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  1. Dumaju chto bila pricina jego bojiatsia, ved na merse vsio taki etot muzik. Verojatno cto neprosto kakoj-nibud rabochij 😀

  2. That guy is crazy. Cops worked well. US cops would shot him in the head long time ago. But they shouldn’t have hit him in the head. He is some kinda religious weirdo. I hate those religious fanatics.

    • No, the cops in the US would first use:
      1)Pepper spray or

      Basically restrain him using less-lethals. If all else fails, the officers would swarm the suspect. Then he or she would be cuffed and put on the back of a cruiser.

      The cops in the video just come off a unprofessional. Getting chased by the suspect and firing shots even though he’s not armed is laughable.

      • Are you blind? He had a knife! They were kinda brave to try take him down without using guns. they were firing in the air just to scare him and the last shot was in the leg.

  3. jeez So that is how you tenderize a russian bear 🙂
    Does anyone know what their batons were made out of? If they were wood, they would have done a lot more damage…

    • I have one of these batons (from hungarian police). This is a thick rubber thing, flexible, can really hurt, but leaves less visible evidence. Sometimes called “rendőrkolbász”, “policesalami”.

        • No, after the fall of communism, the police received new, hard, politically correct batons. In september they beat the people with these new batons, and these worked also really well.

      • Russians call it “democratizer” because these batons appeared in Russia during democratization process (“perestroyka”). Paradox :).

  4. Video is cool! Note that cops were from traffic police, usualy not dealing with real crime and cut heads, only searching for drunk people driving and regulating traffic streams. That is why they spent so much time to face him to the ground, being so careful. Ordinary US cops would shot him after he run to the cop with a gun. Don’t say they use pepper spray to stop 100 kg man with a knife.

  5. After he’s shot one time he won’t let go his knife..so the cops are trying to hit the knife out of his hand…when his lying on the ground…

  6. Why belarus? This isn’t different than any other country. Detaining a crazy 350lb man without killing him isn’t easy, and they did a pretty good job. I would’ve shot him in each limb if I was those cops.

    BTW, thats a nice looking road.

    • You also noticed? i’ve seen some eastern european roads, these were one of the better. communism has some benefits after all, i think.

  7. I think the officers did very well, except for hitting him when lying. It really wouldnt have been that hard just to put one knee on each arm and then just disarm him, but I guess the adrenaline was pumping, officers are human too you know.

  8. A pochemu bi etomu muziku ne podatj v evropejskij sud po pravam chelveka? Eto delo davno bilo? pustj daze esli ego i ukrili na zonu, to vsjo ravno cherez advokata mozno probovatj. a tut smotri i babok srubit nehilo ot gosudarstva i za lechenie i za reabilitaciju i za moralnij uscherb.

    • Etot debil s nozhom begal, horosho chto nikogo ne poranil. Kakoj eschio evropejskij sud. Nadejus’ ego nadolgo v tiurmu zapriaciut.

  9. Its not correct to say US cops would have used pepper spray or tazer. The man ran at them with a weapon and was swinging trying to strike them. They would have dropped him. If you threaten the life of a cop like that, its over.
    This guy was seriously fcuked up, I don’t think a tazer would have stopped him. I have seen people stand up after 3 Tazers in a row from pure adrenaline. this guy looked like he was mad enough to do that. He was walking around having been shot in the leg, and didn;t go down until the final shot seems to have smashed his kneecap out. While he wa son the ground, he still was swinging a knife or object at the cops which they beat out of his hand. The head stikes were an attempt to subdue the guy. yes it seems excessive, but they could have justifiably killed him at any point up to that.
    scary situation for the cops.

  10. I don’t now who is that boy is, really dangerous or simply frightened men, but as for me, I feel pity for him.
    He ran around and prayed for God to rescue him. He really was fightened!

  11. I don’t know who is that boy is, really dangerous or simply frightened men, but as for me, I feel pity for him.
    He ran around and prayed for God to rescue him. He really was fightened!

  12. Hahaha… a vy poslushajte kak nashy gaishniki razgovarivajut… eto tochno albanskij 😀

    a muzhyka mne azh zhalko stalo =(

  13. I thought that the guy in the yellow shirt was President Lukachenko for the first half of the video, because they were giving him so many chances. They seemed frightened. I do not know if those were warning shots, or if they simply missed. After it was over, they may have been beating him out of animal instinct – an “adrenalin dump” is what they call it – rather than pre-planned brutality.

    Think of what the motorists who passed the fight in the first half of the video said when they got home – “I just saw a man chasing five policeman, and they seemed frightened”.

    I do not know how I would have performed in such a situation, so I am not going to critisize.

  14. Muy acertado tu comentario, también parece que como mencionan algunos son policias de tráfico y por lo tanto no parecen preparados para afrontar algo así. Creo que efectivamente hacen lo que pueden por parar a un tipo así.

    Venga, un saludo desde Sevilla (aunque yo también soy mallorquín)

  15. Bueno, te comento algo más abajo (que me he equivocado) lo que pienso.

    Un saludo, espero que Mallorca siga tranquila.

  16. Yep he was armed with a knife, he was absolutely nuts, gone postal and now he should pray on patrol police guys. They could shoot him in a one-two but instead they managed to conduct a detention.

  17. Let me explain whats happend:

    Insane man with the knife in his right hands trying to cut police officers. They used pepper spray but this doesnt help them and they start firing in the air. Than on of them shot him in his leg and another officers used rubber clubs against this insane to knock out his knife. After that, they are arrested him.

  18. I’m American and I approve of this police action. If anything they were too peaceful; someone chases a cop here with a knife and they are going to get shot in the chest.

  19. OOOOH homeland! ooooooh homeland!

    So you guys know, the Belorusian police force are nothing but a bunge of ex-cons and thugs hired by the state to supress the public.

  20. Many respects to brave and humane belarussian cops.

    Detaining a big insane wacko with a big knife without feeding him 20 bullets right on a spot – impressing. How many US cops would risk their own lives to save a crazy person’s life like that, by disarming and restraining him without shooting him comatose?

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