is not murder which is the malicious and unlawful killing of one human being by another. Sometimes murder is used to describe what is really a homicide. While the two terms are similar they are not synonymous. Although all murders are homicides, only intentional homicides are murders.

          Ecclesiastes 3:3 “a time to kill, and a time to heal”

          • The Roman Catholic Church uses the translation ‘You shall not Kill’ instead ‘You shall not murder”

            Maybe you shouldn’t tell others to not comments on things they know nothing about…

            • The original commandment is clearly NOT about killing in general. That can be stated with absolute certainty given that the book which provides us record of the 10 commandments also gives laws that have killing the violators of those laws as the correct societal response. This is to say nothing about the same alleged “God” giving orders to the very same people he said “thou shalt not kill” to, to conduct genocide campaigns in order to obtain real estate. Clearly that command did not mean all killing in general.

              I don’t even believe and I know enough about the bible to know that.

              These pics are great. I know it’s hard for liberal huggie bears who’ve never had to fight for anything to understand this, but sometimes the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots. Hitler was not stopped with reason or hugs, but with bullets and blood.

              History is clear on this: Hitler was not an aberration. People who wish to rule all others come along regularly and attain power regularly. Those who think it is someone elses job to protect them from such people, are always among the first to bow the knee before such people.

          • “The sixth commandment says, “You shall not murder.” There is a big difference between killing and murder.”

            those laws only apply to fellow Jews, the rest just get annihilated by god no matter what they do.

        • Actually the bible does not state “thou shalt not kill” it says “Thou Shalt not Murder”. killing someone for the basis of self defence is a far cry from murder. You might not want to quote something if you have not read it. makes you sound ignorant. I am not even catholic and i still read the bible.

          And if god did not believe in killing expain “The Crusades”, where millions of people in the middle east were killed becuase of christian beliefs by the Vadicant.

        • Aggressor vs. defender. The person who is the aggressor does not have the right to kill another person. The defender has the right to kill the aggressor to preserve innocent life.

          If someone is attempting to use deadly force against you, you have every right to defend yourself by whatever means necessary. That is a natural/common law.

        • Actually, the correct translation is ‘thou shall not kill without reason’… Also, it says several times in the Bible to kill others (Deuternomy, Leviticus). I’m Buddhist and even I know that.

    • If you want to learn how to make a cheap rocket launcher check this video it shows you. http://youtube.com/watch?v=UBJZU44VSGg

      comment back on it.

      • thank you, and to think, i actually thought this was a weapons thread………….my mistake…..ANY way thanks for the information, Pyridanger666.

    • can you find examples of what they should look like?

      I see a reocurring submachine gun in there.

      I cant identify it though.

    • as for smgs shown they are most likely self-made, but they look like mass-produced because they were made on a factory. With professional skills of metalworker it is possible to make one at work. i’ve heard of one example when a worker had made a pistol, but his chief found it and put it under the stamping press…

    • The only way that I would fire any of those “home brew” types of weapons is with about 100 meters of string tied to the trigger.

  1. I don’t think that there is a demand of such wearpons in chechnya, cause there is LOTS of normal guns and explosives and hell knows what else.

  2. The war in Chechnya has nothing to do with secession from Russia. it is a war that was started by the Religion of Peace®. 95% of world conflicts today involve Islam! Don’t believe me? Go to this link and you will find the real truth about Islam. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ Militant Islam is a world problem, not a Russian one. Remember the suicide bombers in Moscow Metro? The siege in a Moscow theatre? How about two downed Russian airlines on the same day? No one can ever forget about Beslan. Islam’s goal is to dominate the entire world. Enforcing their way of life upon us. Having no recourse to our laws, human life, freedom. Before you play the racist card on me let me remind you that Islam is not a race. It is an ideology like communism or fascism except that it is a lot worst.

    • Richard S.

      “95% of world conflicts today involve Islam!”

      That’s a pretty amusing statistic, seeing as 100% of world conflict involve Christianity… (this excludes governmental genocides where there is no religious basis, either islamic or christian)

      According to the rhetoric on your hate-site, if Islam (as a mass movement) would have stomped out the extremists if they truly wanted to; yet here in the west 99% of the population disagree with rhetoric and hatred spewed by white-supremacists, yet we still can’t seem to be rid of your ilk…

      “Can you think of any terror acts committed in the Name of Jesus? I can’t.”

      Hmm.. let’s see: MANY church bombings, cross-burnings (to this day), bombings of abortion clinics (current), etc. etc. Do a google search for “Christian Identity” or “Church of jesus christ christian” and you will see a litany of terror.

      There have been far more acts of domestic terrorism in US than Fundamentalist Islamic actions on our soil.

      Go spread your hate somewhere else, klansman.

      • THANK YOU Marius. After reading ethicalBob’s little comment I thought, “Did he seriously just blame christians for church bombings? Also there is no way that 100% of the world’s conflicts involve Christianity. I don’t even buy that 95% involve Islam. If by involve you mean there are people of those faiths in the conflict maybe, but that doesn’t mean the conflict is about or started because of those religions.

    • First, Islam is neither like communism nor is it like fascism. Islam is a religion, like Christianity or Judaism. Just so you know I am not a muslim myself.

      Second, if you are American your ideology of Islam – wanting to rule the world and being involved in 95% of world conflict – is rather ironic because those things can be easily said of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

        • Really? That’s your proof? Really? Fail!

          As for the rest of it… YOU can’t go to college? Millions of us have and do! YOU can’t afford a car? Get a job! YOU can’t get insurance? Stop driving drunk! YOU can’t afford gas? The rest of us do because we have, you know, jobs! YOU can’t get your children medical insurance? Again, get a job! It’s usually pretty cheap when your employer provides it. I pay $35/month for my son. Look, stop smoking pot, get a job, and stop whining so pathetically.

  3. I note that the photos are in the “funny” category. In all honesty I don’t think it’s finny. Islam may be indeed a joke, but it’s not a funny one.

        • No, religion is like guns. It is something that can be used by a person however they choose. Good, bad. Either or.

          • Are You a fool Mike ?! The Spanish inquisition was done in the name of the pope . After all the pope claims to rule in the place Jesus.Catholisism is not Christian.Jesus had nothing to do with it and neither did true followers of Christ.Catholics claim to be Christians but there actions speak otherwise.

            • Yeah righ, all Christianity fathered by Catholic Church. Ha Ha. First of all Church is a woman, therefore a church “mothers”, and second of all, Christianity was and is fathered by God and his son Jesus Christ. Read the bible before you talk about terms…

            • No no no no. Catholisism was not the first Church. The Orthodox Church was first…the Catholics broke off from us. Look it up. Learn something.

          • I suppose it isn’t terrorism per say, but Jonestown is a good example of Christian fascism. And then we have Christian persecution of pagans in Europe, Salem Witch Trials, the Spanish murder of the king of the Aztecs, and while we’re there, let’s include the massacre and enslavement of the population of Cuba, The Crusades, every atrocity committed during wars between Christian sects, (guess how many times England was in a war because they weren’t Catholic?) the KKK, the National Liberation Front of Tripura, (a seperatist movement in India labeled a terrorist organization for killing hundreds in bombings) and that is only to name a couple. Christianity is not the issue, and neither is Islam. It is militancy. If people are willing to die, or even kill for their beliefs, we will experience this issue. Religions tend to prove dangerous because they illicit fanaticism, but equally dangerous can be any other cause. It is more important to teach one other not to hate than it is to teach them who to hate.

            • Well, River, I think you covered it well. Militancy is the problem. Only a wise person can solve a problem without violence. Only an ignorant fool insists on using violence. All religions have both types of people.

            • Bravo! Well spoken and hit the proverbial nail on the head.
              . . .You have sent this out to all the parties involved, right. . .
              in triplicate?
              No, wait. . . it has to go out in Dobly.

          • Oklahoma city wasn’t in the name of Christianity, it was in the name of Saddam Hussein’s lead money men, Hussein Al Huseini (sp?), who talked “illy whites” (their term, not mine) into performing the attack.

            Word never got out about that after we saw “home grown” terrorists in the US media.

            Giving that B Clinton was trying to garner a legacy of facilitating peace in the M East, or just the demonetization of the right in the US… that story all but who knows now.

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Rudolph

          Oh look, someone who committed terror acts in the Name of Jesus. He claimed it was for relgious reasons that he bombed abortion clinics and gay nightclubs. And then he bombed Olympic Park.

          • You too ha?
            Again, it’s not religion that makes you bomb things. It’s fanaticism. The simple fact that someone claims it’s his religion doesn’t make it true. He simply didn’t want to admit to being a fanatical nutcase so he blamed religion. Spare me.

    • Again, Islam was conquering the lands and the Christians at that time did not turn the cheek and fought the agressors.

      • That is not true. The Crusades were not justified. Take, for example, the first crusade was a vendetta against the Seljuk Turks. THREE YEARS BEFORE, the Byzantines had suffered a major defeat at their hands. Then the Pope decides to declare war on the Turks. The Christian nations band together, fare poorly, and when they get to Jerusalem? They massacre the population. Let’s skip the phenomenally unsuccessful and atrocity-ridden second crusade and move on to the third. Saladin recaptures Jerusalem (it belonged to the Turks’ in the first place, for the astute among you) and another (unsuccessful, again) crusade is called by three kings who all died soon later of unrelated causes. The fourth crusade actually lacked a precipitating event. Yeah, the Pope just said it’s time to invade Jerusalem again, and so the Christian armies ended up…sacking and looting Constantinople. Next comes the Children’s Crusade, in which approximately 35,000 children tried to march to the Holy Land, only to a) be sold into slavery, or b)die of exposure/starvation. The Fifth Crusade, again, unprovoked, was a failed (though impressive before they got owned) attempt to take Jerusalem. In the end, the soldiers were beaten by the inundation of the Nile in an attempt to take Cairo. I would go on, but correcting you smug little Christian propaganda machines is getting me a tad aggravated, so I am gonna take a break and play some Halo.

        • Who do you think the turks conquered it from?

          The levant and lower anatolia was controlled by the the Roman(byzentine)Empire, until it was conquered by muslims. Most of the population was christian

          The first crusade was a direct response to muslim conquest of what was considered a christian holy land.

          • word up jus. P.s. now i understand you river. Halo is for pussies that prefer to shoot “rayguns” at each other. Ha HA HA HA. Do games that feel like real combat make u scared. wah,wah go play some modern warfare and if u wanna sound smart dont do it on a thread about weapons that u dont have the brain to make, the Balls to use, or the hard ass life and real problems to need. Laters, sorry if i insulted anyone else. Yasou Justinian!! Calista!!

        • Nonsense! Jerusalem was part of the Roman Empire–even AFTER Rome became Christian. Islamists overran and murdered every resident of Jerusalem that refused to convert to Islam while Mohammed was still alive! The Crusades were a response to that genocidal behavior on the part of Muslims and the fact that Muslims in control of Jerusalem murdered both Christians and Jews indiscriminately and refused anyone from either religion to even ENTER the city both religions consider to be its most holy site. Yes,there were probably atrocities committed by the Crusaders, but while THEY were in control of Jerusalem, no Muslim was prohibited from visiting Islams holy sites in the city.

          In the same vein, when Palestinians controlled Jerusalem, they declared Christian and Jewish holy shrines “off-limits” and refused to allow worship by either religion. As soon as the Israelis took over Jerusalem, the sites were all opened up to visitors…INCLUDING Muslims.

        • First off “River” I dont know if u r full blooded turk or just part Turkish Trash.Poor Turkey, so innocent. I would love to discuss some things over coffee in Constantinople but i don’t know if I will live long enough to see it return. Μη μιλάτε σαν να είστε σοφός και γενναίος όπως κάθε γιος του στην Ελλάδα.
          Αθηνά χαμογελάει άγνοιά σας για γνωρίζει ότι, τελικά οι γιοι και οι κόρες της θα σαλόνι στις ακτές σήμαινε για τα πόδια τους, δεν είναι και η δίχηλα οπλές οποιασδήποτε τουρκικής χοίρων. Anyways,whoever made those weapons gets my props.

  4. Richard,

    Are you so ignorant of history to make a statement like that? In the name of Christ we have fought wars all over the world for over 2000 years. Get real

  5. Oi Richard…. explain this son

    “Almighty God. Dear heavenly father in thy name let us now in pious spirit begin our instruction, enlighten us. Teach us all truth, strengthen us in all that is good, lead us not into temptation, deliver us from all evil in order that, as good human beings, we may faithfully perform our duties and thereby, in time and eternity, be made truly happy. Amen.”
    -Adolf Hitler

    Inscribed on the S.S. belt buckle: “God Is With Us.”

    • This is a bad example – Every country declares that god is on their side, in peace and especially in war – it’s not a specific example of terrorism in the name of christianity.

      I also have to invoke godwin’s law here…

    • auctually the SS buckle says “my honour is my loyalty” (to other members)
      The Whermacht has the god with us buckle.


    • The SS beltbuckle says ‘My honour is loyalty’
      The wehrmacht beltbuckle is the one with ‘gott mit uns’ It was the ‘motto’ of the royalty of prussia from back in the 1800s.

  6. hell if some countrys army invaded your town and was killing everyone and guarding all ways out of town i would imagine you would also get pretty creative in your defense.

  7. Nowadays i’m reading Tolstoi’s Hadzi Murat book about Chechnya war.

    This war is for the self-determination of Chechnya, please read Lenin.

    Best regards from Basque Country

  8. 4 tec-9
    6 AK with some “after market add ons”
    7 Tech 9 knock off?
    8 Tokarov knock off?
    10 Generic Revolver
    14 DSHK 12.7mm HMG
    15 Tec-9 knock-offs

    Anyone else?

    • Let’s see… he took a run at identifying what species of “Demon Gun” is shown in a pic on the Net. Did he confess to coveting “Demon Gun?” Did he confess to possession? Was he marketing “Demon Gun” to Thaa-CHIL-drun?

      The way you’re going-off on him, *something* pulled your finger. But it was nothing visible in the post to which you reply. Might you, perchance, actually be a Waffen-ATF gun-goon, or maybe an actual Kommissar in the Ministry of Needs?

      • Actually I was replying to someone else’s comment but it got added to this guy’s. Put your feathers back in place…

    • I see several Teks, which are well known to anyone who has lived in an area of the u.s. with gang/drug issues. very simple cheap weapon that is easy to modify but jams very easily.seems like the grozny has put some sheet metal presses and bedsprings to work. A lot of zip-guns(old school street/still used prison weapons) the modified ak(maybe the under barrell has that extention to add accuracy to mortars or rpg,maybe shottie shells. i love the wooden kalash and 9s and i think theres some zips made for shottie or explosive rounds.anyway gotta go to work now.lotta teks lotta ingenuity used as previously said aimed at procurement of better arms

  9. These fotos illustrate quite well the resiliency and ingenuity of people who are being attacked by a seemingly insurmountable foe. Aside from the Petins and Quislings of the world, everybody resists in some way to would-be oppressors.

  10. The majority of these are “zip” guns. Easily made, single shots that fire low pressure rounds (.22 rimfire 90% of the time). General Motors made some to be dropped to the French underground. There are a couple that look like blowback, full auto guns which and not commercial. This is a very generic concept, and very simple to produce. The US’s “grease gun” was stamped sheet metal for the most part. The British Sten Gun was also very simply made with tubing and, despite being their standard WWII machine pistol, was produced in large number in Dutch bicycle shops by the underground.

    Others are either old pistols, a very old heavy machine gun (I want to say it’s a Hotchkiss), there’s an ingenious single shot bolt action (probably for .22) with holes drilled in the side for extra rounds; Quite a few are commercially made and the AK style (which is not an AK47) appears to be extensively rebuilt with some parts (silencer or grenade launcher). There’s a bolt action “Mosin-Nagant” with a hand made stock, a shortened barrel and a hand made front sight. The silver pistol looks like a combination of a Berreta 92 and a Colt 1905, but is entirely hand made. The pistol below the two revolvers is based upon an over under combination shotgun and rifle, I’m sure firing it was “interesting.”

    • You forgot to mention the Soviet PPSh, which is also made of cold stamping metal sheet with few metal-cutting operations (milins four slots as i can remember), not mentioning the barrel. So this also can be an example of technologically simple gun.

      • Well, there have been a lot of ersatz guns over the years. Look at th last ditch guns of Germany and Japan; all stampings and castings. The Filipinos made shotguns out of gas and water pipe to fight the Japanese. With lathe and milling machines more common now than 60 years ago, even more complex guns are possible. The only difficult part is heat treating, it these guns are relegated to low pressure rounds.

    • I wrote to the other guys, so I’ll repost:

      (It was a machine pistol actually and translates to “Wolf”, but I’m banned from editing Wikipedia.) It’s actually written “Borz” on the exhibition photo.

      I think the big-calibre gun is a GP grenade launcher.

      Revolver – Nagant?

      The anti-tank rifle was designed by Basayev, the name’s being “Allah’s Sword” in Arabic. (Now I’m not sure about it, maybe “Muhammed’s Sword” or something like that.)

  11. Crude by industrial standards BUT never the less effective. Not bad for someone not having access to proper equipment or technology. Making something out of nothing is a pretty good trick in anybodies book.

  12. Death to all Islamic dogs.
    Your women eat the puke of the world.
    A 1000 deaths to your children for everyone you murder.

  13. Hey guys, those are some great pics, I would be making some of those too, if A: I didn’t think I’d blow my head off, and B: Its illegal. Anyways, I’m interested in this debate about Christianity. I think before you say, “look at these ‘Christians’ who committed such and such an act”, that you need to determine if they’re really Christians. Heres a couple verses from the Bible, Matthew 7, 15-21.

    15″Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

    21″Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

    The fruit that Jesus(He’s speaking in this verse) id referring to, is peoples actions.

    So basically, just because someone says they’re a Christian, doesn’t mean they are. If Hitler said he was a Christian, I would believe him…IF he backed it up by his actions. Obviously he didn’t and I don’t think he was a Christian.
    On the other hand, no one knows for sure whats in another persons heart. You can make a good guess by observing their actions, but only God really knows for sure.

    About the Crusades, the first one was totally provoked, the Muslim in Jerusalem, were killing pilgrims wishing to travel to the holy city. After the first two I believe, the Crusades were basically a way for the younger sons of the nobility to gain lands and wealth because they wouldn’t inherit any. As for those last ones being Christian based events, any one can be persuaded and convinced. Christians aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination. So sure, some Christian could have gone. But I don’t believe that Christianity was really the driving force, or even a major component of the later Crusades.

    So idk ,tell me what you guys think.
    (BTW I’m a Christian, and I don’t hate Muslims or anything like that. I just think that what they’re doing is wrong, and that especially thanks to the Koran, they don’t know the truth. Also, I’m not a freak. Mostly :P. Actually my dad’s good friend is a muslim, and I think he’s a really nice guy.)

  14. Lessee…the first one appaers to be a shotgun. The 3rd one is a single shot pistol above an ultra cutdown 20 ga. single shot shotgun? 4th frame could be a single or autoshot pistol using a smg mag. The 6th is a salvaged dragunov picked up off the b-field and repaired…notice the 2 dragunov mags braced to one another in order to provide one 20 rd. mag? #7 reminds me of a salvaged smg because I see a serial number on the reciever. I think #8 is a salvaged Tokarev. The bottom revolver on #10 reminds me of either a Webley but it looks too small for that so it could be an old copy of a S&W circa late 1800’s-early 1900’s. #11 is a cutdown combo rifle/shotgun. 12 and 13 are Moisin Nagants …13 being the better shape of the two. 14 is a salvaged 12.7 mm (.50) or 14.5mm AT rifle-I don’t recognize is being the Russian single shot weapon used during WWII. 15 is unmistakably a 12.7mm Degtyarov Dshk tank cupola MG (I see a pintle mount) probably salvaged off a T54. All these could useful in an inserrection to obtain better weapon(s). Merely stepping stones toward a better arsonal.

  15. I cant understand why u guys are talking about religion an a weapon-tread O_o

    But that large caliber rifle (pic 14) looks really hardcore!!

  16. It is obvious that not many people making commets have been in a kill or be killed situation. As a UN aid worker in Grozny i saw situations of the people there.
    I saw a Russian team clear a building buy throwing RPG rounds at it from 250 meters while people where trying to evacuate. A elderly man trying to save his grandchildren grabed a pre 1st war rifle to distract them he knew he would be killed but the children could escape while the troops where shooting at him.

    The distraction lasted 3 seconds against full auto weapons and grenade launchers.

    To escape with my own life i had to fight just about everyone as everyone could see i was a westerner and no-one wished any witness’s to the atrocities commited by both sides.

    I gun is a tool it can be used for good or bad it depends on the person using it.

  17. People complain about the word of god, and debate murder and the word Kill. Talk about a singular ruler, multiple agressors, and the right to defend your property

    We debate about the word of God, and his way.

    My property is not worth my life. My property can be replaced. My family is a different story. Mess with my Wife or child, and I will pick up a weapon, and I will use it. They cannot be replaced.

    Now look at the bigger picture; God preached a single rule: Follow my word, or die. He was the greatest single ruler, and others knew it, and in his end, he was killed for it.

    Remember his word, and what he did; If you worshiped other rulers, you were murdered. If you did not believe in his ways, you were murdered. If you did not as he told you to do, you were punished, and then murdered.

    Even your last resting place, Gehena was the eternal burning of flesh. If you research that a little, Gehena, or translated to ‘Hell’ was a little town where the lepers, sick, or dead were sent, and their bodies were burned to help stop the spread of disease.

    God was cruel. He destroyed the world with floods, and famine, deadly plagues, and torture that made Hitler envious.

    He condoned incest, with only 2 people, how else could we have populated the world? The world started with just Adam and Eve. They had sex and a child, then sex with their child, and continued to populated the world. We are all related in one way or another, think how many cousins had sex with each other to get the billions of people we have today? Notice how incest is not a sin.

    Could God have been the last world ruler, and used checmical warfare, biological warefare, and then nuclear warfare to destroy everything, other than a select few, hoping to rule the world once again, yet failed, was killed himself, and the world has now survived better than before because of it? Did the world reset after his destruction, and become what we have left today?

    What was left behing was a set of rules for better living. I think the rules are excellent for people who needs a crutch to help them through life.

    You should not kill for pleasure, but to protect your family or yourself is a different story. Do not take your neighbors belongings, and you have no worry of him attacking you. Live in peace and harmony. Do not commit adultery (but incest is ok).

    But, respect the gun. It can be the liberator. It can help you, as any other tool can, but as with any other tool, if used improperly it can cause mass destruction.

    Remember, Guns don’t kill people, Matches don’t burn down forests, and Forks don’t make people fat.

    -The Catholic Bible Thumper

  18. Hey, it’s allways annoing when people start arguing about something that was supposed to be funny.
    These pictures are posted as funny and attleast i laughed at some of them. I really wouldn’t fire any of them because they seem kind of risky.
    For what i know islam is a peacefull religion. There just are some crazed fanatics and people that use them to they’re own purposes. I’w read both “the holy bible” and “Koran” and both of them were full of war and cruelties. Still most christians, including me, are normal ordinary people, not crazy cultists. So let’s give Islam a change before we go on another crusade=)…
    There are thought allways fanatics that make us all look bad. We wouldn’t blow up abortion clinics or say that Heath Ledger burns in hell for acting gay in a movie. Do you really think that every muslim is a terrorist?
    Guns dont kill people, people kill people. Lame sentence, i know but it’s true. There are 33 handguns per 100 people in my country Finland, but still the crime rates are wery low. The recent school shooting was a sad day for us, but it didnt change my opinions about guns. More people get stabbed or beaten to death that shot. Hell we even kill ourself more often that shoot. Statisticly the more guns owned by honest citicens the less gun violence. It’s because no one dares to use the gun if he thinks that the other guy has one too.

    • You think it’s “annoing when people start arguing about something that was supposed to be funny” and then you join in the argument. Now I think THAT’s even funnier.

    • what did you buy in those shops?

      obviously neither brains, nor umm… well… brains…

      because… ummm… bad cell phone pics from a war zone don’t exactly equal photoshop work…

      unless there’s something ultra top secret that only you can see…

      since you were a navy seal before you became a high school drop out photoshop expert, please enlighten us as to which pics were “shopped?”

  19. Uaz,
    You’ve been playing Counterstrike too long. There’s a limit. Being a Sergeant in a video game doesn’t count. You’re fired from playing video games any more!

  20. Political ideas are more like a circle than a line like you describe

    Too far right and too far left is pretty much the same thing.
    This is why communism and fascism create similar disasters even though communism is too far left and fascism too far right

    You sound like a douche btw.

  21. 2 Home made weapons seized by Russian forces in Chechnya.- War relics forum:
    you love “anti tank” style rifle” ?
    DSHKM 0.50 cal MG ? Afganistan mogaheads “love” US forces with this weaponry, too.
    [relatively]chap and very reliable.
    but not accurate as suscessor and sustained fire performance – out of today requirements.

    other photo:
    AK, rechambered to 9×39 ammo ? bad idea.

  22. The point of a firearm built with more desperation than caution is to take out an occupier. If you disagree about who’s the occupier, you disagree. But that’s still what some basement-made device is about–to the person making it. The thing doesn’t have to last any longer than it takes to get the shooter a better gun and a supply of its ammo. If it does that without causing its user …loss of face (or hands) it has done its job. That’s what the “Liberator” pistol of WW2 was about.

    In the American Guns & Ammo Magazine, in an issue from 1982 or ’83, there was an article on home-built guns in the Philippines. Full-auto can be done with 4 moving parts (counting magazine-follower) and 3 springs. Loss of face remains a possibility, but if that doesn’t happen AND the shooter actually understands full-auto, it’s that easy to build.

    If you are not familiar with that publication–the author & editors took pains to limit the useful information. So it was NOT a how-to-do-it piece for the building of “Demon Gun” in one’s home workshop. The article just illustrated how simply one might.

    My compliments on the photographs. It seems a few people felt those “Demon Guns” trying to pull their fingers with their triggers, and just had to vent.

    Wasn’t there a Russian machine-pistol invented during the Great Patriotic War, while the PPSh-41 production was interrupted by German invaders? Was that the PPS-43? Best regards.

  23. Aluminum (give or take a syllable), shaped via hacksaw and hand files, would look like that. I might be more hesitant to fire a live round in that piece than in any other one shown here.

    Of course, if a person’s back is to the wall, he may weigh the risks differently. With a perception of nothing-to-lose, we may do things we would otherwise consider insane. Best regards.

  24. One other thing occurs to me, about guns made by subject-peoples (which may have been the original topic). Don’t be surprised if you discover a smooth bore where one might expect riflings. Firing pistol ammo at close range, it may make little difference. In a search of the shop in which a machine-pistol was made, every other tool has credible, non-combatant purposes. Tooling to cut riflings may be hard to explain, especially if it’s tooling to cut riflings worth the bother. Such tooling has no other, easily-demonstrated purpose. A gun that just may be expected to last for one firefight and then go SPLASH isn’t worth the risk of being caught with the tooling.

    A gun that was produced to be found and displayed by the occupiers is worth even less effort. From the perspective of the builder, such a gun serves once if the occupying forces believe they’ve found THE stash; twice if one of them is foolish enough to try shooting it. Something to consider when evaluating captured, field-expedient small arms. Best regards.

  25. Having read through this entire thread, I find all the Christianity v Islam hatred hilarious.

    The funniest part is that for all the sputtering that all those evil people who committed atrocities in the name of Christianity/Christ, NOT A SINGLE PERSON has suggested that the same might be true for those who’ claim’ to commit atrocities in the the name of Islam/Muhammad.

    Yeah, I lol’d. I lol’d hard.

  26. some of these are not handmade….the revolvers are clearly factory made and the rifle 4 or fve pics from the bottom has a mosin nagant bolt although the sight is from a different gun and the stock may be from a diff gun

  27. the sight on the rifle 4 or five from the bototm actualy is a mosin ( i had forgotton what the rear sight looked like) but the front sight is not original. the third one up fromt he bottom is a homemade ptrd anti-tank rifle…………..i wonder why there were no sten guns?

  28. Just a moot point, the first picture looks to me like a homemade grenade launcher, not a SMG (I do machining in my livingroom, and everyone around here, and their grandmothers owns large quantities of firearms).

  29. photos ugly homemade. Chechens were: 50000 Kalashnikov rifles, 2,000 grenades, 400 anti-aircraft systems, 47 tanks T-80, 120 Armored personnel carriers, 200 artillery shells, 40 rocket systems, 20 multiple rocket launchers, 12,000 sets of ammunition, 900 vehicles for military use, 1300 tons of various ammunition, 50 tone of medical devices, many other military vehicles – supply of the USSR in the event of war with Turkey. in Chechnya was aviation – 200 aircraft of various types, 50 combat. after Dudayev’s declaration – the bombing of Krasnodar, Rostov – on – Don, Stavropol. Russian responded immediately – was bombed on the runway

  30. Chechens are brave nation who defeated russia and want to have their independent Chechen state from russia.They create these weapons to defend them and their families from russians.. Respect to all Chechen..

    Free Chechnya from russian terorists..

  31. communism was and is still better then the american government, lets be honest, you can sit at you house and listen to whatever the t.v. says or you can have no hate, or “bad intention towards the human race in its completion” and you’ll look at the numbers, native americans, african americans, mexicans, asians, poor white americans, to me even the hitler regime was not as bad as most american regime.


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