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  1. Anyone know what they were used for? One of them looks kind of like the huge trucks we used to haul Minuteman II missiles out to the missile sites whne I was in the USAF.

    • Did you mean picture #3? The one with the screws on the bottom? Their for going through muskeg, mud and the like. I think there’s a video showing how they work on YouTube.

  2. There are a few arctic exploration vehicles, some missile carriers, a balistic missile carrier, similar to the ww2 versions.

    THe one I find most interesting is the one with the drills at the base, It looks like a reposable Ice cutter or maybe drill.

    Whatever the purpose the majority were used in expiditions.

    • I feel so bad that these gigantic machines once roared on the dirt roads.They are gigantic , strange,powerful and perfectly matched with Russian mood. If I have an option,I would have clean them everyday or repair and show them to the public or even start these massive engienes.Mr Putin should think about these mammoths.

  3. I believe one with spiral/screw propelling device is used in snow/mud/water in arctic summer. It is amphibious truck that does not need separate means or propelling on the ground, snow, mud or in water: screw works equally well in all cases.

    • true, the corkscrew one has two large spiral revolving ‘treads’ that float, designed to tackle land/water/ice, well, pretty much anything you can throw at it.

  4. Some of these are amphibious vehicles… “ducks” for short.

    Check out the “Original Wisconsin Ducks” in Wisconsin Dells.
    People pay good money to ride down the Wisconsin River in old Ducks.

    As for the rest of these vehicles… they look way the hell cooler than a Hummer.

  5. Have a look at this site more identification of some of these trucks – Richard imports these types of vehicles for sale in the UK.


  6. The DUKW is a specific model of American WW2 amphibious vehicle. Perhaps ‘duck’ has become de facto slang in Europe for all amphibious vehicles- it isn’t a big deal if so. But it is somewhat akin to refering to all heavy tanks as ‘Tigers’.

  7. Those are beasts. That fifth one down especially is insane – I smell the finest cruising machine/offroader/mobile home ever built hiding under all that rust…

  8. these are all trucks manufactured by ZIL, the big red one is a ZIL-3167s, heres another one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZIL-135

  9. They are not strange. They are practical. They are innovative. Those who say that russians copy everything from the west, are either ignorant, or arrogant, or both!

    Check out the links:






    • “Strange” is an adjective used not ONLY in the pejorative sense. It simply means something that is not ordinary. Your average person never saw a truck like this : P

      Who says that Russians copy other countries’ ideas? Huh? Since when did ideas “belong” to certain countries, anyway? There arises a need for a certain heavy truck to carry missiles- little Soviet engineers build theirs, little American engineers build theirs. Big freaking deal. I hate this kind of industrial competitiveness. The thing that matters is that the trucks are cool and the missiles are designed to kill many people, no matter who makes them. If anyone ever says that Russians are dumb and only copy other people, I’ll personally get mad. In general, today’s Russia and the former USSR produce fantastic engineers. Who else could build a relatively developed industrial society out of a feudal abomination in about 40 years?


  10. oh, so entertaining. yank versus russian wrangling. ye colde war is over. and those trucks are AMAZING. I might be weird, but I prefer the idea to them rusting away in such a fascinating scene than being reduced to boring perpetuity in a museum somewhere.

    I wonder who in what country could afford to run these things on a large scale? Indonesia? Damn them and their 19c a litre. Still, though… I love that odd Soviet fetish for the gigantic. Vroom!

  11. blin, smotriu i dumaju- za4em bondar4uku v ego obitaemom ostrove kakuju to herovuju techniku bilo pridumivat.. vot vse , iz istorii, i v to ze vremia tak futuristi4no.

  12. Its sad too the engeneering marvels rust that way those where unstopables used to search for landing kosmonavts in remote parts of russia and building a truly All terrain truck

  13. Does anyone know where these amazing trucks are located? My company would like to purchase them and restore them back to their glory and place in a working museum for all to see . They are just wonderful trucks, and they deserve to live again. Thank You

  14. As an Alberta oil field truck driver/rig mover, I must say that I would like to see these beasts re-built, and I would love to try every one out!

  15. they’re not strange they are beautiful trucks
    immagine they in movement on dirt, on hills , mountais, off road, their power…

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